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Swift App Development - Case Study

An Only Powerful Application Handling Multi-Currency and Cryptocurrency Together for Global Payments

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About Client - Swift Mobile App Development

Expert & Professional Cryptocurrency Player Wanted an Explicit e-Wallet Application

Our client was an extremely knowledgeable and professional player in the world of cryptocurrency. The client has known the potential of cryptocurrency and wanted to make use of them. Just like users have adopted digital methods of payment, such as PayPal, and have easily accommodated themselves with this technology, the client wanted the users to get accommodated with the cryptocurrency as well for payment. They wanted to introduce a multi-currency as well as cryptocurrency wallet app, Minutes App.

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Business Challenge - Swift iOS App Development

Deterring multiple methods for multi-currency and cryptocurrency payments

The client reached out to A3logics and explained to us how they had to download multiple applications to support multiple currencies as well as for cryptocurrencies.

They also explained how people are currently facing issues in transferring and receiving money from different countries as their customers are business class located in different countries.

Additionally, they also explained that traveling to different countries again is a pain as they require different payment methods to download each time which is again a long and time-consuming process altogether.

Hence, there is a lack of a robust, compliant and reliable cryptocurrency and multi-currency application that goes across the globe.

Our Solutions - Swift App Development Company

A robust Single-Sign On e-Wallet Platform by Professional Swift app Development Company

A3logics efficient and leading team of blockchain developers and designers was approached for a multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet app with a wide range of features.

Global Money Transfer

Since the client was looking for a multi-currency and cryptocurrency wallet we ensured that our solution provided the outcome as expected. We built a solution that resolves the sending and receiving of different currencies worldwide seamlessly.

Quick Payment & Billing

Our mobile app allowed the client and people to split bills with friends and family while safely and securely transferring bank accounts hassle-free. Moreover, the client was able to exchange money with their business partners while traveling with the least exchange fees.

Improved User Experience

We developed a robust, comprehensive, and sophisticated swift iOS mobile application that not just made money transfers easy but also improved the lives of the users in a simple and secure way.

Key Highlights - Swift App Development Services

Key features of a Cryptocurrency & multi-currency e-wallet application

  • Top Up

    After effective research and analysis of the problems of the multi-wallet users, we created an app with the necessary Top-Up feature that allowed users to add money to their Minutes App account integrated with cryptocurrency, debit & credit cards, and bank accounts. Users can seamlessly transfer bitcoins by sharing bar codes.

  • Add Money

    Another feature added to the Swift iPhone app development was to add money. This feature lets you request your friend's or others' accounts, asking them to pay through Ethereum or Bitcoin. Also, share the link through email or text.

  • Bank Transfer

    Bank transfers were another important feature that we added to ensure that the client and users could make or receive payments directly into their bank accounts regardless of the location.

  • Exchange

    Converting currencies in different countries requires higher exchange fees and some hidden charges. The exchange feature in the Minutes App supports the exchange of currencies in almost 120 countries so, the client does not have a switch between applications for payments, even cryptocurrencies, at a minimal cost.

  • Withdrawal

    With this feature, the client and other users can seamlessly transfer the amount to their bank accounts. The users can transfer the money from Bitcoin and Ethereum points into their bank accounts in the form of money.

  • Chat Options

    An intrinsic feature that helps the users whenever they are stuck. The chat feature was integrated to have a one-on-one conversation between users and the customer support team to get quick answers to their doubts.

  • My Profile

    This section was crafted for every user to create their own profile. This profile will allow them to add necessary personal information, add card details, add cryptocurrency, bank account details, and a profile picture. The section will also have a usage policy and verification & limitations so that the users do not exploit the information but rather keep their data secure and safe.

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Tools & Technologies Used by Swift App Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

The application was the client's dream project, and the tools and services used had to be specific. The client wanted the application to work on the iOS platform, hence we used these three technologies:

  • technology Swift 4

    Swift 4

  • technology XCode 9.2

    XCode 9.2

  • technology iOS


  • technology Bitcore Wallet

    Bitcore Wallet

  • technology Web3 JavaScript Dapp API

    Web3 JavaScript Dapp API

  • technology RxCocoa


  • technology Alamofire


  • technology PromiseKit


The Result - Swift App Development Company

The outcome of the Swift iOS App Development Services

The Swift mobile app development supported hard currency and cryptocurrency of all kinds to receive and transfer money globally. The fast, free, and secure mobile app made currency and cryptocurrency exchange seamless under a low exchange rate. The client can request payment from their business partner through any mode, even bitcoin, and ether.

The one-on-one chat system makes communication more effective while quickly resolving customer issues. The application lets users create, personalize, and maintain their profile, split bills with family/friends, and share the application explicitly.

  • Analysis and Planning

    We prepared a product roadmap, prioritized the requirements, and defined a minimum viable product.

  • UI/UX Design

    We delivered seamless and effortless user experiences through our aesthetic, interactive, sophisticated, and user-friendly designs.

  • Swift App Development

    Our planning included three integral aspects - backend/server technology, API, and a mobile front end that makes up a complete mobile app.

  • Testing

    We performed high-quality regression testing. Using a complete testing process, we tested the app through UX testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device and platform testing.

  • Deployment & Support

    Finally, we submitted the app to the client, and after their approval, we launched it in the Apple Store, making it available to the users quickly.

Summary - Hire Swift App Developer

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the Swift iPhone app development

The client is a professional Blockchain and cryptocurrency player who wanted to resolve the multi-wallet application problem and wanted to deliver just a single application that could handle multiple payment options, including cryptocurrency. A3logics was approached for the development and explained the pain points of the business class user traveling for business to different countries and how they have to download different apps each time.

A3logics developed a powerful, secure, and interactive Swift iOS app with the help of a robust and professional team of designers and developers with more than a decade's experience with Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The application was a hit and could eliminate the barriers of more than 120 countries currency issues with minimal transfer cost.

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