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Xamarin App Development - Case Study

Global outreach and better business Management with a Single-code Xamarin app development services.

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About Client - Xamarin Mobile App Development

Highly experienced & dedicated Business & quality consulting services provider.

Providing quality services is the promise of every organization. With the assurance to deliver quality, the client aimed to promote happier customers, and accelerate innovation with their cost-effective solutions. The client is a distinguished business consulting and quality improvement service provider since 1999 in the United States and has been serving many customers ever since. The client's customer comes from all the verticals to seek valuable consultation and quality improvements in their business. With time & technological advancement, the client wanted to introduce a cross-platform application to outreach maximum.

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - Xamarin App Development Company

The need for New & Improved Cross-platform App that Saves time and Cost.

The client had several things in mind that they wanted to fix. So they reached out to A3logics with their list of problems.

  • They primarily invested in the development of a web-based mobile application, which now seems not to align with the latest trends and customers' needs.

  • UI/UX is classic and is incapable of captivating users for long.

  • The current application was integrated and used Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS, which needed to be eliminated.

  • The web-based application had configuration and responsiveness issues that needed to be solved in order to seamlessly run on Android as well as iOS platforms.

  • The client also required consultation regarding the development to ensure that the employees and members of the client possess all the knowledge regarding their new & improved app.

Our Solutions - Xamarin Mobile App Development Company

Fully-featured platform specific mobile app developed using Xamarin & Microsoft Azure.

When analyzed, the client's existing application served multiple purposes but had several limitations and usability issues that were continuously growing. The client had two applications - COTS and single-source administration that they wanted to merge into a single app with a completely new UI that can be customized.

UI/UX Prototype

After extensive work on the analysis of the current app and the target audience the client wants to seek, our professional & creative designers created a complete prototype of the UI/UX of the application in order to clarify the first step. Using Material Design practices Wireframes were made using a custom illustration that matches the business theme and expectations of the client.

Creating Architecture With Azure

Our expert & dedicated developers chose Microsoft Azure cloud as an optimal architectural solution in order to locate the server, database, and administration panel under one roof. With REST API, the architectural structure could be maintained consistently, ensuring the stability of the code.

Xamarin-Based Cross-platform App

We chose Xamarin App development for a cross-platform app for the client and its members that can run on Android and iOS as it allows more than 80% of code sharing, thereby giving an enormous budget and effort saving. Another reason to choose Xamarin was its dynamic property of easily switching between languages.

Key Highlights - Xamarin App Development Services

Best range of Xamarin app development services for outstanding experience.

  • Xamarin Consulting Service

    Companies might want to introduce cost-effective and scalable technology for their cross-platform application development but lack the right strategy for it. A3logics expert consultants offer comprehensive and business-oriented, organized strategies to reach the goals, specifications, and requirements of the company hassle-free.

  • Migration & Upgradation

    We understand that the companies want to keep the features of their existing application intact while renovating them, which should be integrated with the latest tools and technology. A3logics' dedicated developers deliver smooth migration and upgradation services of the solution to Xamarin. Companies get the latest & future-proof versions of Android & iOS with the features they have been using for a long time.

  • Immediate & Automatic Testing

    Xamarin test cloud is among the advanced features that makes immediate application testing possible. A3logics testing team spares no effort in delivering a flawless mobile app that renders a top-notch experience.

  • High Performing App

    Xamarin app development solutions are cost & time-effective. The technology requires a single code structure, combining the power of native API access & C# that helps in developing compatible and flawless mobile apps.

  • Multi-platform & Third-party Apps

    Xamarin is a powerful technology that allows applications to be accessible on a wide range of devices. Xamarin also renders easy customization of the product allowing you to integrate preferred third-party apps that match the business needs and improve performance.

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Tools & Technologies Used by Xamarin App Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Xamarin.Forms


  • technology PhP


  • technology React Symfony 7

    React Symfony 7

  • technology Azure Active Directory

    Azure Active Directory

  • technology Visual Studio App Center

    Visual Studio App Center

  • technology Azure Service Fabric

    Azure Service Fabric

  • technology REST API


  • technology Xamarin.iOS


  • technology Xamarin.Android


  • technology MySQL


  • technology Git


  • technology Docker


  • technology Autofac


  • technology JSON.NET


The Result - Hire Xamarin App Developers

The outcome to outsource xamarin mobile app development services.

The global impact of the Xamarin mobile app was visible. 50 new users were added in just 20 days after the launch of the new and improved app. The app has been a huge success in helping the client to boost their operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, engagement, and compliance seamlessly.

The client observed 2X faster productivity and accelerated efficiency within their organization. The client's business operations were streamlined with revolutionized technician processes. A3logics analysts offered continuous support to the client's members and employees, which made them ready to manage any query from any customer as well as manage the application without any additional assistance.

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