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Shopify Plus Optimal Solutions Case Study

A3logics provides integrated conversion boosting elements for managing traffic influx and streamlining products and also offers additional control for better performance.

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Our Client

Our client has been in the business of fashion and apparel for four decades. Our client had a unisex apparel store in big cities, which he operated with a legacy eCommerce platform. The client ramified its business by launching handbags, luggage, and similar accessories, all patent.

However, the client was able to manage its previous store, but with increasing products and customers buying them, they required a modern solution. While researching for a new and innovative solution provider, they reached A3logics. A3logics analysts collaborated with the brand's decision-makers to identify the challenges and remediated the problem by recommending a unified solution, Shopify Plus.

Nonetheless, the client was perturbed about transforming from a legacy system to an all new eCommerce platform, as they had a lot of data in their previous eCommerce solution and did not want to lose a single piece of information.

Learn how A3logics gave a robust and sophisticated Shopify Plus solution integrated with all information without interrupting their everyday business.

The Real Challenge

The store owner of the fashion and apparel sold over $100 million last year from the eCommerce store. Despite the store giving them a good amount of profit, it lacked some features. Additionally, some changes and updates were required in the backend, as without them the website suffered crashes, especially when there was a huge influx of traffic.

  • Incompatibility

    The current system of their eCommerce system was complicated due to abundant data inflow and outflow. With the voluminous data, the biggest challenge was to correspond and update the fields while ensuring data validation.

  • Clean and Minimalism

    The client wanted its online store to go live as soon as possible. Moreover, he wanted to have a sophisticated and neat website only focusing on the bags and accessories that he is selling, avoiding focus on unnecessary designs.

  • Exorbitant Cost

    The client had a sudden flow of traffic when they offered discounts on their premium product. This was profitable but, at the same time, the site's performance weakened. The site always took time to get up and run back again, and to maintain that, the company had to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Our Solution

We evaluated the core operations and explained to our client how other companies are using and have benefited from migrating to Shopify plus from both basic versions as well as Magento eCommerce platform. We also browsed through key loopholes for bug fixing and requisite changes for traffic control and came up with these solutions.

  • Customized Checkout

    Since most customers get annoyed by the lengthy login and logout process, the latest Shopify plus shortens the process. The integrated product scripts in the back-end enable companies to customize the checkout process inclusive of customer files, shipping methods as well as payment options for a better customer experience.

    Our developers adjusted key variables like discount percentages and target product tags for the client to make changes anytime, especially when the customer wants to increase average order values.

  • Automated Workflows

    One of the biggest advantages of switching to Shopify Plus is the time & energy-efficient automated tools. We analyzed which manual process can be automated to accentuate their productivity seamlessly. We reported a list of tasks that can be automated, which includes - customer services, fraud prevention, marketing and advertising, design and development requests, halting promotions when stocks are low, tagging customers for emails, and merchandising.

    The client automated the customer service emails that were sent to the customers who spent more than $500. An email would trigger based on the number of orders tagging customers with a thank you quote, coupon code, and a gift.

  • Create Quick Event

    We encouraged the client to use Launchpad, another brilliant automated tool, to introduce its new product. As the client had launched luggage bags, handbags, and accessories, this feature was the right fit. This feature saved ample time spent on campaigns or sales of new products. This feature also leverages companies to pre-plan campaign’s to-do list and instantly roll it back once the sale is over.

  • Comprehensive Customer Profile Management

    A3logics integrated a third-party customer relationship management software allowing them to segregate and manage customer profiles and marketing campaigns - as per purchasing behavior. Companies can easily connect with their customers without leaving their platform, accessing data-backed insights to understand the actual needs of the customers or prospects. Integrating the right CRM enables the companies to personalize their marketing while making the customer journey effective.

  • Manage all From Single Window

    A3logics offered a customizable admin panel that allowed the client to manage their company. With Shopify, admin panel customization is a lot easier. Companies can simply manage users or create a new store integrated with data, update workflows, and even get high-level business metrics of all stores. A3logics also integrated a wholesale window, especially for the client’s wholesale customers, in order to manage B2C and B2B businesses without the need for a third-party channel.

Key Highlights

A3logics support for multi-channel eCommerce solutions made user & product management easier while speeding up the communication between Shopify and other apps.

Inventory Management

Any business offering products requires robust tracking and inventory of product’s data received from both customers as well as suppliers. Integrating inventory management system consolidates the data and sync with the eCommerce platform providing requisite support, such as comprehensive reporting and analysis, multi-channel sales alignment, volume forecasting, multi-warehouse syncing & much more.

ERP and Shopify for Scalability

With increasing data, just as the client who planned on ramifying its business, companies require a robust & flexible platform to access data than ever before. Integrating ERP systems in the eCommerce platform offers companies to seamlessly manage their core business processes, including their data available in the inventory management system. ERP leverages the companies to have greater visibility and have real-time data to plan strategies and control the cost of manufacturing.

Product Information

Product Information is used for managing the product catalog. The workflow of a product management system takes product’s data from every location to centralize them at one place. The PIM's interface enables the company's team to manage and edit information about the product, such as catalogs, videos, translations, item numbers, references, localizations, documentation, and much more.

Quick Installation

The enterprise-grade eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus is a cost-effective solution. A3logics developers ensure quick and flexible launch, so companies can start selling without waiting a minute or without the need to rethink their legacy systems.

API Integration to Connect

Whether you have ERP systems or CRM, or even a third-party logistics system, the flexible and customized API ensures that the company seamlessly connects with all. Personalizing API allows companies to track all customer-created styles & prints, connect multiple stores, supply chains & much more.

Comprehensive Support

The A3logics team is always dedicated to its customer service. Our team ensures, whether migration or development of a whole new platform, that customer's business is not exhausted. The team focuses on current needs offering the right platform, systems, and training to follow the roadmap created for success. The eCommerce support team work tirelessly to aid customers to achieve the most from any platform, be it Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce or more.

Benefits of Shopify Plus Integration

After Shopify Plus was introduced, as a new and improved eCommerce solution, the lifestyle and apparel brand leader saw visible changes in a few months.

  • After marketing their new products with the launchpad feature, the company could see the revenue doubling each month.

  • Their site no longer crashes when they throw discounts, which also allows them to achieve their goals.

  • The client could easily manage inventory of all stores, segregating the most selling retail store. Also, expose collections on their online store for scalability.

  • The optimized SEO and full site audit assisted them with ineffective marketing and accelerated their reach through emails and social media platforms.

Tools and Technologies

  • React.js


  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • GraphQL API

    GraphQL API



  • Shopify Polaris

    Shopify Polaris

  • Cloud solutions

    Cloud solutions

  • technology python


  • Node.js


  • technology PHP


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Here are the Results/Numbers That Speak of EDI Integrated Services

  • 37% of growth in units per order
  • 20% of boost in average order value
  • 17% increment in conversion rate
  • 12% enhanced eCommerce
Here are the Results/Numbers That Speak of EDI Integrated Services


Investing in the right platform for your brand ensures scalability and is always future-ready. Upgrading your eCommerce with new and improved technology-integrated platforms enables you to customize features, complete control of your sales and marketing while automating the process for enhanced productivity.

Partnering with A3logics, you get a customized solution, rebranding, fast-track your growth with tailored content for personalizing user experience while exceeding your business goals. Additionally, you get unlimited extensibility, integrations with your eCommerce platform, accelerated checkout, and automation processes.

Whether you are looking to have a cost-effective eCommerce solution, upgrade the existing one, or even migrate from one platform to the other, A3logics expert solutions can deliver the right one for you. All you need to do is just drop us an inbox with your query for quick consultation service.

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