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We invite writers with varied experiences and backgrounds to write for a leading website.

We’re glad that you liked our work and want to get published with us. We are an IT-based firm and publish blogs on topics related to IT, mobile app development, web app development, DevOps, cloud computing, software development, EDI, blockchain, and other technologies.

Your work would be reviewed by our editorial team and if selected, we would revert to you in a week’s time. In case you don’t get a reply soon, it means that the content has failed to meet our guidelines.

We publish only sponsored posts at a non-negotiable price of $100.

You’ll be charged only if your article is selected to be published with the website.

Guest Post Submission Process

To submit your guest post, please email it as an attachment to marketing@a3logics.in

What We Publish

Following points mark the requirements for the guest posts

check Content that is relevant and adds value to our readership.
check Article topic, content, images, charts, and graphs must be inline
check The length of the blog should be 1200+ words.
check 2 images of size 700X330 px.
check Submit an original article that is not published elsewhere.
check Always proofread your article before submission.
check Make sure you add THREE links to other articles from A3logics.com.
check Add one link to your brand in the main body of the article.
check Include headings, subheadings, bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs.

Submission Guidelines

Following are the guidelines that will help you in the course of submission

You can send your articles to email address Prefer submitting Google documents so that our editors could provide feedback easily and add comments. You can also attach a link to an HTML document, a plaintext file, or a Markdown file. Our team of editors is constantly checking all the guest post submissions so please allow us a week at least to write back. Once you send us the blog, we follow a stringent process that includes:

  • The quality analysts and editors will check the content for originality and quality
  • After collecting feedback and suggestions from team members, we will soon get in touch with you.
  • In case you don’t hear from us within the stipulated time, the chances are we are looking for something else at the moment. We still encourage you to keep pitching new and innovative ideas and as soon as we come across something that fits our criteria, we will certainly include it.
  • Once the article is accepted, we will assign an editor to work with you closely and refine the content.
  • We will schedule your blog for publication once the review is complete. You will get the exact date only after it is ready to go live.

Guest Blogging: Copyright Ownership

Using cutting-edge tools, we scrutinize every blog meticulously.
So, all the writers are strictly advised to take care of copyright ownership guidelines.


Changes and Copyrights

Once you submit the blog to A3logics and it is published on our website, we will be the copyright owner of the content. Hence, you can’t post or submit the same blog on other websites.


Your Rights After Guest Post Submission

When you submit a blog to be published on the website owned by A3logics, you agree to all terms and conditions mentioned here. In case of any query, feel free to contact us.


Contribution and Collaboration:

Before we finally publish a guest post, our team reviews the blog thoroughly. We might make edits to content, SEO optimize it, remove or add points to original work. But, we give writers full credit for their work


Word About Audience

Have a look at what our audience is looking for in the content

Most of the readers and audiences who visit our blogs consist of tech-savvies with a keen interest in the latest technologies and trends. They seek new topics, facts, information, views, and perspective which is different from what is already flooding on the internet. We have highly-knowledgeable entrepreneurs, business owners, developers, designers, and your content should meet their expectations.

Points to Create a Good Guest Post

Quality and readability are two important factors that add value to any content and we accept guest posts that match these standards.

  • Plagiarism-Free

    We value your thoughts and opinions when you write content and do not entertain any plagiarised blog. Hence, make sure that you write the guest post from scratch. The points, views, language should be original with no compromise on the quality.

  • Unique & Detailed

    Readers look for different perspectives and views rather than reading mundane content. When you write a blog, do thorough research, present a new angle to the topic, include headings and subheadings, and mention all significant points.

  • Meet the Guidelines

    Your guest post should meet all the guidelines mentioned above else it would be rejected at once. It must not violate any regulations regarding patent, copyright, privacy rights, legal, trade secret, etc., and must pass our quality review process.


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