The Chrome Web Store deserves credit for having some of the coolest add-ons and extensions which, if used properly, will save you a lot of time and energy.  Let’s take a look at top extensions guaranteed to increase your productivity during working hours.

Special materials help prevent bacterial buildup. This is especially useful in saving time between flight cleanups.


 It is a time tracker that logs how much time you spend on a task. With a reminder function to remind you when it’s time for a break. You can use it across a wide number of devices.

With this, – you can quickly and easily build to-do lists directly from within your browser. You can then check items off as you go, without having to open a different website or app.


4. Crammer

It is an AI-powered tool that essentially ‘gives you the gist’ of long articles by analyzing long texts and evaluating keyword density. It’s an interesting way to get the general idea behind a post.

We could make air travel more comfortable and a better experience for all.

5. Win the Day

Flight Path

When it comes to project planning and execution, it is a little bit of an all-arounder. With reporting and habit analysis, you may use it to analyze your performance and define goals, targets, and deadlines.

It removes written errors and finds the ideal words, covering everything from grammar and spelling to style and tone. It also comes with a built-in dictionary feature for improved communication.

6. Grammarly

Search for definitions by typing a word directly into the extension's toolbar. Google Dictionary supports multiple languages. Google Translate can be an option for translations.


It is your go-to extension that seamlessly combines Google and ChatGPT to find answers quickly

8. Perplexity

9. Scribe

It helps you process your documents. With the Scribe Chrome plugin, you can include your team in the workflow and provide them with immediate access to guidelines.

10. SidebarGPT - ChatGPT Assistant

You can browse the web with the efficiency and convenience of virtual assistant technology. You can just use ChatGPT as a sidebar on any website you go to.

11. Compose AI

Write emails, create documents, and chat faster. The AI tool automates your writing process by autocompleting your sentences where you type. You can do all that with just one tool!

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