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Client firm was founded in mid-seventies as a defined benefit plan administration firm. Over the years they have grown their service offerings to cover a complete range of employee benefits administration services.

Client is currently the largest privately-owned employee benefits administration firm in Southern California, with over 1,000 clients nationwide.


The product ecosystem involved defining and managing expectations of each stakeholder and driving SLA based service delivery. Here the product users and Stakeholders are Insurance carriers, Insurance brokers, Corporate Employers and Employees or End Users.



Client was using legacy application from more than a decade where they were finding it very difficult to accommodate the continuous business changes. The objective was to design futuristic state of art application which provides scalability for current and future business needs.



  • Client was not able to scale up their business due to legacy nature of the application/environment.
  • Maintenance was becoming more and more risky as the support for legacy application was stopped by vendor and resources where scarce.
  • Client was unable to change the business processes due to risk involved in business and complex nature of the environment.
  • Client was using traditional software development and software management practices so it was difficult to accommodate continuous business priority and changes.



  •  Built Enterprise mobile solution using HTML5
  • Migration of Enterprise clients from legacy to new platform
  • Reducing client onboarding time by 30%



  • Designed and developed new application that helped them in continuously adding new feature/functionality as per their business need.
  • Developed scalable and reliable software using latest technology to provide better maintenance.
  • Reduced the complexity of the environment through better software framework and design.
  • Used agile methodology for better software development and software project management that helped in accommodating continuous business priority and changes.



  • Customizable ADMIN panel for flexible configuration
  • Reporting dashboard for standard and ad-hoc reports
  • Built-in security features taking care of SQL-injection and XSS attack


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