Thinking Of Revamping The Interiors? Try These Free Room Designer Apps


Have you been spending hours and dollars to decorate your living space, only for it to end up looking less-than-magazine-worthy? No longer does interior design require expert knowledge or an extravagant budget. Now anyone with minimal resources can transform their home into stylish sanctuaries!

Room design app free platforms have made interior design more accessible and enjoyable than ever, which we will explore further in this blog post. Here we will delve deeper into their impact for interior design fans as we reveal all their uses – be they projects, hobbies or simply for fun! But there’s much more!


  • Interior Design Software Market Size was estimated to reach USD 3.43 Billion by 2020 and projected to increase at an average compound annual growth rate of 9.81% between 2021-2028.
  • Research estimates the interior design market to have reached USD 3,429 Million by 2019; by 2025 it could potentially reach an estimated value of USD 6,533.9 Million.
  • By comparison, most design app revenue will come from within the US in 2023 – estimated at US$5,540.00m.

No matter if it’s to upgrade an entire home, create an intimate reading nook, or test new color palettes. App to design a room come in handy when decorating virtual environments.


Room Designer Apps: What’s The Fuss About?


It is a suggestion that can help you remodel your house or room easier. Best room designer app platforms allow you to achieve better results with less hustle, in less time and most importantly for a little fraction of total expense.


Interior design mobile apps are indispensable tools for anyone interested in crafting stunning and effective spaces, whether as an individual exploring ways to personalize their living environment or professional interior designers looking for ways to provide optimal client service. An interior design app should become part of everyone’s daily arsenal for crafting impressive and functional environments.


Interior design mobile apps have transformed real estate purchases and sales by giving potential homebuyers an accurate vision of their dream house, and providing sellers with ways to increase appeal for potential buyers. Furthermore, remodeling projects using an interior design app have found it invaluable as an aide in coordination efforts and guaranteeing optimal outcomes – an interior design mobile app is no longer seen as a luxury but an essential component in modern space design and remodeling practices.


With free room designer apps you can:


  • Imagine the home of your dreams to gain an idea of its real shape and size
  • Enhance your living environment with furniture from world renowned brands.
  • Change everything about the image from wall colors and furniture layout to furniture arrangement and more!
  • Express your vision with partners or constructors.

Start from either one of the handcrafted projects created by industry professionals or from an empty room. You can customize furniture, decoration and items from many brands as you make observations at different angles within your room. Take photos-realistic snapshots as your image comes alive – witness its transformation with 3D room design app.

This app includes design themes to decorate living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom interiors.


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What Makes Room Designer App An Ideal Option?


Interior Design can be an expensive business. Individuals often pay significant sums of money in order to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their house. It creates something they call “Home”. Therefore, professional consultation must take place both physically and virtually for effective interior design projects.

However, new room designing app have taken the industry by storm and changed how things operate dramatically. Serving as virtual assistants who offer inspiring ideas quickly with just a few taps; making it simpler than ever for users to express their desires regarding house decor while offering suggestions; these apps act much like professional interior designers but have one major benefit over them: 24*7 accessibility! If you are still not convinced then we have the benefits listed below. Check it out.


Perks of Investing in Room Designer Apps


Check out the benefits that comes along with the room designer apps:


Save Time and Money on Projects with These Strategies.


Room design apps take away much of the guesswork associated with physical trial-and-error methods of room layout design, saving both time, money, and energy by making you stay under a blanket as you experiment with various designs and layouts while staying comfortably indoors – saving both energy and resources in doing so.

Apps provide useful tools like saving items, shopping lists, room measurements and budget tracking that make managing projects simpler than ever – some even allow direct purchases through them! As a result, creating the home of your dreams doesn’t need to be daunting anymore!


Visualize Home Decor Ideas


Decorating your home has never been simpler or more rewarding! Room design apps make decorating effortless: simply experiment with various design ideas and color palettes from the convenience of your sofa! Plus, try bold new trends without commitment – simply remove items to try something else out!

These apps for designing rooms also feature features that make the design process enjoyable, such as virtual placement of furniture and decor in real space, templates or through engaging design games.


Room Design App: How To Choose One?


There are various room design apps on the market and each offers something special. You just need to research well and then check which one fits you the best. There are apps providing an incredible range of design inspiration and products available as well as access to professional designers for professional collaboration. You can also find apps offering more casual interior decorating games which let users develop their interior decorating expertise.

There are also apps offering both realistic projects and relaxing gaming. With virtual room design, home decorating games, online furniture shopping and inspiration all rolled into one user-friendly app, things do get easier. So, you just need to look for the features that can serve you well and then make the decision. 


Room Design Apps: What Impact Can it Serve?


Room design apps have made creating beautiful spaces simpler for everyday people; but their use also challenges the role of interior designers and home decor businesses. More people using apps to DIY their interior designs has caused some questioning of professional interior designer services’ validity as professional interior design services may become unnecessary in future projects.

Designers have taken notice, using apps as an extra resource in their design work and to communicate design concepts more efficiently with clients. Home decor businesses have taken to these apps as an easy way for consumers to shop decor items within them directly from within an app itself. Human creativity will remain necessary, however. As time progresses and technology develops further, it will be interesting to observe how these applications change the roles played by designers and businesses alike in the home decor industry.


Room Design Apps: What Lies Ahead?


Room design apps are continually advancing with cutting-edge technologies being introduced all of the time – such as virtual reality, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and augmented reality among many others.

Virtual reality and 3D modeling will enable interior designers to craft lifelike designs. Artificial intelligence will generate creative solutions based on user preferences. Furthermore, eco-friendly designs may become more prevalent and we may see apps designed specifically to promote eco-friendly movements or provide eco-friendly decor options; exciting times await interior design fans!

Room design apps have revolutionized interior decorating for interior enthusiasts by making home decor accessible, affordable and enjoyable to all – regardless of budget or experience. Anyone, no matter their budget or experience level can create their dream space – our recommended apps to get you started. Below are the apps that can give you the best results .


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Top Room Designer Apps You Can Consider in the USA




Source: SketchUp


SketchUp is one of the most comprehensive free 3D design programs online, according to Cory. This powerful home design tool makes the virtual experience feel realistic while remaining flexible enough so it feels as if working on paper with a pen.

The free version is ideal for hobbyists while the pro version provides professional-level tools. Both versions support architecture, construction engineering and commercial interior design projects.

No matter if it is for home construction, tree house building, or even Grand Designs competition – this comprehensive software will bring every facet of your design into existence.




SmartDraw is another effective floor planning software program, being both accessible to any novice user while advanced enough for more experienced designers to utilize complex designs.

With access to an incredible variety of furniture, cars and building materials as well as thousands of templates and floor plan examples available through Room Planner Pro, it allows for endless possible design combinations for your new space. If you plan on using it more frequently or for multiple projects then upgrading may be worth your while.




Floorplanner allows you to design and decorate any space online in 2D and 3D – no software download necessary! Although its interior decoration function is exceptional, what really sets this tool apart is its strength as a floor planner: once completed, switch views for further 3D decoration!

Floorplanner’s simple interface and minimal learning curve make it ideal for newcomers looking for something accessible.




HomeByMe is one of Cory’s favourite home design tools and it seems genuinely free across its features and functions. Brands add products directly into HomeByMe’s catalogue so that when furnishing and decorating, actual pieces from that catalogue are used by you; thus enabling you to plan every aspect of your design through to completion and access any actual furniture or decorations you used creatively for your space!


Planner 5D


Planner 5D is the superior home design tool. Just like its free counterpart Sketch Up, Planner 5D allows for immersive exploration allowing your virtual feet to explore your design on virtual floor surfaces.

Planner 5D allows users to start from scratch or utilize templates when it comes to quickly drawing floor plans if time or patience are lacking for creating elaborate designs. What makes Planner 5D even better is its compatibility with iOS, meaning plans can even be drawn on smartphones or iPads while out and about!

Beginning is easy – start by customising the floor shape, size, materials and colours before adding furniture and accessories, switching to 3D mode and installing windows and doors as desired. Add second floors if you so choose before designing the roof! Unfortunately if using in-app furniture (beyond basic beds, chairs and sofas), it may become costly over time.

All aspects of your design can be customized in terms of colour and texture; when ready, plans can even be printed photorealistically for sharing purposes.


DFS room planner


While investing in a sofa is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home, DFS makes shopping even easier by providing room design tools while you browse for that sofa – ideal if redecorating or moving into a new house! Use 2D and 3D views of any available room shape you have available (the latter has measurements capabilities as well), select wall colours and floor covering options before adding accessories that enhance it further or complement it better with decor chosen to go along with it all!


Roomstyler 3D Home Planner


Roomstyler stands out among home design tools by being user-friendly, intuitive and offering video tutorials for each step you take in its use. One other notable benefit: all home design software has tutorial videos available but this software stands alone as it provides such comprehensive instruction with every possible issue you could come up against when working with its tools.

A key advantage of this software is that it enables you to design an individual room within minutes, using products from real brands for furnishings – giving your design tangible tangibility when the time comes! You will even have items available to buy when your design becomes real!


Carpetright Visualiser


Thinking of investing in new flooring? Carpetright’s flooring visualiser can help you visualize what it will look like once installed in any given room – be it carpet, vinyl, wood or laminate! Simply snap a photo or select an example room before uploading onto the visualiser – from there, customising wall colour and flooring type features are possible as you save rooms or order swatches of what might become your ideal room setting!


Interior Design Apps: Features You Get


Find Professional


This app feature enables users to quickly connect with professional home designers or architects online or physically, while reflecting ratings and reviews given by other app users so it becomes simpler for the individual user to make their selection.


Ideas Allocation


As app development work commences, businesses may wish to allow family and friends to share decor ideas via mobile app, making a storybook of such ideas which not only share decorating techniques but can provide solutions as well. At the same time they could allow individuals to share home remodeling ideas via the same channel.




People frequently attempt to buy something but ultimately back out due to its high price tag, making purchasing less likely than intended. Therefore, an app offering discounted products might help individuals complete a transaction more often. This way, visitors would feel encouraged enough to complete a sale.


Shop feature


A Shop feature can be an extremely beneficial feature and should work across various platforms to allow your users to shop the desired item or add them into their shopping carts easily and seamlessly. This functionality will give them access to shop the exact product or add their favorite ones into their basket.


shop feature


Social Signup/Login


Users should have the capability to easily create profiles by providing personal id or social media login details, making the experience truly personalized for users. With social login, the app gains access to vast amounts of user data that enables it to provide them with tailored experience.


View Gallery


Virtual reality images can add great charm and appeal to an app by providing users with easy access to products from its gallery of designs and decor, enabling them to select their favorites and purchase later.

Houzz offers an invaluable feature that allows professionals to post stories, suggestions and solutions directly from within its app and save them for later reference. Incorporating this feature allows professionals to access and post interior decor inspiration while staying within a professional framework.


Upload Pictures


People frequently attempt to buy something but ultimately back out due to its high price tag, making purchasing less likely than intended. Therefore, an app offering discounted products might help individuals complete a transaction more often. This way, visitors would feel encouraged enough to complete a sale.


Final Thoughts


Interior design apps have completely revolutionized the field of interior design by offering users a transformative platform on which to experiment and discover design concepts, furniture layouts and color combinations. As essential tools in their own right, interior design apps provide both accessibility and empowerment both to homeowners as well as professionals working within this industry. Interior design apps make use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to deliver immersive virtual walk-throughs and informed decision making capabilities for an enhanced user experience. Boasting advanced features and an array of monetization opportunities, interior design apps ensure their financial viability. So, use it to your needs and enhance the appeal of your room. To know more, connect with the best app development company and invest in it to enhance your revenue.




How Augmented Reality (AR) supports home design apps?


Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to virtually test out various home design ideas with mobile AR applications, including rearrange furniture pieces and place decorative pieces virtually. AR gives people an opportunity to virtually experience various home interior decorating schemes before taking action on any.


How long will it take to build an AR home design app?


Building an AR home design app depends upon which features are desired; more basic apps could take as little as one person a month while more intricate apps might require as long as nine person months to develop.


How can I build an interior home designing app?


Steps involved in using Augmented Reality for home design apps include these four phases.

1. establish requirements and formulate development approach 

2.  plan the project and form team;

3. utilize cloud platforms such as AWS or Amazon Sumerian as AR development engines in order to build APIs supporting key functionality

4. building the appropriate technology stack before code, testing, and deploying app

You can always connect with the top mobile app development company in USA and get top results out of it.


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