Using Agile Methodology To Improve All-round Operational Efficiency


A major benefit management consulting firm, has SAAS based Application that automates the employee benefits management, administration, payroll and basic human resources information through HIPAA compliant EDI. A unified interface which caters to different user groups like employee, employers, brokers and 3rd parties through a secure, hosted application interacting to carrier’s secure storage.



  • Difficult to manage continuous changes in business requirement
  • Lots of discrepancies in EDI feed.
  • Multiple test files were required for successful implementations.
  • Missing or incomplete enrollment data.



The product ecosystem involved defining and managing expectations of each stakeholder and driving SLA based service delivery. Here the product users and Stakeholders are Insurance carriers, Insurance brokers, Corporate Employers and Employees or End Users Key Highlights.


  • Implemented Agile methodology
  • Established strong channel of communication
  • Implemented JIRA effectively for case Management
  • Automated EDI implementation from 62% to 95%
  • Expedited new client implementation from 70 days to 35 days


  • Earlier vendor was using traditional software development life cycle methodologies causing difficult to accommodate business process related changes
  • Manual transmission of EDI files to carriers leading to involvement of more resources for manual processing, causing more errors due to human interventions. Only 62% files were being transmitted automatically.
  • Addition of New Client, i.e. New Implementation was taking too long due to lack of documentation of EDI transactions leading approximately 60 - 70 days to complete an implementation.
  • Open Enrollment was a nightmare for the client because of huge manual work that results increasing in number of errors and delay in completing enrollment. 
  • Mix of legacy and modern technology putting hurdles in maintaining existing and extending new functionalities.
  • Improper deployment process mixing binaries along with source code leading to many security loop holes and breaking-up of application.
  • Earlier vendor was using traditional project management techniques to manage their processes resulting in lack of transparency.



  • Implemented Agile Methodology for business processes that helped us to accommodate their continuous business requirement changes.
  • Automated EDI file generation and transmission up to 92% and still working. This helped client smoothen the sync between the client application and carrier’s system. 
  • • Documenting Carrier specific HIPAA compliant EDI Transaction (4010 & 5010) and customization along with Carrier behavior helped reduce new implementation up to 40-45 days at max.
  • Automating the major chunk of the OE operations to such an extent that client does not even feel start and end of Open Enrollment. This further reduced error probability during OE season.
  • Automated the deployment process through Hudson tool generating reports and cleaning the source code from the production server. There was no rollback of any release so far after Hudson implementation.
  • Phasing out of legacy technology in stages by migrating to latest technologies.
  • Optimized the reports through cleaning unnecessary and duplicate code.
  • Automated the data integration work thus reducing errors.
  • Implemented Agile Project management that helped all stakeholders to see project visibility .



  • Agile methodology helped client to accommodate continuous changes in their product development
  • Reduced EDI team size by 30% through file automation and process improvement leading to better ROI
  • Taken over complete ownership of carrier management from client
  • Automated Regression testing suite through QTP which reduced 50 % of regression testing efforts thus improving overall quality of application



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