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PhoneGap Apps - To Gap the Bridge between Android and iOS Platforms.

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PhoneGap Development company

We offer PhoneGap mobile application development services for Games application, Web and Enterprise Apps development.

PhoneGap is an open-source software development framework used to build cross-platform websites and applications. Building business apps for each operating system and platform demands different frameworks and languages. This may not be possible for every organization considering its financial restrictions and time limit. However, PhoneGap deals with this problem by using standard web technologies that bridge the gap between various devices. This also makes this framework future-proofed as it evolves with time. Considering these benefits and exclusive features offered by PhoneGap, companies are now opting for PhoneGap development solutions to reach their target audience. We have employed a skilled team of PhoneGap developers who use JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS to build apps that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

PhoneGap Development company

Phonegap App Development Process

Flexible and fast development process of web and mobile apps.

Gaining Insight

Gaining Insight

We start by gathering all the significant and relevant information about your business and objectives. Our strategists work with you constantly to gain all the valuable insights into your project to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best.

Project Planning

Project Planning

Once we have all the required details, we will move on to brainstorming the most suitable solution for your business. This step involves in-depth analysis and planning to come up with an idea that resonates with your business goals.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

The overall appearance and design of your app play a crucial in user engagement. Hence, our team spares no effort to create a digital platform comprising attractive components for your business that can get the attention of your clients at once.



Now that the team has all the specifications and design, it will start working on the first draft of the website or application. This is shared by the client to get their valuable suggestions and approval before the final delivery of the software.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

After PhoneGap developers are done with their task of designing and building an app or web, it is transferred to the quality assurance team. It checks the web for any technical error meticulously and suggests necessary changes.

Deployment & Maintenance

Deployment & Maintenance

This is the stage where we dispatch the app to the client and launch it on the browser. However, we stay in touch with the clients to make sure that they don’t face any technical glitch and if they do, we will always be there to offer the support.

Benefits of PhoneGap Applications

Most businesses are switching to PhoneGap apps and web development solutions.

  • The primary advantage of PhoneGap applications is that they are reliable cross-platform solutions that are compatible with different operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Bada, Tizen and more.

  • In case you have financial restrictions and cannot strain your budget anymore, then the PhoneGap development solution is perfect for you. You simply need to invest once to avail the solution that will run on all platforms.

  • With the API of the PhoneGap framework, companies can use the features and functionalities of smartphones to their advantage, such as camera, address book, accelerometer, etc. This will enhance the performance of the app.

  • PhoneGap app development saves time and energy to a great extent. The development process is accelerated and the product is delivered at the earliest that too without putting in great energy or effort, unlike other frameworks.

  • Phonegap offers an extensive UI library consisting of attractive and robust designs. This further improves the user interface and navigation and provides users with a better viewing experience, hence, engaging them for a long time.

  • PhoneGap also solves the problem of non-uniformity of the look and feel of the apps over various platforms. These apps are built once and launched on different platforms, ensuring the same look on all the platforms.

  • It is an open-source platform which implies that it is free to use and needs no license. Therefore, it reduces the additional cost that you often have to incur while using other frameworks, hence making it cost-effective.

  • The Phonegap community is quite strong and it is growing consistently. You can expect it to become one of the largest communities soon. Hence, all your queries and doubts regarding PhoneGap will be solved within a few minutes.

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