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Blend all business operations into one and never miss out on any significant information about clients.

Businesses offer several services to address customer needs, such as sales, support, marketing, etc. Operational CRM connects all these different functions and builds a unified framework to provide clients with maximum satisfaction. It is the most vital element to bring all the teams, customers, and your brand together as it streamlines all business processes for enhanced user experience and satisfaction. A3logics understands the importance of this key factor and helps business organizations with seamless operational CRM. Our professionals will develop a CRM system for your enterprise and integrate it with all the three major teams, i.e., sales, marketing, and support. With our powerful and effective software, you can evaluate every detail and prospect of your business to create better result-oriented strategies. So, avail of our operational CRM solutions to measure and analyze your customer journey in real-time.


Components of Operational CRM

There are several elements that constitute an efficient and powerful Operational CRM software

People Management

Businesses have various resources but to put the right resource to right use it a complicated task. With our specially designed operational CRM system, you can easily find the best use of every person or resource to get the desired solution.

Opportunity Management

Keeping track of all the sales opportunities that pop up is not possible manually. Hence, A3logics brings to you comprehensive CRM software that tells you whenever a potential sale arrives and gives you time to respond and capitalize.

Sales Force Automation

Save your team from the hustle of sorting, organizing, and evaluating information. SFA tool of operational CRM improves workflow by tracking forecasts, customers, sales, communications, etc., without any hassle and provides you with the required information.

Business Reporting

With business reporting and analytics tool of operational CRM, you can find out the current position of your business and products in the market instantly. Also, you can study the latest market trends to analyze which product will generate higher revenue.

Marketing Automation

Get the most done in the minimum time with marketing automation, a CRM component that interprets data, and develops a marketing strategy tailored to clients’ needs. It tracks a database that stores customer messages, comments, and reviews posted on the website.

Lead Management

Our developers are well-versed at building operational CRM applications that can keep a tab on all the leads and distribute them among salesforce efficiently. As it organizes the leads in the best possible way, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Attain Sales Targets with Operational CRM

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