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School Management Software Development

Experience the exceptionally seamless staff, students, and parents management with our feature-rich & cost-effective school management software.

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Top-notch Software for School Management System

Our cloud-based school management software offers a suite of administrative, academic, and collaborative learning solutions for smooth operations.

Specializing in education app development, A3logics has partnered with multiple universities, schools, and educational institutes to add value to their management through technology. From automated institutes to daily operations to insightful reports, our school management software simplifies the institute's academic & administrative process hassle-free. Embedding new-edge technology into the educational sector, the smart digital platform that we develop helps with better planning, to the point control & systematic approach of administrative activity like fees & account, certificates, front office, transportation, exam & results, library, employee & payroll and more.

With our efficient & constructive software teachers can deliver agile, secure, and tailored educational experience while saving a lot of time & money. The support of our diligent & experienced professionals allow us to build impeccable & comprehensive products with easy UI, role-based access, faster implementation, dynamic plugins, multi-user functionality, custom modules & plugins, and more.

Our multipurpose software for school management helps stakeholders to make faster and better decisions & escalate the productivity of their institution. Our robust & scalable product can increase efficiency and reduce the pressure of managing huge data.

Top-notch Software for School Management System

Our Comprehensive School Management System Software

We render AI-powered school management software development services that each needs today.

Library Management

Library Management

School management software offers visibility to the users and sees what books are available in the library and which are not. An organized library lets easy allotment of books, notification for submission, & more.

Campus Management

Campus Management

This feature of the software solution facilitates secure and unified information of campuses, departments, faculty, staff, and students covering online teaching, communications, and digital management through web and mobile apps.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

This feature gives you a complete view of the equipment used in the institution, its current condition, and personally responsible for maintenance while reducing the risk of overstocking & stock-outs, improving the sales cycle for clients, and increasing profitability.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Software for school management systems can monitor unpaid & paid fees. The feature can be integrated with the payroll management system for easy fee deposits. The feature enables student-wise admission, auto fee slip generation, mapping with a statement, and complete reports.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Our school management system software allows an easy view of the student's & teacher's history of attendance. The software can be easily synced with the biometric machine to get daily/monthly, cumulative, day-wise, subject-wise, percentage, yearly, & subject-wise attendance reports.

Account Management

Account Management

This feature within an online school management software helps maintain the school's finances to keep the accountant updated with every amount through employee details, day-to-day work analysis, configurable fee heads, monthly payroll & more.

Core Features of School Management Software

Automate processes with our all-in-one school management & administration software and make operations trouble-free.

Student Panel

  • Students Profile

    The feature allows students to create their own profile by adding their personal and contact details within.

  • My Assignment

    Our school management software offers a clear view of subject-wise assignments dictated by teachers.

  • Track Attendance

    Students can track their daily/weekly/monthly/yearly attendance with ease.

Core Features of School Management Software
  • View Performance

    Students can view their performance throughout the year, such as term, class, or other exam grades.

  • Submit Leave

    The portal offers students to apply for leaves when needed through their accounts.

  • Time-Table

    Students can view their class timetable and specific instructions dictated by teachers.

Teacher Panel

  • Profile Creation

    Teachers have the leverage to manage their profile, add crucial & alternative details, such as email & contact numbers.

  • Students Profile Management

    A class teacher can control and edit a student's profile when and where required.

  • Online Notes

    Teachers can seamlessly upload notes to the school management software allowing students to study from anywhere.

Core Features of School Management Software
  • Leave Management

    Like the students, teachers can also seamlessly apply for leaves directly from the school management software portal.

  • Track Salary

    The feature-rich portal allows a quick view of comprehensive salaries, inclusive of deductions and additions.

  • Create Assignment

    Teachers can smoothly upload assignments for the students, set deadlines for submission, and categorize them into sections.

Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admins get a comprehensive and unified view of all school-related activities and features.

  • Event Management

    Admins can use school management system software to notify parents, teachers, and students regarding any upcoming events hassle-free.

  • Billing & Payment

    Admins can schedule fees & salary dates for parents while allowing them to pay through multiple payment methods & submit receipts immediately.

  • Transport Management

    Admins can schedule routes, observe live location of the vehicles, reschedule vehicles, & set transportation charges as they see fit.

  • Staff Management

    Admins can view complete information of their staff, monitor their attendance, and generate their salaries through the portal.

  • Data Management

    Admins can view and manage a complete data warehouse, inclusive of staff, students, and library management.

Core Features of School Management Software

Who can Benefit with our School Management Software Solutions?

We are a school management software development company offering feature-rich school management apps to the concerned bodies in an essential manner.

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Get our comprehensive school management software in just a few clicks.

Why choose A3logics to Develop School Management Software?

Our single-integrated school management software development solution helps manage routine administrative activities ranging from modules to generic tasks.

  • Secure Data Management

    A3logics school management software is crafted after a thorough analysis of security threats, requisite features, restricting unauthorized access, following the best practices & safeguarding platforms to encrypt personal data of students, teachers, and school administration.

  • Customizable Product

    With the support of adroit & professional school management software developers and designers, we can customize solutions for every customer ensuring personalized experience, timely delivery, clarity of thought, and high-quality service.

  • Custom LMS Development

    Our software for school management systems is flexible and can be easily integrated with other third-party software such as custom LMS allowing users to create and deliver better learning content.

  • Cost-effective & Scalable Platform

    Our impeccable designs & advanced features ensure scalability of the business while ensuring a better & efficient learning experience for students and easy management of staff & resources without spending much on the development.

  • Skilled School Management Software Developers

    A3logics employs the best talent to deliver desired solutions to our customers. Our objective is to provide smart and smooth solutions using top-notch technology that saves time, effort, and money.

Case Study of Custom LMS Development

Case Study of Custom LMS Development

Read the Custom LMS development case study and explore the reliable and well-grounded solutions provided by A3logics with deep domain technical expertise

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Top Certifications

We are a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

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Broaden your knowledge area with quick Q&A

A reliable school management software development company accommodates your requirement cost-effectively, has certified development experience, keeps innovating to deliver a bespoke digital solution for a better experience every day. With rich expertise, an experienced company can work across different business sizes and requirements, focusing on the quality and satisfaction of clients.

With the help of an expert and reliable software development company, you can develop school management software integrated with dormitories/campus information, HRM, asset management, email service, and student records.

Institutes can eliminate manual paperwork, operations handling, possible errors and minimize mundane tasks by embracing school management software while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The pros of custom school management software -

  • Minimized Operational Costs
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Better Workflow Tracking
  • Increased Productivity

Cons of custom school management software system -

  • Benefits Take Time To Vest
  • Stakeholder By-In Becomes Must
  • Business Expense

An approximate cost for school management software system development would be around $25,000 - $70,000 for an elementary solution while, the advanced featured mobile solution cost may differ, depending on software type, complexities, location & more.

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