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Ecommerce Website Development Guide - Cost, Features and Benefits

The process of buying and selling goods and services is known as commerce. When the same thing is carried out with the help of the internet it is known as E-commerce. Ecommerce is just not limited to an activity of buying and selling, it is much more than this.

There are different types of Ecommerce websites that serve different purposes. The list of different types of ecommerce software solutions is given below:

B2B sites - These types of sites offer trading services only for businesses. One business firm buys and sells things from a different firm. The goods purchased are not consumed but are further sold to the final consumers.

B2C sites - Another type of site is B2C, in which goods and services are directly sold to the final consumer, no intermediaries are in between that’s why many B2C websites are able to provide things at a lower price. 

C2C sites - When one customer sells his/her used product on a website, it is called the C2C website. The perfect example of this is OLX, where customers can come together and perform trading activities.

C2B sites - The websites on which business firms purchase products from the customer this website is known as C2B sites. These types of websites are not that common as of which are mentioned previously.

Legal bidding and auction sites - Ecommerce websites also include legal bidding and auction sites. On these websites, the price of a commodity is not determined, whoever bids the highest the thing is sold to that particular person.

Price differentiation sites - Sometimes the price of the commodity is unknown, here is when these price differentiation or comparison websites are used. This is also a type of e-commerce website.

These were the main types of e-commerce websites, now that you have got some knowledge about these types of websites. Let us talk about the process of developing such websites and the cost incurred in developing the same.

Top e-commerce development companies provide a facility for developing an ecommerce website also the prices of creating a website is provided to the customer. An idea of the charges is given below. Have a look. 

This table shows the annual cost incurred in developing the ecommerce website. There can be some variation in the charge but moreover, you can get an idea of the total cost from here.

Also, one can easily come to know about the steps included in the process of developing an e-commerce website. Stages and the cost incurred in these stages are clearly shown in the table above.

Advanced and Modern Features In an E-Commerce Website

Every e-commerce website comes with some features which are very important for both the user and the owner. A list of advanced features of an e-commerce website is given below.

Login Through Social Media

To start trading on any e-commerce platform, the user is required to log in first. There are multiple ways of doing this but the simplest one is with the help of social media. As the details required while logging in are already there on these social media platforms.

Information like the user’s full name, phone number, email address and many other things. If all this information is automatically filled by the algorithm then the user is not required to type all that information again. 

This practice saves a lot of time for the user and helps in the process of login. Including social media on the website is a good idea and must be tried by all developers of the e-commerce website. 


Another advanced feature of e-commerce websites is chatbots. This is a type of customer support service, in which all the grievances and complaints of the customer are solved in the chats.

These chats are managed by robots that’s why its name is chatbots. Customers are just required to type their problem and the robots will lead them to the best possible solution.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment is the most important part of an ecommerce website. Any web development solution today, even an eCommerce website, contains payment gateways, because people find it more convenient to shop online. The owner of the website must add features of multiple payment options.

Adding a payment option is not an easy task as it involves the personal information of the user. Like bank details and credit card details, these are very crucial information and must be used wisely. The developer is also responsible for the security of the user’s data.

Photos and Videos of the Product

Just by reading the name and the specifications of a product, a user does not buy that product. The developers of an e-commerce website are always advised to include the photos and videos of the product on the website. By this, the customers will have an idea regarding the product.

Some of the e-commerce websites only display the images of the products, not the videos. Customers are more likely to purchase a product when they are provided with a video of the product.

Tracking System for the Order Placed

Once the product is purchased and the payment is made, customers always have a concern for their product. A tracking system for the placed order reduces some tensions of the customers. As by this tracking system, one can easily come to know where the product has reached. Different stages of the delivery can be included in it by the developer.

Customer Relationship Management Software Integration 

Customer relationship management or CRM is a type of software that aids in managing all the activities between the two parties business and customers. CRM development company develops an interactive future-proof solution can interact with the customers from the company's end while recording them for future references. CRM is also an important part of an e-commerce website as it helps in increasing sales for the company.

Advanced Dashboard

The dashboard of a website is the thing that the user sees at the time. We all know that the first impression is the last impression, if the dashboard is not liked by the customer then it might be a possibility that the customer will leave the website. An advanced dashboard with amazing features can help you out in solving this problem.

Creative UI/UX Design

The design is the most crucial part of any website, a creative UI/UX design is liked by the customers most of the time. If the developers have created a great design then also a continuous update is always required. This is because users get bored of seeing the same design again and again.  

Transportation, Warehousing and Inventory Management 

Management of the transportation, warehousing and inventories is a job done by all e-commerce companies. Many different software are available for this purpose that makes the whole process very easy for the companies. This feature is mainly for the producers or the manufacturers of the products. 

These were some of the advanced features of an e-commerce website, there are many other features as well. Like business intelligence, behavior tracking, multilingualism and many others. One can search for other features over the internet and get knowledge about them very easily.


This is a complete guide on the development, cost and features of an e-commerce website. A clear understanding regarding the cost included in every of developing an e-commerce website is explained in the form of a table above. One can easily get an idea about it just by reading it.

Some of the advanced features that should be included in an ecommerce website are also mentioned in the article above. Developing a perfect ecommerce website is not an easy task hence once can always take assistance of experienced IT consultation services providers, so that users do not have any problems while using the website.

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