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Utility App Development - Case Study

The agile, convenient, and compound on-demand solution right at your doorstep through simple yet effective utility app development solutions.

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About Client - Utility Mobile App Development

Specialized utility solution provider saving lives & reducing human errors.

The client is a leader in rendering everyday utility services in Latin America. The client has employed more than 500+ employees in rendering on-demand services, such as Locksmith, messenger, handyman, plumber, and more. Once the customer confirms their address and selects their preferred service, the qualified professionals are aligned to provide an immediate solution to the problem indicated. With the continued use of the robust and accurate GPS running in the background, the professional can reach you at your doorstep.

The client wanted the process to be quicker and systematized through an application that is easy to manage and operate. A3logics came with a proposal to develop a sophisticated and simple software - PACO, Asistencia al Hogar. Cost-effective home assistance offers better connectivity between the professionals and the client.

Utility Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - On Demand Service App Development

Lagging connectivity between customers & professionals leads to interrupted scalability.

When the client reached us for PACO, we analyzed the existing situation of the client. We understood that they needed to strengthen and better their communication between their customers and improve the range of services they provide.

  • The client also wanted to ramify their business from Bogota of Colombia to other states of Latin America.

  • In order to stay competitive in the market, the client requested continuous application modernization services.

The Utility app development company, A3logics developed an on-demand mobile application that helped deter the gap and integrate agility for efficiency and better scalability of the business.

Our Solutions - On Demand App Development Solutions

On-demand app development services for portable all in one solution.

Integrated with advanced technology and dedicated mobile app developers skills, the client was able to enhance its customer experience. The app was designed with intuitive functionalities that facilitate ease of operations and satisfaction to the users. These salient features supercharged the service -

Google Maps

We integrated a customized Google maps with store locator functionality, customers can get the professional's direction or locate the store.

Sales Lead Tracking

Through the sales tracking app, the admin can capture, manage, and convert leads. Using spreadsheets team managers can analyze the performance of every region and see the value of opportunities in the upcoming months.


Your customers are more satisfied when they can reach you anytime for their issues. Options, such as Call, Email, Address on Map, and Group Contacts by Department give the customer leverage for easy reach and outshine your brand.

Live Chat

Give your customer the next-level potential interactive method through Live Chat integration. This feature builds a better connection and increases the revenue of the client by letting real-time answers to customers' questions.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are another method to decrease the gap between professionals and customers. Push notification to the customer can inform them of their service with details, such as date & time of service, price, service type & more.


The feature can be easily synced with the current system to show up the events, organize the schedule, and share online events with co-workers. With a fully responsive online calendar, clients can easily track daily schedules and view events.


Clients can offer special discounts and promotions to their customers. Our developers used HTML Editor and RSS feeds to create an intuitive coupon creator.

Payment Gateway

An efficient feature that accentuates services. Integrating third-party multiple payment gateway options, such as payment through debit or credit card helps easy payment.

Key Highlights - On Demand Service App Development

Leverage the utility app development solutions to captivate the target audience.

  • Driver On Demand App Development

    A3logics render excellent driver on-demand app development with 24X7 on-demand driver services utmost safety, professionalism, and verified the background of each driver. The application provides comfort, simplified care ownership, and the latest functionalities at its best.

  • On Demand Plumber App Development

    Consumers looking for instant plumbing services will not have to scroll directories, thanks to on-demand plumber app development solutions. These solutions make plumbing services even more accessible to the customers despite your location or region.

  • Electricians On-demand App Development

    Whether it is fixing your AC, fridge, inverter, or washing machine, a handy electrician relieves you from the stress of finding one for any of your busted electronics. Our electrician on-demand app development solution is user-friendly, accepts multicurrency, multi-payment, is 100% customizable, supports multi language & more.

  • Locksmith App Development

    Book, cancel or schedule the arrival time of the locksmiths and get the job done at your convenience. Our Locksmith on-demand app solution is integrated with a versatile technology blueprint that renders maximum revenues for the online utility business.

  • Messenger Utility App Development

    Send premium messages & coordinate with multiple sides of the marketplace while keeping the users engaged with spontaneity in solving the last-minute delivery. Enhance users with speedy and abundance of on-demand messages and packages scheduling & in-time tracking with our messenger utility app development services.

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Tools & Technologies Used in Utility Mobile App Development

Advance technology and tools integration for on-demand app development services promises secure, robust, and scalable business.

  • Mobile Technologies

    • Swift

    • Objective C

    • Xcode

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • Android SDK

  • UI/UX

    • Sketch

    • Photoshop

    • illustrator

    • After Effects

  • Backend & Database

    • PHP

    • Node.JS

    • Python

    • Grails

    • Go

    • MySQL

    • ArangoDB

    • SQLite

    • Realm

    • Couchbase

    • Redis

The Result - On Demand App Development Company

How PACO - On demand app development assisted in business development & better customer engagement.

After rigorous testing and deployment of the product, the client saw visible changes in the business growth. They saw a 90% increased customer satisfaction with an increased user base.

  • The customers could seamlessly select the type of services they needed with the closest option available to them.

  • Easy signup, selection process, and checkout process with multiple payment gateways.

  • Quick resolution of issues or answers to the question with real-time chat features helped enhance customer engagement.

  • The exclusive coupons assisted the client to distribute real-time deals for customers to maximize users.

Summary - On Demand Service App Development

Brief of utility on-demand app development services case study.

To summarize, this case study shows the successful collaboration between the client and A3logics for the development of a robust and flexible utility on-demand app development solution i.e, PACO. Certainly, to date, the client has counted 200,000 app downloads and an 82% increase in the daily number of new users.

The features, tools, and functionality have proliferated the engagement and use of the tool with the convenience to schedule and monitor their preferred type of service. If you are looking for a similar service, you can drop us a line at A3logics official website.

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