Offering the right set of technology tools for personalizing employee benefits is crucial for most employers today as understanding about open enrollment, 401(k)s benefits, and high-deductible health plans is not an easy task for employees today.

Personalized benefit offerings to employees or connecting them with the right set of benefits also ensure greater employee engagement and satisfaction in firms. AI/ML-driven solutions are great to deliver personalized benefits experience to employees.

Few employers are already leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate health recommendations, drive more granularity in targeting, and minimize the need for manual segmentation while delivering employee benefits to their workforce.

Addressing this aspect, this whitepaper looks at the present state of the employee benefits industry and how AI/ML-powered technology solutions can provide more personalized benefits to employees.

The whitepaper highlights:

  • Employee Benefits - Industry Overview
  • Reasons Why Employers are Personalizing Their Benefits Offerings?
  • Invest in AI/machine learning-driven Benefits Personalization
  • Advantages of AI/ML Integration in Benefits Management
  • Practical Use Cases of Benefits Administration
  • Barriers related to AI/ML Adoption for Benefits Personalisation
  • How we deliver - Benefits Administration/Personalisation

Why Go through this Research-cum whitepaper?

  • The whitepaper findings will help you determine the usefulness of AI/ML-powered solutions in benefits personalization and administration.
  • The outcomes of the report will also help you decide which of your company programs are likely to get better results if AI/ML-powered solutions are leveraged for benefits personalization and administration.
  • Lastly, you will be able to figure out the best way to implement a highly effective personalized benefits strategy.

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