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Wearable App Development - Case Study

Continuous Glucose and Vital Signs Monitoring Wearable App Development Solution.

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About Client - Wearable Mobile App Development

Endocrinologists and a Member of IDO Treating Patients With More than 35 years.

The client owns a special care & hospital for diabetic patients of all age groups as well as is a member of the international diabetes organization in California, the USA. They have served thousands of patients in treating their severe diabetes while helping them learn specifics of their lifestyle, such as taking a well-balanced diet, tracking carbohydrates and food portion sizes, and much more. To date, the patients had to keep all these records on paper, so the client decided to have an application developed that can seamlessly connect with the patient's wearable devices.

Wearable Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - Wearable Devices App Development

Need for Revolutionizing the Diabetes Treatment With Technology & Favor Healthy Lifestyle

A study reported that 1.1 million children and adolescents are living with type 1 diabetes among the 1.92 billion worldwide, and our client was striving to reduce the numbers. The client also wanted to keep track of the glucose rate of the patients through the app so that it could automate the gathering and processing of the user data. The challenges that the client was facing were -

  • The frequency of data needed to test the well-being of the patient while making swift changes in the lifestyle was missing.

  • The client was worried about the safety of the medical information of every patient and hence wanted a decent level of security and data encryption.

  • Accuracy of the data was another concern of the client as well as user acceptance, as this would majorly be used by elderly people.

A3logics was approached with all these concerns. The client wanted us to keep these criticalities a priority while developing a wearable and responsive application.

Our Solutions - Wearable App Development Company

Glucose rate management & vital management through robust & intuitive wearable app development solution

A3logics dedicated developers and designers analyzed the project scope and needs. They analyzed the need to create designs that favor mobile as well as wearable device screens. Also, the developers were aware that wearable devices contain numerous functions that support the changing health conditions hence, the app must align with the variations in data.

Retrospective Analysis

Our solution lets patients generate a personal glucose data hub with this powerful analytical tool. With the help of glucose scores, patients can understand whether they are on the right track and need other methods to fuel themselves.

Clear Guidance for Improvement

We introduced recommendations, especially for the elderly. The help of four factors - steep, low fuel, drop, and GPZ can help patients to make the right improvements and take careful measures to be on track.

Share With Friends

We ensured that the patients can engage more with their friends and family and stay motivated. The sharing feature helps patients to upload their transformation pics to motivate others, as well as, share their daily diet and exercise routine with others to help them stay healthy.

Replenish your Fuel Stores

Adding minute-by-minute data or daily or weekly glucose data can help patients to keep themselves aware of their glucose levels. The level - of 70 explains that they have to keep their level higher than this but, not more than 140, and refuel themselves whenever low. This feature also shares a few recommendations to fuel, especially for those who perform HIIT or regular weight training.

Reduce Inflammation

Patients can seamlessly add their glucose data without the need to get checked with a doctor. They can always enter the data and check for steep glucose spikes or drops in their entered data that can cause serious inflammation. This data can help them to keep their glucose levels under control and change their diet habits.

Recover Faster, Better

Our smart and agile developers integrated graphs through which the patients can check their CGM. This data can be helpful for the people who undergo rigorous training due to which they can feel a sudden dip in their glucose level. This feature can help them understand the amount of glucose level they should consume while working out.

Data-Backed Nutrition Planning

Our client demanded a premium feature that helps the patients to understand ways to improve their glucose levels. The customized and personalized nutrition planning can be prepared using trailing average glucose data of each individual to ensure that the patients undertake sufficient carbohydrate loading.

Sustained Peak Performance

The customizable graphs explain when your energy or glucose levels were at their best and lowest. This data can help you underline the nutrition diet best for you to maintain your mental as well as physical performance.

Personal Strategy

Patients are leveraged to create their own personal nutrition strategies. A3logics added a feature where experts, athletes, and others can eradicate the guesswork and fuel themselves the best while keeping their glucose levels balanced.


A3logics ensured that the patients aren't restricted to a single wearable device. A wearable application was developed that facilitates the synchronization of data from the app to any fitness wearables and websites hassle-free.

Key Highlights - Wearable App Development Services

Wearable Device Control & Connectivity Technology Inherent in a Smartwatch App

A3logics follows an Agile approach to make sure that the client receives what they expect. We also undergo various rigorous tests to ensure that the application is running seamlessly, delivering accurate data with utmost safety.

  • Customizable Notifications

    Smart wearable devices can be seamlessly connected to our application to showcase detailed notifications that users can glance at without picking up their mobile devices. Our developers are proficient in providing an Android Wearable App Development solution that allows users to customize notifications as preferred.

  • GPS & Bluetooth Connectivity

    One of the essential features in wearable devices app development is connectivity. Our developers use standard protocols & high accurate proximity detection of the device so that wearable devices and mobile devices can be connected even during substantial distances.

  • Augmented Reality Integration

    Our developers think futuristic and integrate advanced tools and technology. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications help applications render exceptional capabilities, such as voice commands, body temperature, pulse and conditions, and more. With AR, users can integrate games and multimedia as the central theme of the app to make it more aesthetic.

  • Ergonomic User Interface

    Smart devices have small screens that demand minimalistic designs. Even the features, tests, multimedia, and icons are small yet they must be readable to the users without much effort. A3logics smart and creative designers ensure that the instructions are precise and clear while the tabs are easily accessible.

  • Cloud and Security

    Wearable Smartwatch app development also demands complete protection of the data that is continuously transmitted from one device to the other. Additionally, for users to check their past/history of their achievements, performance, health measures, notifications, and more, substantial storage is requisite. Our proficient developers and architects integrate secure standards to ensure high-level security of the sensitive user information as well as cloud integration to easily access the data anytime & anywhere while keeping track of the information they want.

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Tools & Technologies Used by Wearable App Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Java


  • technology Android Studio

    Android Studio

  • technology Swift


  • technology Kotlin


  • technology Objective-C


  • technology Xcode


  • technology C#


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

  • technology Wear OS by Google

    Wear OS by Google

The Result - Top Wearable App Developers

Better tracking, monitoring, and connectivity to streamline health of the young and elederly people.

After the development of wearable glucose rate management application for iOS and Android resulted in -

  • Better client and patient connection with seamless data synchronization.
  • Ability to add data, set data units, customize notifications, date, time, and much more.
  • Save and edit glucose measurement history.
  • Send reminders for upcoming measurements.
  • Quick and easy connection with Android, iOS, and other OS for the latest training and diet plans.

Summary - Hire Wearable App Developer

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the Wearable app development

As wearable smart devices are an emerging technology in healthcare, this case study aimed at displaying the successful development and deployment of a wearable app. The client wanted to track the glucose level of their patients through the application. The glucose rate management application for both iOS and Android OS was developed to help the elderly and young patients and their parents to maintain their everyday diabetes measures. The creative, agile, and proficient team of developers and designers developed a powerful backend integrated with machine learning algorithms and an intuitive & sophisticated front end. The application was rigorously tested across multiple devices to ensure seamless data flow as well as track anomalies to address them immediately. The client, as well as the patients, were relieved from the manual entry of the data. With the app, the client was able to track real-time vitalities to prescribe the right medication and diet plan.

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