Developed by Google DeepMind , Gemma a lightweight open source large language model is Google’s new brainchild designed for developers and researchers.

1The Gemma model developed using the similar research and infrastructure as Gemini is, named after the Latin term Gemma meaning precious gem.

"Responsible by design" Gemma, ensures the safety and dependability of Gemma's pre-trained models, using automated methods to remove sensitive data, personal information from training sets.

Gemma is available in two variants- 2B - Ideal for tasks like text classification and simple question answering. 7B - Ideal for complex tasks like summarization and code generation.

Here’s some fun things you can try with Gemma: Creative storytelling Easy language translation Insightful responses Creative content generation

Adaptable for cross-modality use cases due to Gemma's capacity to interpret data in the textual, audio, and visual domains.

With Gemma,  Google hopes to democratize access to AI by offering free usage choices on sites like Colab and Kaggle.

Gemma signifies more than technical developments in the quickly developing field of artificial intelligence. They also portend the possibility of AI becoming a useful and indispensable aspect of daily life.