Mobile device management Services

Our enterprise mobility management services aim at addressing data security challenges and securing transmitted information

Companies are facing problems with securing, tracking, and managing their mobile devices. The devices owned by employees or organizations are used to transmit sensitive data and information every day and ensuring that it is safely transferred is a priority for enterprises. Hence, A3logics offers mobility device management solutions to optimize the functionality of these devices and check the security of communication networks while minimizing downtime and costs. MDM solutions intend to monitor, administer, and support mobile devices deployed across organizations or service providers. Although many companies already have MDM platforms, they still haven’t tapped into its full potential. We are a leading mobile device management provider assisting companies of all sizes. With a complete set of services, from planning and procurement to device provisioning to management, our team offers a complete range of services required to help businesses focus on their primary motto. Our mobile management also includes over-the-air distribution of data, application, and configuration settings for both company-owned and employee-owned devices.

Mobility Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management Services Benefits

Mobile device management adopts a holistic approach to secure mobile devices and manage them across an organization

Enterprise Mobility Device Management Services

We have designed a flexible and comprehensive set of mobile device management solutions covering all components and aspects

Mobile Information Management

MIM is one of the most significant components of mobility management service. Our team supports file and document synchronization, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, ICLStorage. Also, seek services, such as data backup, encryption, access to resources, etc.

Mobile Deployment Support

A3logics’ Enterprise mobility management offers help to setup MDM environment that aligns with your business goals. Apart from developing a structural architecture that resonates with infrastructure, we also help you in the deployment of mobility policies.

Device Lifecycle Management

Our experts assist you with enrollment, provisioning, procurement, and activation of new devices. We will make sure that you have all the devices that you need based on your goals and they are secured and managed through their lifecycle.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our mobility management will monitor devices for constant review and analysis. We will evaluate that they are used effectively and cost-efficiently across different parameters. You also get an in-depth insight into mobility policies and their functioning.

MDM Process

We bundle the MDM solutions to offer peace of mind to the organizations

  • 1


    The first step is to register or enroll the mobile device to monitor it. Once you zero in all the devices and enroll them, they get an inventory of devices that are accessing corporate services.

  • 2


    This is the step where all the mobile devices are updated and managed. The aim is to remotely handle devices across the organization and update it according to the latest security measures.

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    Our MDM solutions take care of corporate security policies and health standards while administering the devices. It also makes sure regular inventory reports to identify any issue and risk.

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    Security is crucial for every organization. Hence, our mobile device management meticulously secures all the data transmitted through devices. It also controls how information is shared across apps.

  • 5


    We value the privacy of every enterprise and its employees. Therefore, we separate employee data from that of corporate to maintain the privacy of personal data and organization data.

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