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News App Development - Case Study

How People Amplified Their Everyday Knowledge with A Multi-platform News Application Developed by A3logics.

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About Client - News App Development Company

American Private Broadcaster Delivering Everyday Regional & Global Updates to News Enthusiasts.

The client is a private broadcaster that offers similar services as the public broadcaster, American Broadcasting Corporation in Michigan, providing television, radio, and digital online services. The client is permitted to run the corporation under the American Federal government.

The corporation needed an expert IT consultant and app developers to launch their mobile services, aiming to extend the audience and reach within the mobile space. They wanted to have an application that loaded quickly to provide a seamless user experience. The client was also looking for expert advice regarding producing a content-rich mobile service for a larger audience.

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Business Challenge - News Mobile App Development

News Application Development Solution to Eradicate Existing Loopholes of the Web App.

The client gathered some feedback from their existing client before the News Mobile App development and launch of an application. There were a few points that their users want the client to change in their existing online news solution.

  • The customers felt annoyed by the notifications that their current web solution pushed every minute, which sometimes seemed like spam.

  • Managing notifications sometimes became a problem for a few customers as they had to undergo a lot of steps to stop them when they got irritated.

  • The web-based news channel did not provide personalized content, or you can say that the customers did not get what they were looking for. They had a search to find relevant news. The clients demanded the shortest and fastest method possible to find relevant news.

Our Solutions - News Magazines Mobile App Development Company

Simplified Interface and Content Delivery Through Flexible and Customizable News Mobile Application.

The client reached out to A3logics with the aforementioned challenges. Our expert analysts observed them and worked closely with the client to develop and deliver a fully integrated location-based multi-platform application.

We integrated data feeds from five separate divisions and a rich analytics report that showcased user behavior and app usage across different properties. The entire team of A3logics, including business analysts, developers, testers, and designers to design, develop and test the application integrated with the data ingestion module, strict 24/7 SLA, and retained services model.

Personalized Page

The app answers the user's questions allowing them to edit & customize their content whenever they want. The application is integrated with AI to customize the feeds from the user to deliver better results each time.

Discussion Room

We developed category-based discussion rooms that allowed users to join through audio or chat rooms. This allowed the users to participate in relevant discussions over a piece of information or news category.

Paid Premium Plans

The premium plans were designed for users who are willing to pay for ad-free news. Users can get an upgrade if they invite their friends onto the news platform or rate the product on the play store.

Personalized Notifications

We solved the problem of the users who were annoyed by the every minute popups. We added a timer that the users can set to receive the notifications. The app also allows the users to prioritize the notifications category and the number of notifications they want to receive a day.

Key Highlights - News App Development Services

Interactive News App Development for News Enthusiasts That Sets Focus on The News They Want to Watch.

  • Login

    Any News app development begins with Login. We ensure that user login is always easy and seamless hence we integrated it with the most popular Google, Facebook, and Gmail, allowing users to log in with any ID they want.

  • News Feed

    The News-feed is usually the home page that is covered with different category news. The page shows the recommendations to a user based on their preferences and past searches. The users tend to switch to different categories every time the app tries to register and recommend.

  • Search

    The search page was for the users to do a quick search and discover new topics. For the new users to search for topics, who are absolutely clueless, we add some current topic suggestions to make the search easier and get results faster.

  • Saving Videos

    Also, termed Bookmarks, the save feature allows users to save their favorite videos and watch them later. We also added a search feature to it, and it works when the video exceeds a certain count to find the video quickly.

  • Customize

    We add multiple languages to the application to reach a wider audience. The app provides local or regional as well as national news on preferred topics. The app allows easy customization options, such as choosing more than one local place news or topics for their everyday knowledge needs.

  • Card System

    We design a card system in order to make the content of the news easily scannable and comprehensible. We ensure that the font size, visual hierarchy, and buttons in the application should not be difficult to understand or navigate.

  • Video Player

    We add a video player with extra features that allow easy customization and meet different requirements. The multilingual feature in the video player makes it easier for audiences in rural areas to understand the news.

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Tools & Technologies Used in News App Development

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology ASP.Net 2.0

    ASP.Net 2.0

  • technology C#


  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology CSS3


  • technology Python


  • technology Django


  • technology MongoDB


  • technology Express.js


  • technology React


  • technology Node.js


  • technology PHP


  • technology AngularJS


The Result - News App Development Company

The Outcome of the Development of a News App.

The news mobile application development eradicated the unwanted static screens that appeared on the web channel. This also decreased the waiting time and delivered a faster loading time with consistent content delivery. A3logics expert developers optimized the application to eradicate the concerns regarding downloads and cache content. The application performed exceptionally on both the platforms - iOS and Android.

After the deployment of the application, the client observed that around 26% were happy about the personalized notifications feature, while 52% of the users felt that eradication of the continuous pop ups was the reason for them to adopt this news channel.

The Outcome of the Development of a News App

Summary - Hire News App Developers

The brief of the News App Development Services Provided By A3logics.

The successful collaboration between the client and A3logics resulted in a News app development with a good user experience and modern interface that matched their brand identity. The modern-featured application was integrated with light & dark modes to give a better user experience. The frequency of downloads and user engagement could be seen accelerating after the 6th week after the deployment.

After 8 weeks or so, the client learned that new features could be added to the existing application to engage the customer more, such as a translator for the user to translate news into their native language. Extensive design features, such as comments, polls, etc, were under the process of integration. To summarize, we could manage our time and take quick decisions to make this application with limited resources. We applied all our learnings and collaborated with each other to deter the blockers and come out with a constructive and lucrative result.

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