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React Native App Development - Case Study

Improved Performance, Agility and User Experience with React Native App Development

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About Client - React Native Mobile App Development

A renowned publishing house associated with local and regional channels and authors helping to spread their work.

A New York based client, PUBLISH-IN is a renowned publisher who is associated with promising news channels and large organizations. Their collaboration has encouraged them to get their own application. PUBLISH-IN also collaborates with the leading authors to newbies to publish their manuscripts into books. The authors had to reach them through mail or reach the address. The client wanted to have an application that can make the outreach easier.

React Native Mobile App Development

Business Challenge - React Native App Development Company

Ability to handle heavy load and manage multiple users at the same time without memory leak

A3logics was approached with the requirements for a modest application. The client had users that had both iOS and Android devices hence, the app must work on both platforms.

The platform should be able to manage more than 1000 users, allowing them to upload photos/videos of all sizes and good quality. The app must run smoothly and show symmetry in the interface on every mobile device, be it flagship or low-end devices.

Above all, the application should be useful, even when there is no internet, and should be able to synchronize the actions of the user in both online and offline modes.

Our Solutions - React Native Mobile App Development Company

Successful Implementation of React Native In Software Development Process To Develop Cross-Platform App For Publishers.

A3logics analysts, developers, and designers analyzed the needs of the client and offered them a perfect scope of work that consisted of different stages, features, and technology to be used for the application development. The application was built on ReactNative language with an intuitive and interactive User Interface.

Quick Asset Render

The client wanted their users to immediately edit the picture/videos without the need to save the picture on their phone gallery. The feature can easily retrieve the raw data from the camera component and save them in a few seconds.

Performance Optimization

The app must be able to access the mobile gallery of the mobile device as demanded by the client. In order to avoid the memory leak and solve the problem of memory usage while loading a big amount of photos, we used photo lazy loading.

Photo/video Compressor

We saw that most publishing applications dealt with one of the major problems and that is the user's ability to upload photos and videos of big size and then compress them. We ensured that the application render-response time must not slow down while compressing the photos. We made the compressing on the client-side instead of the server-side, which minimized the time for uploading while saving the quality.

Camera Integration

It was the primary feature of the React Native Application. We kept the peculiarities of React Native in mind and eradicated the documentation and gained valuable experience on all the platforms.

Offline Mode

We were asked to create an offline mode for the users/authors so that all the actions made in the offline mode can be continued in the online mode. Hence we introduced the custom solution that was based on the transactional data transfer, which also defined the app's behavior during unstable connections.

Key Highlights - React Native App Development Services

Developing React Native Application To Ensure Scalability and extensibility

Any React Native Applications must render robust features with an interactive and aesthetic interface that connects the users uninterruptedly. A3logics chose the optimal variant to build and provide the necessary support for all the features, making it easy to maintain.

  • Device Optimization

    A3logics developers know that in order to reach a wide audience, device optimization is necessary. We make optimization on React Native architecture level, thereby improving the performance and making users render tests.

  • Scalable Backend

    A robust and scalable backend is the heart of the application that can handle a large number of users or a high load. Our developers use DynamoDB to provide flexible and agile database services and AWS within the backend. We also integrate automated documentation, code generator, and test case generator so that developer's work is always optimized along with the front end.

  • Payment Options

    In order to pay for some service or product payment gateways, are a must in any application unless it is lifetime free. Instead of keeping track of the payments, we integrate a payment gateway that allows users to pay through their preferred mode - credit card, debit card, eWallets, cryptocurrency, etc.

  • UI/UX

    One of the important factors that engage users in the application is the user interface. Our designers offer personalized UX and customizable UI limitlessly. We ensure that the UI suits the business culture while allowing easy participation and navigation of the users throughout the application.

  • Interactive Elements

    A digital space must have the ability to respond to the user's inputs. Since the application lets users add their content inclusive of multimedia, such as MP4, AVI, MP3, JPEG. Our solution is compatible with elements such as highlighters and pen tools, allowing bookmark, page zoom, quick page rendering, thumbnail, search, drag, and drop & more widgets.

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Tools & Technologies Used by React Native Mobile App Developer

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology JavaScript


  • technology Xamarin


  • technology React Native

    React Native

  • technology Objective C

    Objective C

  • technology HTML


  • technology CSS


  • technology DynamoDB


  • technology AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • technology NodeJS


  • technology PhoneGap


  • technology Cordova


The Result - React Native App Development Company

The outcome of the React Native Application Development for Publishers

The PUBLISH-IN application was a big hit as it simplified the users as well as the client's tasks. The users were able to upload their content along with multimedia into the application so that the client can verify and publish them.

The application was swift to use and allowed a plethora of users to use the application without any memory leaks during the upload of the content & videos, or images.

The application earlier had integration issues with different Android devices but that was fixed by our developers allowing quality and compressive photos/videos. The major success was the offline mode, which made users as well as the client happy about the fact that without the need for the internet, they can act and sync their actions when they come online. The application today is open for all kinds of authors, local as well as regional, and the client is further planning to introduce the app globally with the help of the management team to manage the authors worldwide seamlessly. A3logics will continue to work on the application to let it handle the heavy load without interruption and manage advance integrations.

React Native App Development Company

Summary - Hire React Native App Developers

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the React Native app development.

The PUBLISH-IN application development request was raised by the client to us that had to run smoothly across multi Operating Systems. Development time given to us was very little hence, we preferred React Native for the development using Agile Methodology. We progressed with stages and used Java/Objective-C, HTML, and CSS processing where needed. Through Slack, we were in continuous touch with the client and other team members for any changes, issues, improvements, meetings, and more. Gradually, we completed the application development successfully within the given span - that was six months. The client was satisfied with our work and received substantial ROI that encouraged him to an expansion of their business globally.

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