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How A3’s App Developers Sizzled Up Seamless Food
Delivery Experiences


The client, one of the fastest-growing restaurant businesses from Mumbai, India, requested us to enhance their meal delivery services. They are an expert in Cloud Kitchen services and a top curator for restaurant brands, which boost revenue by leveraging a plug-and-play meal delivery concept. They desired a platform where clients could locate neighboring chef kitchens for delivery and takeaways.

The Challenge

The client sought to transition from a web-based platform to a presence on iOS and Android app stores. Their primary objective was to ensure a smooth and consistent user experience across all platforms, including web, Android, and iOS, for its external as well as internal customers.

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Our Approach

By selecting the appropriate technology stack, we wanted to build a robust backend infrastructure and utilize cross-platform development frameworks for Android and iOS deployment. Seamless API integration, real-time tracking, and user authentication were important components to ensure functionality and security.


Scalability, data analytics, push notifications, ongoing monitoring, and customer support chat-bot integration were also included to enhance the user experience. This comprehensive strategy aligned with the client’s mission to create an efficient and user-centric food delivery platform while empowering chefs to excel in their service.

Our Solutions

We provided them with a cutting-edge platform that empowered customers to conveniently order food from local chefs in their vicinity. The custom application we developed, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, revolutionized the competition among chefs. Key performance metrics such as on-time delivery, readiness for takeaway, and customer ratings based on food quality, presentation, and packaging were tracked through the app.

This innovative approach not only allowed chefs to strive for excellence but also elevated the overall dining experience for customers. It ensured consistently high-quality food, punctual deliveries, and an exceptional user experience, every time a customer placed an order.

Technologies & Tools Used
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Nginx
  • Flutter for cross-platform app development
  • Android Studio for Flutter
  • Material Design
  • Express.js for creating RESTful endpoints
  • GraphQL
  • ocket: Use WebSocket
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Google BigQuery
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • ELK stack
  • Rasa
Stats That Defines
Our Results
92 %

CSAT over a 90-day period attests to an enhanced dining
experience and flawless food delivery

23 %

Surge in new customer registrations validates increased
user adoption and positive referrals

32 %

Average increase in daily-order volume since the launch of the app

17 %

Of new vendor registration demonstrates trust among
the Chef community, solidifying the client’s reputation as a reliable growth partner


In the fusion of gastronomy and technology, A3's developers transformed dining. We transitioned the client from a web-based platform to a dynamic iOS and Android presence. Our tech stack, including Node.js, MongoDB, Flutter, and more, empowered us to build a cutting-edge platform. Customers could easily connect with local chefs for delectable meals, track their orders real-time, while feeling confident about the safety of their personal information. We tracked key metrics, elevating culinary excellence. This journey, with its blend of tech and culinary magic, made the client's vision a reality.