Best VR Apps You Must Know in 2024

The market for VR in the world is expected to grow to $227.34 billion by 2029, an increase by $16.67 billion by 2022. The VR ecosystem continues to grow more robust with innovative applications being developed for areas like gaming, education, design, travel and more.

VR Social Hub

Developed by Anthropic, VR Social Hub is a revolutionary social platform that lets users seamlessly connect in virtual spaces. Users craft customized avatars to represent themselves authentically.



Enscape 3D

Renowned architecture and engineering design firm Enscape developed Enscape 3D, revolutionizing how professionals review projects in virtual reality. Its photoreal graphics encourage scrutiny of intricate details.


Gravity Sketch

Artists, designers and engineers leverage its intuitive VR painting and sculpting tools facilitated by hand tracking controllers. The program pioneered spatial interfaces now standard across applications.


NASA Explorer VR

The educational outreach division of NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, offers NASA Explorer VR. Users touring exhibits gain novel insights into astronomical phenomena and ongoing space missions. It brings the wonders of science to all.


VRChat Worlds

VRChat serves as a lively social sandbox frequented by creative communities. World builders craft photorealistic shared spaces modeled by enterprise mobile application development for games, events and causal mingling.

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