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For seamless Transportation Management and Logistics Process, seek the tailor-made digital solutions from us.

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Fulfilment
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing & Material Requirements Planning
  • fleet management software


Building Custom Shipping and Logistic Software to help you establish a successful business.

Supply Chain Management Software

Keep the track of your product or service right from the procurement stage to the final delivery with our Supply Chain Management Software.

Distribution and Warehousing Solutions

Distribution and Warehouse Management is now made easy with our digital solutions that will help you achieve accuracy, visibility and optimal performance.

Custom Transportation Software Development

We identify risks and opportunities in the industry to deliver you customized Transportation Software that ensures faster shipping.

GPS Tracking Solution

Keep a tab on vehicles and strengthen your transportation security with a few clicks on your phone or desktop with our smart GPS Tracking Solution.

Dealer Management Systems

We bring records of all your dealers on your fingertips with our efficient Dealers Management Solutions that can be handled via phones and laptops.

Location Tracking Solutions

Our location Tracking Software will give you the real-time location of your drivers, fleet and vehicles within a few seconds on an advanced interactive map.

Shipping & Delivery System

Our end-to-end Shipping and Delivery Software will enable you to save additional money on resources, deliver products faster and ensure customer satisfaction.

Freight Management Software

manage your daily operations and business deals using our highly-effective Freight Management software which will address all your specific demands and needs.

Get in touch with our experts and discuss how we can implement customized Transportation and Logistics Software solutions to improve your business growth.

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Parking Management System

Our customized parking management software meets your business needs and streamlines the entire process.

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Automated Access
Control System

  • Integrated Parking Passes
  • Installed at the Entrances of Parking Slots
  • Smart Identification Technologies
  • Automated Car Park Solution
  • Barrier & Ticketing System


  • Secured parking Facility
  • Determines Sensitivity & Risks
  • Access Control Integration
  • Smart Card and Biometric Readers
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition Readers


  • Smart Mobile Application
  • Self-Service Implementation
  • Payment Processing System
  • Integrated Accounting Software
  • E-ticket Software Programming

Car Rental Management

Car Rental Software Development Services by A3logics automates all the tasks through multiple advanced features and a flexible customer interface.

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Car Rental CRM

With our car rental CRM solutions, you can get access to email and SMS communication channels which contributes to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Real-Time Tracking

We have implemented smart third-party GPS software that allows instant car tracking in real-time. It also offers a recovery platform that is helpful in case of theft or misuse.

Multiple Payment Options

Our meticulously designed accounting software supports various reporting platforms, thereby making transactions easier through multiple modes.

Rental Services Integration

The custom software offers maximum assistance with accounting software, corporate software, third-party systems, multiple payment gateways, etc.

Public Transport Management

Our public transportation solutions serve as the complete package to enhance the efficiency of transport management through multiple functionalities.

Public Transport Management
Terminal Management

Terminal Management

Our experts offer software with improved terminal capacity and utilization. Along with reducing emissions and travel time, it also ensures security.

Automated Fare Collection

Automated Fare Collection

AFC refers to the ticketing system used in public transport where a ticket is paid via a vending machine or other modern online systems.

Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Transporting routing program integrates with the software. This further makes it convenient for scheduling software development which helps in safe travel.

Passenger Information

Passenger Information

The public transportation system shares passenger information with the central system in real-time. It transmits the current location, the total number of passengers, and other details.

Dispatch Software Management

A3logics offers high-tech and smart dispatch management software for efficient route coordination and computer-aided solutions.

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Dispatch Software Management
GPS & Mapping

GPS & Mapping : The GPS tracking system uses advanced routing and traffic predictions to analyze the arrival time of the freight. With complete visibility, you can give the drivers the best routes.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access : For easy accessibility and hassle-free communication, we develop systems that are compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices using the latest technologies.

Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling : Dispatch software has an automated scheduling feature to allow you find available drivers and assign jobs within a few minutes. It includes partially and fully-automated scheduling.

Emergency Dispatch

Emergency Dispatch : A3logics delivers a best-in-class computerized transportation management system that includes exclusive features, such as time compliance trackers, and ALI/ANI integration.

Traffic Management System

A3logics’ traffic management solutions comprise multi-functional modules that support traffic safety and security.

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Traffic Signal Units

These units inform users when they can proceed through intersections by adopting high-intensity LEDs that provide superior visibility and safety.

Signal Controllers

Road Traffic Signal Controllers contribute to safe and smooth road traffic through traffic control according to the time and traffic conditions.


It also includes real-time traffic monitoring systems, including weigh-in-motion devices and RFID sensors that work smoothly.


Network Development is an important feature of a transportation management system. Hence, it can integrate with security protocols, CVISN, etc.

SuccessStory in the World of Logistics

Check the transportation & logistics case study to witness the seamless loadboard, freight matching solution by A3logics for the industry

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transportation logies case study

IntelligentTMS case study

Have a look at the transportation software development case study and explore smart solutions by A3logics for pioneering transportation automation and visibility.

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transportation software


We know that the accomplishment of any committed improvement group depends on four principal components.

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16+ years on the market -With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of software development services across all the possible industries.

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We have a team of talented software developers who can handle complex and time-consuming projects like a pro and deliver solutions at the quickest.

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Get top-notch Transportation and Logistics Software Development Services with a team of experienced developers. We understand your business model and offer solutions to meet project requirements.

Scaling Flexibility

We follow the Agile model for software development to meet your business requirements and upskill the dedicated software development team as per demand.


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