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Rekindle your OnlineStore with Shopify Theme Development

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Themes are used for shaping the overall store experience for merchants and their customers. With the Shopify eCommerce solution, merchants can develop fast and scalable themes. Shopify themes offer a package of template files(using liquid language, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and HTML to seamlessly load the content in the pages of an online store), building blocks (to create modular & customizable themes), and supporting assets. In this ebook/whitepaper, you will learn to -

  • Setup and move to the local development environment.
  • Use Shopify CLI, Dawn, and Shopify GitHub Integration.
  • Synchronize changes to Shopify.
  • Develop and use building blocks (Slate, Grunt & Gulp, and other automation tools and Git workflows) of Shopify.
  • Convey the "feel" of a brand on a customer's first visit.
  • Make certain products more discoverable.
  • Smooth customer journey through the checkout.
  • Increase the average value of the cart.
  • Use defensive and modular programming.
Rekindle your OnlineStore with Shopify Theme Development
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In this guide, you will also get some practical exercises that will help you to underline your goals, maximize the chances of delivering a theme successfully, and ways to ensure deliverables that are easy to maintain. So, if you are looking to improve your e-business and grow more, you must download this ebook/guide today. With a wealth of relevant information, you can develop an aesthetic and powerful Shopify Store and scale expeditiously.

Hence to deeply understand the Why, What & How to proceed with this inevitable migration, download this ebook now!

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