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Why Magento is the Best eCommerce Platform 2022? (Infographics)

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    Ecommerce is a multi-billion to trillion industry scaling hundreds and thousands of retail stores globally. Regardless of multiple platforms at disposal, the best is the most preferable. Remarkable features, exceptional capabilities, and a plethora of themes and templates make an eCommerce platform a superior choice of all, and Magento has all of them. 

    Magento is a robust and cogent software for accommodating any sort of product to satisfy the eCommerce store requirement. With that Magento development services are also aceing.

    Magento is known for its phenomenal performance and scalability as the platform offers extensive features such as inventory management, product management, and an easy switching process. 

    This open-source platform leverages developers to quickly develop a commercial website with assorted functions while bestowing consistent growth visibility.

    Generate custom product pages and aesthetic designs for free with Magento. The chief ingredient of Magento is PHP that allows developers to personalize the platform as per business requirements. This has made Magento the second most popular eCommerce platform in 2020, with a 12% market share of overall eCommerce globally.

    Key Takeaways of The Infographic

    • More than 250,000 websites use the Magento eCommerce platform, including Coca-Cola and Christian Louboutin.
    • 1.9% CMS market share globally has been ruled by the Magento platform.
    • Full-scale backup support, Magento is capable of solving some major eCommerce challenges.   
    • Its out-of-box features enable developers to create an effective eCommerce site.

    Magento Ecommerce Store Infographic

    Conclusion -

    To date, Magento underwent a lot of changes and updates with the help of a proficient, creative, and large community of developers, designers, and testers. The future of eCommerce is tremendous as people prefer mobile commerce. However, today's eCommerce is getting smarter with technologies integrated, such as AR/VR, AI, ML, and much more. 

    If you're looking for an eCommerce software solution or want to migrate from a legacy eCommerce platform to an advanced Magento 2, you can connect with us at A3logics!

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