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Integral Parking Management System

Complete parking management solutions for smart offices.

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Smart Parking Management Software by A3logics

Secure & integrated transportation management systems for efficient and chaos-free parking spaces.

A3logics offers parking management software that combines all the services and smart solutions into a complete system. We understand that every property and parking space has its own management style. Hence, we provide you with an efficient and end-to-end system with cutting-edge technologies and digital services. It includes assignment spot management, license plate reader integration, physical parking permit management, e-permit parking management, and more. It will enable the parking operator to work in the ‘on-street’ and ‘off-street’ environment and provide them with complete control over who can access the sites. Users can pay for the services easily, instantly, and in a paperless way. Our smart parking management system makes sure that there is enough parking space for visitors. We assure you that this transportation management system leaves an excellent and friendly experience for your visitors.

Smart Parking Management Software by A3logics

Parking Management Solutions for Enhanced Maintenance and Security

Our parking management software comes with updated and new functionalities that are programmed and implemented by our skilled experts.

Security System Integration

By integrating IP HD camera technology with smart parking management solutions, the software will record footage automatically. It uses advanced features and latest technologies to detect and alert security whenever any restricted vehicle enters the premises. With mobile attendant apps, you can access sensor data in field.

E-Permit Parking Management

After a user has registered the vehicle and admin approves it, the software automatically issues an e-permit. It is then activated immediately according to the license plate number. Now, you don’t have to worry about issuing multiple permits and there are no concerns of going through a lengthy replacement process.

Parking Enforcement Software

Say goodbye to handheld printers and paper-based tickets. A3logics brings to you an end-to-end parking management solution. Our proficient developers have designed a mobile parking attendant app that issues virtual and QR-coded tickets to visitors. It includes several features, such as automated fee calculation, ANPR, and more.

Parking Permit Software

Our car parking management system also includes self-registration apps and web interfaces that also include push notifications and automated SMS features that alert users about permit expirations. We have built permit management software with customizable time-limit and renewal settings. It also showcases group and extended stay management.

Assigned Parking Spot Management

No matter how big your parking space is or what its location is, you can manage your space efficiently and hassle-free. The admin can assign parking space numbers to users who park there. They can determine available parking spaces through a unified portal that contains all the details. All you need to do to extract information click a few buttons.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We also provide you with a business intelligence system that includes developing systems. This is a comprehensive solution with developing systems that are powered by data via meters, guest registration systems, kiosks, and sensors. The software also has a reporting module for scheduling and rate planning along with custom sensors and GPS.

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Business Solutions

Features of Car Parking Management System

Experience automated processes with our parking management system that comprises remarkable features and functionalities.

Periodic Patrolling

Periodic Patrolling

This is a monitoring feature to keep a check on on-duty security guards and also administer shift changes in the parking area.

 Access Control System

Access Control System

We provide easy integration of parking passes with access control systems, which include biometrics and boom barriers.

 Live Reports

Live Reports

Manually checking the available parking spaces is a time-consuming and daunting task. View reports and empty spaces easily on your mobile devices.

Auto-Generated Passes

Auto-Generated Passes

Our seamless vehicle parking management system auto-generates QR code-based passes instantly for visitors.

LED-Displayed Slots

LED-Displayed Slots

Here is a display system that informs you about empty and available slots in parking space, such as bay and floor on LED screens.

Penalty on Violations

Penalty on Violations

Make sure all the visitors adhere to guidelines and rules and if fail to do so, levy penalty tickets on the guilty person.

Top Certifications

As a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Top Awards

We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

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