A large language model is a deep learning algorithm that can spot, summarize, predict, translate, and generate content using vast datasets. Let’s take a look at the top 10 LLMs to watch in 2024.

1. GPT-NeoX:

This open-source model excels in few-shot reasoning and content creation tasks.

2. LLaMA 2

Meta AI's LLaMA 2 boasts enhanced performance with specialized models like Llama Chat and Code Llam

This multilingual LLM from BigScience is the largest of its kind, supporting 46 natural languages.


Google's BERT leverages bidirectional training for superior word comprehension


Salesforce's XGen-7B handles longer contexts and incorporates instructional content for better task understanding

5. XGen-7B

Meta AI's open-source OPT-175B offers impressive zero-shot and few-shot learning capabilities.

6. OPT-175B

7. Falcon-180B:

This powerful model by the Technology Innovation Institute excels in causal language generation and multilingual tasks

Mistral AI's Mistral 7B demonstrates strong performance on various NLP benchmarks.

8. Mistral 7B:

This open-source LLM focuses on program synthesis, generating code from natural language descriptions.

9. CodeGen:

Created by LMSYS, Vicuna is an open-source LLM designed for chatbot development, trained on real-world conversation data.

10. Vicuna

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