SE - React Js Developer
(2-4 Years Experience) On-Site - Jaipur
Job Brief:

We are looking for a dynamic and skillful resource proficient in Reactjs with an eye for detail. The ideal candidate should have the ability to build modern-day required components that can help in improvising the performance of the application.

  • Curating front-end libraries with reusable components for further implementation.
  • Develop multiple user-oriented applications using Reactjs.
  • Come up with high-quality codes by translating wireframes.
  • Enhance the performance of web-capable devices using Reactjs components.
Required Skills:
  • Strong Experience in React.Js.
  • Strong Experience in Redux and Thunk.
  • Strong Experience In Babel, Npm, and Web pack.
  • Good Knowledge of Angular.Js
  • Can convert all code to JS to maximize the performance using typescript and other means
  • Micro frontend knowledge and experience
  • Understanding of Hooks/HOC.
  • Understanding of functional component and class components.
  • Understanding of newer specifications of EcmaScript.
  • Knowledge and experience in the implementation of CI/CD