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Ever wanted to know just how predictive analytics in Salesforce can benefit your sales game, considering every angle and approach? Then this would be the blog piece you need to read, all things considered. Check out what we have to concur on the matter.What is Predictive Analytics?Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that uses varied techniques from artificial intelligence, data mining, modelling, statistics, and machine learning to evaluate current data in order to make the mo [...]

Thanksgiving day- a time to remember our blessings, expressing gratitude and saying ‘thank you’ to everyone for all the good deeds. Traditional dishes like- Carved turkeys, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes adorn the dinner tables and sharing time with family and friends over this delightful signature feast epitomizes the celebration mood of giving thanks. Marked as a sense of gratitude, Thanksgiving Day is a good time reminding us to show our gratitude for customers, clients a [...]

India’s 1st ever community driven event Jaipur Dev Fest for Salesforce Enthusiasts is being hosted and held at Jaipur on April 1, 2017. A3logics is excited to attend the grand celebration. There will be a lot of discussion with the star-studded line up of speakers, high quality sessions from Salesforce, MVPs, Group Leaders, Women in Tech Leaders and several more. Salesforce CRM has brought in revolutionary transformation in making organizations successful irrespective of their sizes. As a be [...]

 “Turkey dinners, candied yams, cranberries, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing and family gatherings—‘Thanksgiving Day’ is a day full of festivities and their mere presence just heighten the celebration mood of giving thanks.” But before getting dipped into the festive mood and sharing time with family and friends over sugary delights and signature Thanksgiving dinner feast, let’s not forget the primary element of the day- ‘GRATITUDE’. It is certainly a good time reminding [...]

The brightest and most delightful festival of the year is here and A3logics shone bright in its glory! Employees looked their best in traditional attires and celebrated the event with full enthusiasm. All men were dressed in different ethnic wears including colored kurtas, dhotis ‘n’ turbans (yes you read it right!), while the ladies looked beautiful in their Indian wears! The day kicked off with the traditional Rangoli-making Competition where all teams participated in full spirit and exhi [...]

“You’ve got everything to take the world in your stride!!”Women around the world have been breaking the monotony whether by challenging the stereotypes or encouraging substantive dialogue to raise awareness and make it a better society. This year has been great for women around the world and is painted with all their success stories!This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the power of women- their strength, their achievements and how they are changing the world!We are proud t [...]

As 2015 comes to a close, let’s take a look back and see how special and successful the year was!As a team, we did achieve various milestones, and apart from the busy work environment, we still took time out to celebrate special days and events all together!Here’s Cherishing The Joyful Moments Of 2015: 2016 has a lot in store for every one of us. For A3logics, it’ll be a year of more focus, more challenges, more milestones and all new heights!Wishing Everyone A Fantastic And Exciti [...]

In addition to sharing time with family and friends over sugary delights and signature Thanksgiving dinner feast, the primary element of the day is ‘gratitude’. It is certainly a good time reminding us to express our gratitude towards everyone whom we’re thankful to.Despite the fact that “thanks” has a nice ring to the festive mood, words aren’t enough expressive when compared to your actions, especially when you’re in the customer service business or any other business fo [...]

The Diwali celebrations at A3logics office this year were filled with a lot of energy and colors!All dressed in ethnic style, celebrated the event with full enthusiasm. All men were dressed in different colored kurtas and traditional attires, while the ladies looked beautiful in their Indian wears! The day kicked off with the Rangoli Competition where all teams participated in full spirit and exhibited amazing team work completing the task within the defined time span! A3 floors looked [...]

Getting proper access to education has been a longed luxury for majority of underprivileged children in India. In lieu of this, certain Acts had been enforced by the government to give fundamental right to education to all children. Around 93% of schools in India are in government sector-self-operated, funded or aided.But, here are a few stats that tell a different story: around 4% of children never attend school, 58% of children are not even able to complete their primary education and [...]

A fantastic party was organized at A3logics where everyone was in a party mood and engaged with a different energy. Completing 12 years is not just achieving a new milestone; this has been made possible with the hard work, loyalty and perseverance demonstrated by the members of team A3. So here is the account how A3 family celebrated the event in style:The event kicked off with a heart-touching singing performance by our li’l angels from Upper Primary School, Tiba Seopur Village, the school [...]

“The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes…”Today, we celebrate the courage, confidence and courteousness of all our female employees who make it happen everyday!You All deserve more than Just a Day…Kudos to All the lovely Ladies..!!  Love yourself a little more, aim a little higher, bask in the glor [...]

As we told earlier, that we were organizing a drawing competition for the school children as a part of our CSR activity, here are the updates from the event..School children took the competition with full zeal and came up with some thought provoking drawings and art work. Kids tried to convey messages on different societal issues such as Save Environment, Say No To Smoking, Patriotism, etc.Kids were ALL SMILES to receive their HOLI goody kits. Volunteers also had a great time with the school chi [...]

What’s Better Than Spreading The Colors Of Holi On The Drawing Sheets!!!!On the auspicious and fun-filled festival of Holi, A3logics has organized a drawing competition for school children of various age groups at Upper Primary School, Tiba Seopur Village, Vatika.The competition is held for 2 groups: Students of I to V & VI to VIII. Children will be provided the drawing sheets and colors.Event updates and pictures will be shared soon!

One thing is very clear with the recently concluded A3PL, when it comes to sports, cricket leads the way! The passion among every individual was just outstanding.The cubicles at office floors are always busy with hands-on tasks, meetings and client calls that often keep everyone loaded with deadlines and a run to chase targets. From past 4 years, A3PL is the most awaited event among A3ians that liberates them from the routine busy days and lets them brush off stress through playing the game. All [...]