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A3logics delivers software development services New York for enterprises, startups, and small businesses.

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Custom Software Development Services New York

Unlock innovation with our software development solutions fueled by cutting-edge technology.

New York is a hub of innovation with creative, enthusiastic, and diverse culture. A3logics combines this culture with excellent software development capabilities and expertise to deliver top-notch solutions to dynamic businesses. We offer cost-effective and reliable software systems that perfectly match your specific business needs, budget, and timeframe. Our distributed agile methodology offers a collaborative work environment that allows rapid development and management while reducing overall costs. Our team of certified developers and senior professionals adopts a unique approach for high-quality custom software development services.

As a leading software development company New York, A3logics has helped numerous enterprises and businesses implement successful software systems to improve efficiency and productivity. From customization to full-cycle development, we take care of it all in one place.

Custom Software Development Services New York

Enterprise Software Development Process We Follow

  • Understand Business Requirements

    We start by gathering your requirements, understand your business needs and goals to prepare the roadmap for your project. To deliver scalable, flexible, and quality software, we take enough time in this phase and get the maximum details of the project.

  • Analysis & Strategizing

    Our project consultants will have in-depth discussions with you to know the short and long-term objectives of your business. The information they will collect will be used to estimate the project scope, timeline, and budget. We also decide the functionalities of the software.

  • Architecture Design

    At A3logics, we bring together experts from the different aspects of the development lifecycle to work productively and efficiently to solve complex business problems. Based on your technical requirements, we design the path that covers database design and system architecture.

  • Prototyping & Wireframing

    Prototyping is a crucial step of the software development process as it helps our clients and team to identify flaws and enhance the software. We create codes of the end product and perform meticulous module testing to detect the potential bugs and errors in the early stage.

  • Quality Testing

    As we are done testing the prototype of the end product, it’s time to run thorough testing and quality assurance on the final software. Our dedicated testers evaluate all software modules before the launch to ensure that the end product meets the international quality standards.

  • Deployment & Support

    After our engineers and experts are assured of the quality of the software, it’s time to launch the product for the ultimate users and check its performance. We deploy every project on locally-hosted servers to enable the stability and usability of your software on various platforms.

Trusted Software Development Company New York by A3logics

Software Development

Software Development

Our developers give your idea a refreshing and innovative touch with our custom software solutions. Using years of experience and industry-specific knowledge as our advantage, we serve our clients dedicatedly, be it a complicated project or a long-term contract.

Software Modernization

Software Modernization

Considering constant updates and advancements in technology, we ensure the modernization and enhancement of your software. Our team will reengineer the software for better performance, be it minor interface renovations or complete architectural overhauls.

Project Recovery

Project Recovery

If your software project has fallen apart midway through development for any reason, A3logics is here to restart and finish it effectively. We provide a balanced team to deliver software solutions within the deadline and keep a close watch after deployment.

Management & Strategy

Management & Strategy

We lay a strong foundation for every project through efficient collaboration. Our assigned product managers guide the team at every step to meet your vision. Also, we implement new ideas and requirements for flexibility and effective execution of the project.

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