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Performance Optimized & Subscription-Based OTT Application Development Solution For Telecom Industry Expert.

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About Client - OTT TV App Development

Leading Player of the Telecom Industry To Streamline The Digital Distribution of Quality Video Content.

The client is one of the leading telecom players in South Dakota who wanted a subscription-based over-the-top streaming platform. The client realized the revenue and profit margin potential of digital distribution. The client was looking for a platform that offers over 1000+ hours of content spanning genres in multiple languages. The app must also allow downloads of the favorite content in order to watch them even without an internet connection.

OTT TV App Development

Business Challenge - OTT Apps Development

The Existing Web-Based OTT Encountered Performance Issue Resulting in Sub-optimal User Experience.

The client went to many software development companies and wanted a web version of the application first in order to reach more customers.

  • When they had their web version, the client found performance bottlenecks that were difficult to address.

  • The web app was built on AngularJS 1.0, which no longer receives updates or bug fixing and also was quite outdated. Due to this, the app couldn't keep up with the needs of the customer.

  • The application did not support offline viewing capabilities, which was a setback for the client to engage the customers for long.

  • Additionally, the designs were dull and not very catchy, which could not turn many customers in.

The client was not content with the current solution and faced losses as they could not make substantial profit out of the web app.

The client wanted an app that is freshly designed, scalable, offers design customization, and prevents previous app's challenges.

Our Solutions - OTT App Development Company

Expert Solution Offered by A3logics OTT App Developers.

The client reached out to A3logics for an intuitive and exclusive OTT application like Netflix. The client wanted its users to offer a wide range of video content. The content should be available for free as well as rent for better quality. Our expert developers created a robust OTT Video Application integrated with these features in it.

Browsing Latest Movies

Our team developed easy access to the latest movies directly from the home page for the users. We incorporated an easy search bar where users can find their fav movies or series through titles, descriptions, or categories. We added a category field for the client to organize the content based on various genres, discounts, and specials that users can quickly browse, watch or rent anytime.

Playback Page

The client wanted a similar playback page to Netflix, where users can watch movie trailers, info, and recommendations. We created an Information page and Favorite List Tabs where the user can see a movie or series descriptions as well as rent them on the information page. While the Favorite list lets the user add movies just by tapping to avoid searching for them.

Expanded Description

Users also want to see star ratings given to the movie to enjoy it instead of getting bored watching it. We added the search tab and popular button where users can add star ratings and look for popular & award-winning movies. We used AI so that it understands user searches and provides recommendations that match their interest. The "My Account" feature includes a digital wallet that allows the user to pay directly, save their cards, and set default language.

Video Player

We developed a custom video player to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience with bandwidth adaptive streaming within the app. We integrated a cloud storage service that reduced the latency and offered the best quality experience to the users.

Key Highlights - OTT App Development Services

Relevant features of an OTT Video App development solution.

  • Multilingual Content

    The on-demand live streaming app connects with a large audience that can be located in different areas, regions, countries, etc. A3logics, keeping this in mind, infuses the option to select a preferred language so that users across the globe with any language can watch the content of their choice uninterruptedly.

  • User Profile

    Just like Netflix, our OTT app development solution consists of a user profile, which can allow two or three users to access the account and enjoy unlimited video streaming. Users can set their own attributes and subscribe to a higher plan to add more users or simply reduce to just one user accessibility.

  • Social Features

    Social media gives a great opportunity for any business to scale quickly. Even the most popular OTT platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, understand the importance of the feature and have incorporated sharing features. This way many applications were able to meet their daily target of active users. Another use of social media is the quick and easy login of the user to help them provide better experiences.

  • Screen Mirroring

    Many expert advisors suggest that incorporating screen mirroring features while OTT TV app development can certainly enhance engagement results. The Google Cast SDK and AirPlay can allow your small-screen content to appear large on the mounted TV and desktop/laptop.

  • In app-purchases

    The feature is again important to enhance revenue. OTT app development follows a subscription-based model where the brand charges for services. The in-app purchase feature makes purchasing subscriptions absolutely easy and money transfers seamless so that users are never interrupted and continue watching their favorite shows.

  • Watch List

    A3logics OTT platform app development always renders high-quality streaming whether the user wants to watch live or save and watch later. The watch lets the user tag their favorite content. The movie or series left in the middle can be caught again through this feature as it acts as a reminder attribute.

  • AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD

    We incorporate advertisement-based video on-demand content to yield extra revenue while building your identity. We also offer transaction video On-demand that allows the users to pay only when they want to watch a particular content.

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Tools & Technologies Used in OTT Platform App Development

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology PHP (Laravel)

    PHP (Laravel)

  • technology AWS Cloud

    AWS Cloud

  • technology Docker


  • technology Gitlab


  • technology firebase


  • technology Stripe


  • technology Facebook SDK

    Facebook SDK

  • technology React Native

    React Native

  • technology Node.js


  • technology Nginx


The Result - OTT Video App Development Company

Outcome of Collaborating with A3logics for OTT App Development Services.

The new and improved OTT app development matched the needs of the client, who was previously unsatisfied with its previous web-based application. The performance-optimized, robust application allowed the widest range of TV Channels and movies in multiple genres and languages, targeting a global audience.

A3logics also added a live feature for those who love watching live programs. The live programs last for 7 consecutive days to watch. In order to watch unlimited-ad free content, a subscription-based model was developed, and the client observed many users going for a subscription-based plan.

After the deployment of the application, more than a thousand downloads were noticed in the first month and are continuously growing since then. The application today has thousands of movies and hundreds of live TV channels for users to enjoy every day.

Summary - Hire OTT App Developer

Brief of an OTT Platform App Development Solution.

The collaboration of A3logics with the client for an OTT Video app development solution resulted in a robust live streaming app for entertainment lovers globally. The application was faster than the previous web-based app with just 2 seconds of load time. The bundle of files added in the application is compressed and stripped as possible to deliver better performance. Regular updates and maintenance were released to improve the quality of the video each time offering an HD experience. The responsive and multilingual app has been accepted by global users, which can be understood from their feedback. This OTT app rendered an easy way for the client to distribute, engage, communicate and monetize their audience.

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