Building a Taxi Booking App like Uber

Uber has emerged as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, giving the right direction to other startups. Its unparalleled success and an annual revenue in millions is the reason that people are coming up with a replica of this mobile app. Most businesses want to build a taxi booking like Uber or a Uber clone application today.

The intend is to recreate the same magic and attain the success that this company has. If you are planning to introduce a similar app like Uber, then there is so much to know about Taxi mobile app development than just the idea.

So, to make the journey of launching a taxi app easier for you, this blog will give an insight into the process, features and cost. So, without any further ado, let’s explore the industry:

The Concept of Uber: A Cab Booking Application

Uber is a ride-hailing mobile app that was launched in 2009 in the USA and is now used by billions of people around the world. Through this on-demand taxi application, users can request a trip to their destination which is automatically sent to the Uber driver closest to them. Once he accepts the ride, he will pick and drop them to the requested location.

The people commuting through these cabs can see the name, license plate, rating, photo and phone number of the driver which ensures security. The app finds the best route through GPS, calculates the distance, time, and fare, and the passenger can transfer the money using a card, cash, or other online payment modes. Currently, Uber is operating in over 84 countries and 800 cities, offering 24-hours service to Android and iOS users.

It is features like smooth app-user interaction, error-free reports, impressive marketing campaigns, safe rides, and outstanding services that have made Uber one of the most used applications globally. Moreover, it also offers job opportunities for riders and makes daily commuting cheaper and faster for users. Also, it basically uses 2 applications: 1 for the drivers while the other is for passengers to keep things controlled and make monitoring easier.

How Does a Taxi App Work?

If you plan to launch your on-demand mobile application like Uber, then it’s important that you understand how these platforms work. It may seem easy where you simply need to book a cab, take the ride, make the payment and done. However, it is more complicated than this. It involves a sophisticated process to complete one Uber ride. So, let’s get acquainted with the working of the Taxi booking application:

Sign in: The first step is to install the Uber app on your smartphone and sign up for the portal. Now, that you are registered as a rider, you will be directed by the app to book your cab.

Ride Request: Open the application on your phone and request the ride. For this, you will have to mention your drop location on the top and select the type of taxi you want, such as UberSUV, UberX, UberXL, UberPOOL, etc. Based on your destination, time and cab, you will get the estimated fare. Confirm the booking and it will connect you with the driver nearest to your pickup location.

Request Accept: Now, the driver will accept your ride request and you will get all the details about him on your device. As soon as you will start your ride, you will see the whole route to your destination on your screen which you can also share with anyone to ensure your safety. Furthermore, the app also allows you to cancel the trip within five minutes of booking the taxi but it may carry some cancellation charges depending on the city and other factors.

Payment: When you reach your drop location, the cab driver will end the ride on his app and it will process further to estimate the final amount. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough cash in your wallet. You can pay the amount via card or e-wallet.

Rating: After ending the trip, Uber asks you to rate the driver which can be seen by other riders as well. This is a chance for you to recommend the driver who you think is doing a great job or to warn others against the one who is not up to the mark. You can also add the tip through the application to appreciate his work.

What Are The Basic Features Required For Taxi Booking App Development?

As we mentioned earlier that cab booking app works on 2 separate applications with different functionalities.

Passenger App – To serve the ones who are booking a taxi

Driver App – To monitor the working of the drivers who book rides and drop the riders.

Both of these apps have different features and functions. It is important for you to understand the complete process if you plan to step into the taxi app industry. Here are some of the important features that must be included in a taxi app, be it Native or Hybrid:

Passenger App

Register/Login: The passengers have to first get themselves registered on the app via the phone number, email, or any other social media platform.

Booking Interface: After sign in, they will be directed to the booking page where they will have to type the drop location, select the cab type, pin their current location.

Tracking: Once the ride is confirmed, they can track the location of the driver, an estimated time he will take to reach the pickup location and also the route to their drop destination.

Price Calculator: Users can check the approximate amount of a ride that depends on certain factors like the city, time, location, cab type, etc.

Payment: They can select to go cashless and make the payment via credit/debit card or online modes according to their convenience.

Push Notification: The primary objective of taxi booking apps is to make things simpler for users. Hence, Uber sends notifications to update them about driver status, estimated arrival time, license plate, contact details of the driver and more.

Review and Rating: This feature for passengers is to enhance the service and also appreciate the dedication of drivers. Users can rate the driver out of 5 stars, making it easier for other risers to make their choices.

Ride History:  Another feature that you have to consider during mobile app development is ride history. Any rider can feel the need to check the places that he/she been to earlier and they can do so with a ride history feature that stores all the recent rides booked through the device.

Driver App

Register/Profile/login Authentication: The driver needs to log in to the app for detailed verification, approval by admin, profile authentication.

Accept Bookings: As he gets a notification to book the next ride, he has the option to either accept or decline the request.

Push Notifications: This feature sends alerts to the driver regarding available rides, pickup location, destination, payment mode, order updates, etc.

Navigation: It uses Google Maps to get the shortest and fastest route to the ultimate location with added voice-enabled service to avoid any distraction.

Ratings: The app even allows the driver to review the passenger and rate him/her.


Taxi Booking App Development Best Practices

Offer a Unique Set of Features

Delight customers (cab drivers and passengers) by offering a differentiated set of features. Offer something special to every customer segment to keep them connected with your application. This will help you enlarge your customer base and boost your application popularity in the market. Team up with an expert Android app development company to build a truly customized app solution for your business. Now the question is what additional features you can deliver to customers as part of your unique value proposition:

Passenger Centric Features for Customer Delight

  • Real-time cab tracking
  • Fixed price for airport and railway station rides
  • Discounts on festive occasions/public holidays
  • Pre-ride fare estimation based on pick up and drop location

Driver Centric Features For Customer Delight 

  • Opportunity to earn additional income during peak hours
  • Adequate Insurance coverage for accidents during travel
  • Flexible work hours
  • Easy enrollment and registration

Operate As Socially Responsible Business Entity 

If you are planning to launch your taxi booking app in regions with strict environmental regulations or places where people devote extra efforts to keep their city clean and pollution-free, you should try to position yourself as an eco-friendly business with sustainable business practices. This will help you gain early traction and customer love for your services.

Try to build a fleet portfolio with most electric vehicles. Also, introduce bike and cycle booking options for travel as part of your eco-friendly business practices.

Focus on International Expansion 

To get successful like Uber in taxi booking app business, you should definitely consider global expansion as part of your business strategy. By getting initial success in the home region, you should consider expanding to untouched geographies like Brunei, Omen, Luxembourg, etc. with growth possibilities. Some successful examples include Rapido and Grab Bike.

Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Development Cost

There is no one factor to decide the total cost behind developing an app similar to Uber. There are several cost components, such as Backend development, native experience (Android, iOS), UX/UI design, post-deployment maintenance, third-party APIs integrations, web development, and more.

Moreover, writing perfect architecture requires a lot of time and effort from the mobile application developer. There is a whole team behind delivering one successful app. The professionals who are well-versed in Node.js, JavaScript, Python, PHP, CSS will work with all their might to build the app’s core and connect both the driver and rider version of apps.

Let’s Get Started With Your App

Now that you are aware of all the factors that you will have to consider while estimating the total cost, we hope you will reach a conclusion soon. Share your idea with us. We are a leading Android and iOS mobile app development company specializing in taxi booking app development. Get correct guidance, convey your specifications and we will deliver your dream project within the stipulated time.