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Windows Phone Application Development

Leverage rich and exclusive features offered by Windows with our robust Windows Mobile Application solutions.

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Windows Phone Application Development Company

A3logics offers custom Windows Application development services for spectacular user experience and maximum ROI.

Amidst popular operating systems like Android and iOS, Windows still holds a strong position amongst contemporary users. They enjoy features and power offered only by Windows applications., giving them an experience of personal computers in their hands. It brings all the desktop features on a smartphone device which expands its reach in the global market.

We, at A3logics, have a pool of Windows app developers who have adequate understanding and experience of SDK, APIs, Visual Studio 2010, Windows Phone and more to design Windows applications for your business. It is our dedication and expertise to develop tailored solutions to meet your business needs that made us the most trusted Windows Application Development Company worldwide. we are committed to adding value to your brand and for this, we spare no effort. Avail our top-notch Windows development solutions now and boost your sales in no time.

Windows Phone Application Development Company

Our exclusive windows phone development services

No matter what your specific business requirements are, we are here to help you with our spectrum of Windows Development Services

Windows phone software development

Windows phone software development

Considering all the latest trends and technologies, our Windows development experts build customized mobile applications with robust features. They take care of all your specifications and build products that suit your objectives.

Windows QA/testing services

Windows QA/testing services

Right from the beginning of the development process, our quality testers keep a close watch on the app to remove any bugs or technical glitch. We aim to deliver applications that are known for their performance, speed, and reliability.

Windows migration and integration services

Windows migration and integration services

Want to migrate your existing app to Windows or looking forward to integrating it with the Windows platform? Then seek our Windows integration and migration services for smoothly transitioning the data from one platform to another.

Windows Mobile App Maintenance

Windows Mobile App Maintenance

It is our commitment to our work that makes us stand apart from others. Hence, A3logics offers support and maintenance services so that you can get in touch with us regarding any technical issue and we will serve you with the best solution.

Windows Mobile App UI/UX Design

Windows Mobile App UI/UX Design

It is your responsibility to provide your users with an engaging and smooth experience and we support you to attain this goal. With exceptional UI/UX designers, we build apps that are attractive, easy to navigate and user friendly.

Web-based Windows App Development

Web-based Windows App Development

Mark a strong digital presence with us as your Windows development partners. Our skilled developers use their knowledge and experience to build scalable apps that strengthen your online presence and get user attention.

Windows Phone App Developmental Tools

Here are the tools that our developers use to build Windows Applications

  • Visual Studio

    Microsoft Visual Studio is the most popular and the best development tool that we use to develop apps with JavaScript, VB.NET, C#, etc. It comes with various templates and allows to build an easy interface for the application.

  • Ignite UI

    Also known as NetAdvantage, we use Ignite UI to develop apps that provide the users with desktop experience and are browser-based and touch-enabled. It is a set of jQuery UI, JQuery Core, and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries.

  • Phone Gap

    We use the open-source framework, Phone Gap, to create apps with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. This tool is widely popular and established itself as the biggest and reliable option for developing apps for web, mobile, and desktop.

  • Sencha Touch

    Sencha Touch is an HTML5 product that is used for designing and deploying mobile or desktop applications from one integrated environment. This tool makes the whole development process easier and effortless.

  • The App Builder

    It is one of the first tools used for cross-platform app development for iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML. We prefer using the App Builder as it doesn’t require much coding or design skills and is pretty straightforward.

  • XAML Spy

    XAML Spy is a significant tool as the Windows Store app is designed on XAML. OIt is used to gain access to the aspects of running XAML apps and monitoring events, extract code and view statistics of applications.

  • ZipApp

    ZipApp is supported by Microsoft and Nokia. It is easy to use tool for creating online Windows Store app and comprises many templates and resources, making the complete development process easier and interesting.

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Advantages of Windows Phone App Developmental

Advantages of Windows Phone App Developmental

Despite other popular operating systems, Windows is still used widely by global users for the exclusive benefits it offers.

  • The fast and sustained growth of market share
  • It offers advanced technical features
  • Windows apps are more secure and ensure data protection
  • Comes with robust tools available for app development
  • It can be integrated easily with Microsoft’s new operating systems
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