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Innovative Software Automation Testing Services by A3logics

Get automated testing services from industry experts to achieve better quality with reduced costs and efforts.

Test automation services include a wide range of advanced testing components that reduce regression testing time and overall business cost. To reap the benefits of automation testing and achieve high ROI, you need a clear strategy and well-defined roadmap that support the process at every step. To ensure reusability and ease of maintenance, companies require third-party integrations, multiple user devices, and a consistent automation approach. This is exactly what A3logics delivers with its robust and reliable software test automation services.

Using their years of experience and expertise, our professionals run automation tests to accelerate software performance and empower businesses. We also assist and advise clients on test automation and architecture to make their journey convenient and add value to their brand. Trust us with all your QA automation testing needs and we will make sure that everything is done right. From desktop, web, and mobile to mixed reality applications and car infotainment systems, A3logics has got it all covered. Our cutting-edge tools will test your application across multiple platforms, devices, wearables, and browsers for ultimate success. By designing a strategy that aligns with your business goals, we do a detailed evaluation and recommend optimized tools that suit your budget and needs.


Our Comprehensive Test Automation Services

We implement advanced software automation testing solutions to improve
the performance of your product and deliver the best results.

Strategizing Test Automation

Our team of skilled testers consider your project requirements and then creates a holistic strategy keeping test automation roadmap at its core. They decide on testing tools, architecture, and techniques to ensure maximum ROI and align their strategy with your business goals.

Configuration & Setup

As a leading automation testing company, A3logics understands the importance of the right environment to run tests successfully. Hence, we start with creating the right and appropriate test environment for the smooth execution of test cases across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.

Data Creation

No test is complete without generating relevant data as it helps in setting up the target and planning the testing process effectively. Before we start running tests on your product, we establish automated preparation of structured and comprehensive data, including input and output combinations for automated tests.

API Testing

API testing is an integral part of our automated testing services and our testers use custom and advanced tools for this. They plan and design test cases methodically, create and maintain scripts, and then validate software functionality efficiently. They accomplish this via API and check integrations without causing any disruptions.

UI Testing

We design test cases, write scripts to check the new features, and conduct regression testing via UI. With agile test architecture, our experts ensure better reuse and test maintenance even during frequent changes in UI. They also prepare reusable high-level libraries that reduce testing time and costs.

Migration of Test Scripts

Now make your migration process smooth and hassle-free with our value-driven QA automation testing services. We will migrate your test scripts developed using other frameworks or platforms to your preferred platforms. This will unify test automation tools and the process across the organization.

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Automated Testing Services Benefits

Test automation services not only enhance the overall efficiency of software
but also enable developers to build powerful and robust features.


Optimized Business Cost

Automation testing reduces overall business expenses as it uses fewer resources to test apps, websites, or software. Also, the efforts put in to run automation testing reduces by 90%, making it highly cost-efficient.


Faster Feedback Cycle

Feedback for newly built features and products may take a while but not with test automation as it minimizes the entire feedback cycle significantly. It allows testers to detect errors or bugs early during the development process.


Better Resource Utilization

QA automation testing is free from repetitive tasks that often hampers the efficiency of the team. It avoids the repeatable nature of other testing methods so experts can focus on other core and productive tasks.

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