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Top 11 Media & Entertainment Software with Features and Benefits

In today’s era, with the growth of the internet and digital content, customers have multiple ways to access content 24/7 across their smart devices. Joining this digital revolution is mandatory for media and entertainment (M&E) companies to attract and retain consumers. They must adopt advanced M&E software solutions to improve customer experience tenfold. 

Advanced media and entertainment solutions assist in better content creation, management and delivery. M&E houses can utilize such solutions to shift their content from traditional channels (e.g. newspaper, print magazines, etc.) to digital - to stay relevant and engage more audiences. 

When you build a solid online presence, you can reach your target audience anytime, anywhere on diverse platforms while reducing your efforts to minimal. 

So, let’s explore the top media and entertainment software solutions that help you deliver a personalized customer experience:

Live Video Streaming Solutions 

1. Live Video Streaming Software 

Cloud-based software for video streaming is ideal to accelerate your content creation process. It offers multiple powerful features like multi-camera operations, virtual sets, web streams, etc. You can tackle video streaming tasks better with such software. You can use these tools to broadcast events online that help you capture audience attention and increase engagement.  Performing tasks like title edit, transitions, instant replay, overlays and live video effects become a breeze with these tools. 

Features of Live Streaming Software 

  • Multi-camera operations 
  • Audio management
  • Web streaming support 
  • Virtual sets
  • Graphics  Integration
  • Third-party support

2. Live Video Streaming Apps 

Live-streaming apps perform multiple streaming functions during professional broadcasts like transitions, hotkey start-up/stop recordings, mute audio sources and more with a few taps. You can also preview your video before pushing it live. Partner with an expert video streaming app development company to build a custom app that suits your needs. You can pick among multiple options: live broadcasting app, video-on-demand app, TV live streaming apps and more. 

Desktop Publishing Solutions 

1. Desktop Publishing Software 

This software enables entertainment companies to craft high-quality marketing content inhouse. It includes reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters, advertisements and more. The content designed via software can be laid down on paper via printing devices easily. Using such tools for graphic design and printed content enhance its appearance. 

Key benefits of desktop publishing software include reduced product costs, better productivity, reduced time to print, ability to generate customized content and more. Use custom software solutions for advanced design options and to meet your business goals faster. 

Popular features of desktop publishing software: 

desktop publishing software

2. Publishing CMS Software 

You can use a publishing CMS software to manage, edit and publish your marketing content. Instead of opting for a point solution, it’s better you pick a publishing software with CMS feature support. A cloud-based CMS tool is always better for content management as it gives you better control, customization and accessibility options. With a CMS in place, publishers can craft custom templates, maintain versions, and apply access control. 

Music Streaming Software/Apps 

Building a music streaming app like Spotify etc. is in high demand today due to its rising popularity among customers. Music streaming mobile or web apps lets customers tune into their favourite playlists anytime, anywhere and via any internet-enabled device. Users get the convenience to play, download and share their favourite songs without any hassle. With a music streaming app, you get multiple monetization options in the form of paid subscriptions, ads and more. Apart from apps, you can create music web-based music players, software, etc.

Essential Features in a Music Production Software 

Music Production Software

Digital Audio Workstation Software 

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is a software that lets you turn your ideas quickly into live music. It eases out the complex music production process - from recording to mixing, and everything in between. You can test the music workflow, perform editing, and much more with this tool. You can also work with an enterprise software solution provider to get a custom DAW tool with advanced editing, sampling ad arranging options. 

Popular Features of Digital Audio Workstation

  • Record and Mix Music 
  • Intuitive Dashboard 
  • Edit Music 
  • Digital signal processing 

Music School Management Software 

This tool is especially handy for music schools, or organizations that are looking to optimize music production activities. Such a tool helps you perform regular administrative tasks (adding repertoire, tracking lent instruments, books and more) at your music school. The intuitive dashboard allows to schedule online lessons, track student and class performance, clear bills and more in a few clicks. You can also build custom software with CRM support to maintain better relationships with students, parents and teachers. 

Key Features of Student Management Software 

  • Activity dashboard 
  • Calendar Management 
  • Class management 
  • Student management 
  • POS support
  • Copyright management 

Digital Asset Management Software 

Digital asset management (DAM) software organizes, manages and controls a company’s digital assets. In other words, a company can store and edit all its content - from audio, video, podcast, animation to other multimedia content - with this tool. Efficient organization and storage are the two reasons that make DAM software - a popular choice among marketing professionals today. For foolproof security and 24/7 access across all devices - use cloud-based app or software for digital assets tackling. If you use multimedia (like videos, audio files, e-books, etc.) frequently, then prefer a media asset management system. 

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software 

Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Rights Management Software 

You never want your creative work to be displayed to the audience without getting proper credit for it. That’s why digital rights management is important for any individual or business producing unique content. A digital rights management software is a blessing for professionals who want to limit access to their confidential information. 

Many healthcare providers and financial businesses turn to DRM solutions to meet data protection regulations like HIPAA and GLBA. You can also build a custom tool with sharing, metadata, role-based access, media tracking, security and other controls. 

Key benefits of Digital Right Management Solutions 

  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Cost And Time Savings 
  • Secure Content Distribution 
  • Revenue Protection 
  • IPR Theft Protection  
  • Regulatory Compliance 

Photo Studio Management Software 

Photo studio management software manages the business operations of professional photography. It helps photographers in managing their leads, automating critical tasks, payment processing, handling clients and much more. Running a photography store is easier said than done. From projects, leads, invoices to taxes - you’ve to manage everything from scratch to keep growing your business. And, that’s why using a native or custom software is an ideal option. When choosing the software, look out for things like mobile support, ease of use, training needs, load speed, etc. 

Key Features of Photo Studio Management System 

  • Automated Workflows 
  • Task organization 
  • Workflow management 
  • Intuitive Dashboard 
  • Calendar and scheduling 
  • Time Management 
  • Client communication 

Video Production and Editing Software

Video editing software assists photographers in post-production editing of digital video sequences. It enhances the overall look and feel of videos captured via digital cameras and other recording devices. It boosts video production efficiency and ensures organized editing. Editors can trim, splice and arrange video clips, add effects, animation, music and much more. The more versatile a software is, the more options you get in your hand. Prefer custom software if you have specific requirements related to video editing. 

Benefits of Video Editing and Production Software:

  • Faster Video Creation 
  • Easy Organization 
  • Preview windows 
  • Apply Visual Effects 
  • Cost Savings  

Custom Music & Entertainment Solutions for Faster Business Growth 

Hope the above list has provided you with a good idea about the best media and entertainment solutions. If you are looking for custom media and entertainment software solutions, connect with A3logics.

Our photography solutions experts hold a decade of experience in building custom software solutions. As a leading media and entertainment software development company, we program unique features that meet your M&E project needs. 

Drop us a line to know more about our customized media & entertainment solutions. 

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