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Complete range of traffic management solutions for safer roads and smart cities.

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Innovative mobility Solutions by A3logics

Our robust traffic management not only optimizes traffic flow in cities and across cities but will also bring the mobility revolution.

For sustainable growth and development, cities have to address their traffic issues and their impact on people. Hence, you need a strategy that comprises all the modes of transportation and manages road traffic effectively. The team of A3logics works dedicatedly and passionately to redefine traffic management with an innovative and unique model that is suitable for even the most complex projects. Using years of experience, our developers will guide you in the right direction and update the legacy system. We will take care of every aspect meticulously, starting from design until the deployment. Our traffic management systems will adapt to the ever-changing infrastructure and help you manage growing traffic volumes smartly.

Innovative mobility Solutions by A3logics

Our Traffic Management Software Solutions

With our complete traffic management solutions, you can control overall costs and improve emergency response.

A3logics has come up with a custom traffic management software development solution. You get a single dashboard with numerous modules for features, such as playback, quick response, field communication, report retrieval, route guidance technologies, GIS-powered map recording, speed limit signage, and other intersection control tools.

We have a team of certified developers who implement efficient software for speed tracking. It works across wireless communication and uses cutting-edge and smart technologies, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), smartphone-based rich monitoring, vehicle re-identification sensors, telematics devices, etc.

With our business-specific algorithms, you can detect and analyze traffic patterns, such as accidents, speed, stops, delays, and arterial travel times. A3logics will also help you achieve dynamic intersection sequences, automated traffic optimization, and will also cross-check it against all the controller databases for enhanced analysis.

Our smart traffic management system acquires data from intelligent infrastructure systems, such as connected and autonomous vehicles. We bring together all the aspects, including convenience, safety, and environmental protection for sustainable mobility. It will manage the capacity of traffic routes and roads through a holistic approach.

Get complete visibility and monitor the traffic with our integrated recorders and traffic cameras, which include CCTV, speed detection, infrared, HDTV, automated incident detection, and automated traffic enforcement. These video detection processors are completely efficient, and archive data on lane-bylane speeds, headway, occupancy, and trigger stops or alarms.

Now, you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary disruptions and downtime while integrating our traffic management software. We will help you with the process and make sure that it is smooth and integrates with all the important systems and security protocols used for data and credential protection. We will comply with all the rules throughout the journey.

Features of Our Traffic Management Solutions

Use our solutions for intelligent traffic management to get your city ready for tomorrow’s traffic today.

Effective Monitoring

Effective Monitoring

Our traffic management software ensures successful traffic operations by providing real-time knowledge of system conditions by monitoring field devices from a unified app.

Quick Alerts

Quick Alerts

Get our robust traffic management system that will notify you about all the activities that need your attention or response immediately. You can select from text messages, emails, or audible alerts.

Tolling Solution

Tolling Solution

We design customized software for dynamic tolling with flexible approaches. You can charge different amounts based on air quality, time of the day, and traffic situations.

Backhaul Communication

Backhaul Communication

A3logics’ smart traffic management solutions also provide you with an enhanced communication network. Our experts will guide you to ensure continuous and reliable communication.

Pedestrian Sensors

Pedestrian Sensors

The system also includes traffic sensors that collect significant road traffic information. It not only provides a solution for signal control but also supplies information to the center.

Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control

Traffic management system also has adaptive control using sensors, traffic cameras, and reliable, fast, & cellular communication. It also detects vehicle congestion using smart sensors.

Top Certifications

As a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

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