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Salesforce Support Services

A3logics offers end-to-end Salesforce Services across Salesforce platform

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Salesforce Support Solutions

Salesforce support services is the most cost effective and flexible way to add expertise and resources to your team.

At A3logics, we use proven methodologies to deliver end-to-end solutions for your business problems. From initial planning strategy and project design to development and testing, the team of Salesforce support services consultants at A3logics follow the best practices to manage the complete process. We endeavor to bring strategic and technical expertise into your business process that will optimize your Salesforce investment.

Are you facing a problem in the Salesforce CRM operation? We are here to help you with a skilled salesforce support team. The support representative is available 24/7 to provide real-time responses to get these issues addressed quickly through a multichannel communication approach.

Salesforce Support Solutions

Administration Support Services

A3logics offers end-to-end Administration Support Services to streamline your business process.

Handles Day-to-Day Administration

Handles Day-to-Day Administration

The team at A3logics assists you to do a lot more with Salesforce. It helps configure the custom reports, ensures easy app installation, and quick workflow set-up for consistent business operations.

Maintaining Data Security

Maintaining Data Security

With a number of effective salesforce data management tools, we create data models, filter data, reduce data duplication, and set certain validation rules to secure your data from unauthorized access.

Continuous System Monitoring

Continuous System Monitoring

Our dedicated in-house testing team uses the latest software testing methodologies and tools to address the system issues and fix them as soon as possible to prevent critical performance issues.

Monthly and Weekly Checks

Monthly and Weekly Checks

Effectively spot those processes and workflows that require improvements and enhancements. Monitoring API levels and metadata changes, and checking managed packages, is done regularly to maintain the efficacy.

Development Support Services

Salesforce Developer Support is one of a suite of Customer Support Services. It is ladened with all the expertise a developer needs to have.

  • Troubleshooting

    Identification of problem at early stages and troubleshooting a number of Salesforce issues and their prompt fixation on the code level. At A3logics, the team has expertise in code optimization that offers scalable solutions to solve complex problems.

  • UI/UX

    The team of highly skilled UX experts improves the existing system of a software product for better user experience. The development team ensures your web presence marks a strong identity for you. Get easily navigable, eye-pleasing website that would encourage your customers to take action surely.

  • Advancement

    We implement enhancements, including substantial ones, to a Salesforce solution according to change requests and modify default functionality quickly and with no impact on current business operations in Salesforce. The salesforce support system extends its support for work even after the project is deployed.

Key Features Of Salesforce Support Services

Leveraging the full potential of Salesforce is itself a greater challenge than its implementation. Therefore, continued support and enhancements of the system are essential for successful Salesforce implementation.

Configuration and Data Migration

  • User Management, Reports and Dashboards
  • Configurations Changes and Template Support
  • Feature Activation Requests


  • Average case resolution time and the number of cases resolved
  • User satisfaction
  • Complaint escalation rate and SLA success rate

Customization and Integration

  • AppExchange packages- Installation, management, and removal
  • Troubleshooting in Apex, VF pages, and Triggers

Advanced Integration

  • Web services and API
  • Google Apps (Setup, User Management, and configuration)

Cooperation Models

  • Task-Based Cooperation Model
  • Need-Based Cooperation Model
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Can't find what you need!Looking for Salesforce® Support Services Partner?

Our Salesforce support packages include

Our Salesforce support packages include

Our Salesforce support packages gives you even more help from Salesforce experts so you can reach your goals faster.

  • Security Management
  • Data Management
  • Object Level Configuration
  • Salesforce Built-in Automations
  • Reports and Dashboards

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