Proven Benefits Of Hiring Offshore Software Development Company


Building a robust software development project is challenging when you lack qualified developers who can’t address the requirements and expectations you have from them as well as from your product. However, building an effective software solution can be troublesome as there are various software cycles that run in the execution time and developers must be very attentive to the details. It has also been observed that there are many other factors that must be considered during the product development process. Nonetheless, it has been seen that many companies are now shifting their focus towards offshore software development because of multiple reasons. Whether it is a small company or a large organization, offshoring is the better choice to create an agile software development product. There are various reasons how offshore software development companies can be beneficial to you. On the other hand, IT consultation services are also extending their resources on the global platform to help businesses in covering better product development.


The important fact is that offshore development lets you hire cheaper labor from other undeveloped countries. However, it is not always easy to find the correct offshore development partner for your project.


Should You Consider In-house or Outsource a Team?


Whether you are a start-up and looking for professional services or a large organization looking for staff augmentation solutions, outsourcing your needs is always a preferable option to pick. Here are a few reasons to prove that outsourcing is a better choice.

  • Only 10% of startups succeed and 90% fail precisely because of conflicts between the co-founders.
  • Startups can quickly launch their product in the market.
  • Outsourcing gives companies the advantage of remote work and cuts infrastructure costs.
  • Outsourced developers develop & maintain a balance between MVPs speed, price, and quality, necessary to convince investors to raise funds.

Nowadays, the software development business is expanding tremendously and it is also establishing various companies to understand the terms of social media, eCommerce, and other emerging technologies that lead to business growth.

Apart from this, offshore development also fills the gap between the direct platforms and end-to-end consumers on the global level. Therefore, in this article, we will cover the benefits of hiring an offshore software development company for your next project. But before going deep into its benefits, first, understand what is offshore software development.


What Is Offshore Software Development?


Offshoring is the method of outsourcing software development requirements from another country. It is a process in which an organization decides to subcontract its software development project to a third party that is situated in another remote destination. In this practice, a company hires a dedicated development team and launches offshore development centers in other countries.

They are permanent employees but the only difference is that they are based on remote locations. There are many giant IT companies like Microsoft, Google, and so on that have launched their research and development centers in different countries. Apart from this, there are various benefits to why giant IT companies offshore from different countries and why they are looking to hire dedicated software development team.


Reasons to Choose Offshore Software Development?


In the world of technology, every sector is striving hard to get success and setting its foot in the competitive market. To stand out from the competitors, there are various aspects that are depending on the innovative software solution or product engineering services that also include maximum time and never-ending effort along with vast capital investment.


Additionally, it is not easy to look for talented recruiters who can bring the right talent to your company. Hence, employers have to settle with less experienced and unqualified developers. Therefore, companies hunt for offshore developers to address such challenges and get skilled employees along with the best quality of professional services in the allotted time frame. However, there is a checklist to follow if you are looking for an outsourcing Software development, make sure you are following them.


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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Offshore Software Development?


We understand that opting for offshore development is not an easy task without understanding its strategic moves. There are various companies that are looking for offshore software development teams but they are skeptical whether they would be able to help to handle their business. In this section, we have jotted down the benefits that you can seek from offshore developers.


· Lower Operational Cost and Infrastructure


It is evident that hiring developers from countries like the USA can be costly and skilled employees come with their own premium cost. The companies’ payroll consists of working space, cost evaluation, amenities, and employee benefits, which are highly expensive. Not only this, but many people are also looking for software product prototyping, but we shall talk about this later.

However, various companies choose Ukraine and Belarus because of their less cost of living as compared to Singapore and the United States. The less expensive drive will reduce the cost of offshoring. Therefore, instead of building and creating their own software teams, many entrepreneurs are looking for contract services. Apart from the reduction of operational cost, wages also offer a great effect on your overall budget.


In addition to this, offshoring also drives the same qualified professionals but the only difference is that they are paid overseas with significantly different salaries. In a nutshell, if you are from the US, you are recruiting highly skilled developers with less salary as compared to the local developers.


· Access To Emerging Technologies


There are many small businesses or startups that can’t get access to all the advanced and trending technologies. The main reason behind this concern is the cost factor and these companies contribute most of their time learning new competencies along with improving technologies. As we are talking about the latest technologies, you must also check software products that will elevate your business in 2021 with the help of fully-fledged technologies.

Therefore, outsourcing developers can help startups and small businesses with the proven procedure, documentation, and strategic methodologies. Your offshore software team can bring a lot to the table when it comes to product development. Small business owners can also get insight into how their offshore developer is helping them with security patches, updates, and other vital implementations. Rest assured that the offshore development team is there to resolve all your enterprise software development requirements.


· You Can Concentrate On Your Business’ Core Values


A business has a set of rules and core values that help them to stand out from the crowd. Most companies juggle between managing the core functionality and other organization workflows, due to this they are losing manpower. They also face reduced employee retention and lesser engagement levels. We shall discuss employee retention in our next article through HCM solutions.

Back to the point, when you look out for offshore services, it saves a lot of time and you can have direct access to highly skilled professionals to work for you as a team. Due to this, you can concentrate on other vital workflows and processes in your organization.


· Offshore Outsourcing Simplifies Business Scaling


Indeed, starting a business requires a lot of strategies and processes along with a productive in-house team that can help you in the long run. As said above, it is not always possible to get a skilled team to elevate the growth of your business and most owners settle for less when it comes to getting the right expertise.

In this case, an offshore development team can help you in maximizing the business scale as per your need and requirements. Offshoring offers a skilled team that helps you in understanding the insight of the latest technologies, enabling you to recognize the marketing trends along with clear engagement strategies. You can also take help from enterprise software to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Your offshore team would be there for you at every step because it works for you dedicatedly, not as freelancers. You can get in touch with developers anytime and can also ask them for more qualified workers according to your needs.

For example, you need a skilled developer for your software development but later on, the agile software testing company will help your product to stay away from bugs and other discrepancies. This is the best way of constantly improving your workflow in all spheres and you can scale your business to a greater level.


How to Begin With an Outsourced Team?


You may find multiple platforms in the marketplace where you can look for outsourced developers for your next project. But, before reaching out for this marketplace, you must prepare a list of key indicators and factors to pick the right offshore developer to make your project successful.


Outlining Objective


What are the issues that you strongly feel are rising, and how can your product help people resolve them? You must have a clear vision documented for the outsourced developers so they can help you with your initial MVP.


Gauging Skill Set


How would you know that your outsourced developer is efficient enough to develop exactly what you are looking for? The next step is identifying skills & knowledge. Here you must define the tasks as well as roles needed for a project.


Budget Planning


The most crucial component to run the project is – adequate budget. So, how to plan a budget?

– Define the initial size of initial capital.

– Define areas where money can be saved.

After creating a roadmap, search for the right investors who will be interested in your plan and ready to collaborate.


Development Models


Are you looking for developers for short-term/one-time projects or want to fill in the skill gap? Your project’s scope will define the need for short or long-term resource collaboration. For instance, Instagram was launched as an MVP. Every few months, you find a new feature in the application for continuous scalability and engagement of the users.


Where Can You Find Offshore Developers?


There are multiple sources to find offshore development teams or developers. For instance, through referrals, conferences or meetups, freelance portals, dedicated offshore software development agencies, social media platforms, and many more.

However, when selecting and shortlisting the offshore development company, you must take care of the time zone and culture. Certainly, the price and quality ratio is equally essential. Let’s look at various geographies when considering an outsourcing team.


Latin America


Regions such as Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are some of the best options to look for collaborating with professional developers. Chile also has shown good growth in the market, claiming to be in 27th position on the HackerRank rating as one of the most professional developers in the world.




Asia records to have 4 million software developers. In Asia, China, the Philippines, and India are leading countries holding the most number of developers, where India leads with 2.75 million developers, China with 590K and Philippines with 190K developers respectively.


Eastern Europe


Eastern Europe is known to have the most reliable IT outsourcing developers delivering a growing talent pool, cost-effectiveness, and evolving IT industries.

States that are most considered for IT outsourcing services are Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Moldova, and Belarus Latvia.


What Are the Possible Challenges With an Offshore Team?


This might seem contradictory to you because, in this article, we have been discussing the proven benefits. But, we want you to have seamless and uninterrupted solutions from your offshore software development team. In order to ensure that you have complete advantage of your offshore development team, read these challenges mentioned below.


Time-Zone Differences


When your offshore dedicated development team is located at a different time from yours, it becomes extremely difficult to synchronize with them.


How to Overcome –


Collaborate with your offshore team and settle down on a particular time suitable for both to manage. Other than that, you can integrate a modern time-zone management tool to help you overcome the challenges of handling and managing remote teams.


Face-to-Face Communication


Discussing matters face to face is more impactful than any other mode of discussion. However, the pandemic had forced everyone to work remotely, creating a barrier to work together.


How to Overcome –


Set a daily standup or regular video meet to underline the everyday task and report the previous day’s progress. This collaboration must also allow both the parties to keep their viewpoint, challenges, and possible ways to overcome so that you can deter huge mistakes.


Cultural Difference


Another big challenge to mark when hiring an offshore development team is the difference in the culture. The differences are defined in two categories – Low context and High context. Let’s elaborate on these categories more for better understanding.

Offshore development team with low context offer development –

  • specific to Europe (and eastern Europe) and the US.
  • that are task-oriented.
  • open for changes.
  • that are deadline-oriented
  • that rely on facts and words.
  • is logical.
  • based on Agile Methodology.

On the other hand, the high-context offshore team are more –

  • team-oriented
  • reluctant to make quick changes.
  • focused on waterfall methodology.
  • into emotions and trust,

involved in development for regions, such as China, India, the Philippines, and other Asian countries.


How to Overcome –


Considering the possible struggles with the offshore development team, you can consider hiring a nearshore development team. They can understand your culture, will be able to easily match time, and understand better, thereby helping in creating a faster workflow.

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How to Manage Offshore Software Development company?


Once you are all set to work with an offshore team, the next procedure is to find a partner whom you can rely on. We understand that managing a remote  team is quite difficult and requires a lot of detail. But with the right method, you can simplify this. Share the vision and mission of your company for better understanding between you and your offshore team.

This is the best way to formally introduce the company’s objectives, goals, and expectations to the remote team. The more they understand your brand, the more they would be able to contribute towards its success.


Note- You can use CRM solutions to achieve operational excellence!

Hence, it is important to make sure not to miss out on the clear vision and mission of the company while building your offshore team. Apart from this, ensure effective communication with them. It is important to have transparency with your in-house team and your offshore partner to seek the above-mentioned benefits of offshore software development services.


Hiring an Offshore Developer For Startups


Hiring any offshore development team requires a proper process. Follow the guidelines to hire the right developers for startups.

Preparing a detailed job description – Ensure you listed the functionality of the project.

Find proven track record – Contact developers’ previous clients and their ranking on social media platforms.

Have access to the latest code – During the hiring process, ensure that your developer offers full access to the code & you should be the owner of accounts such as Github TFS, clouds, or more.

Ask about their workflows – How do the offshore software development company communicate with their clients and how do they allocate their developers for projects? Are they flexible to go with the needs of the customers? Do they sign an NDA with every customer?

Cost-effective rates – Do not fall into the trap of cheapest quotes. Check for cost-effective rates with quality code to avoid ending up paying more for the poorly written code.

Adequate alignment – Can they align with your needs with their available skill set? Every developer has a different skill set, so check whether they are fraud or exceptionally knowledgeable.

Integrate a project management tool – With a proper management tool, startups can seamlessly collaborate and sync with the offshore team. Instead of extensive lengthy mails, do the development team use tools such as Jira, Slack, or others?

Check proactiveness – One of the essential needs that most companies look for in an offshore development company.

Frequent Deployment – Ask your offshore full-stack development services company to show an MVP demo at the end of each sprint, especially weekly or bi-weekly.


Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers From A3logics


Offshore developer seekers are smart, intelligent, and prefer innovative ideas, which can be integrated with advanced tech solutions. A3logics, therefore, offers simplified and cost-effective solutions for emerging entrepreneurs as well as large enterprises for quick and seamless collaboration.

A3logics’ dedicated development team is proactive, who collaborates with a manifold organization to provide custom solutions ranging from software integration to legacy system modernization.

  • A3logics with approx 500+ vetted developers are working on a full-time basis.
  • A quick and simple process can help clients connect with a representative – who then collects information and responds to them within 24-48 hours with an appropriate solution.
  • A3logics’s clients can choose the number of developers, designers, qa & software testers per their requirements.


Who Can You Hire From A3logics?


  • You can hire a front-end developer(s) with expertise in HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript to deliver exceptional user interface design and user experience.
  • Hire Back-end developers for ensuring a seamless connection between the server-side and client-side. Different backend developers are experts with Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Node.js Go, MySQL, MongoDB, JSON, AJAX, SOAP & more.
  • A3logics also offers DevOps consulting solutions when needed. With the help of DevOps engineers, A3logics helps bridge the gap between software development and IT processes.
  • A3logics prioritize quality, hence the quality team responsibility detects, handles, and responds to bugs and errors within MVP software.

Additionally, the key reasons for hiring dedicated offshore developers from A3logics offer –

  • Trusted Consultation – Being a professional software provider, A3logics is also a reliable IT professional services provider to apprehend the requirements of the customer and then offer an optimum solution.
  • No hidden cost – The sourcing and interview process is risk-free at A3logics, as A3logics offers complete transparency with its clients. The hourly or monthly or weekly rates are also clearly dictated to the customers before starting the project.
  • Scalability – We offer flexibility by increasing or decreasing the team members, depending on the project needs.
  • Dedication, loyalty & flexibility – A3logics offers business models and solutions that suit the goals and objectives of the client. The development team follows the agile model to meet maximum requirements and upskill the development team as per demand.
  • Faster Engagement – The experience with multiple startups, mid & large organizations has polished a talented development team to handle the most complex and time-consuming project while quickly delivering optimum solutions.

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