Major Businesses Faced a Security Incident - Are You Prepared?

 IBM’s 2023 report shows that 95% of organizations have faced at least one cybersecurity-related incident. Out of which only 51% are likely to increase security investments.

You can help save the firm face (literally)

- 15 million people in the US have their identity stolen every year? Do not become another number 

Cybersecurity - just a technical problem?

Many cybersecurity problems occur due to human error. A study from Stanford University revealed that 88% of data breach incidents were caused by employee mistakes

Assess Your Organization’s Risk Profile

– Evaluate the security infrastructure – Identify threat actors and attack vectors – Potential impact of a security breach on your organization

Prioritize Critical Assets & Data

Identify valuable and vulnerable assets, such as: – Customer data and PII – Intellectual property and trade secrets – Financial data – Key infrastructure components

Invest in Security Training and Education

You can encourage a culture of security knowledge among your employees, which will assist defend your company from attacks.

Monitor, Measure, and Improve

Sustaining cybersecurity involves - constant observation,  -evaluation,   -Implementing procedures for ongoing monitoring  -take prompt action.

What are your most valuable assets and how are you protecting them? We protect your digital assets with our best security measures. Your asset security is our top priority.