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Empower Your Workforce with Our Mobile eLearning Services

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous now with users utilizing their power to accomplish their daily tasks, and learning is no exception. Mobile learning or mLearning is the latest addition to what smartphones have to offer us, making technology-enabled learning easily accessible. Developers and tech experts are working to come up with better on-the-go solutions for educational organizations and businesses. A3logics is also leveraging this opportunity by developing and delivering effective mobile learning solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is using newer and the latest technologies to support the growing demands for mLearning content. We create engaging learning experiences that are easily consumable and available on all devices.

Using innovative concepts and designs, we offer new-age and modern mlearning solutions that aim at providing just-in-time learning opportunities. With us, you can be assured of scalable, feature-rich, and cost-efficient mLearning courses that will reach the target audience instantly. So, convert your learning content into mobile-compatible training programs for enhanced results.

Empower Your Workforce with Our Mobile eLearning Services

Mlearning Development Services Offered by A3logics

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies to design sophisticated mobile learning solutions for educational institutions and businesses.

Educational Games

Educational Games

Our team of developers creates and designs educational games to help learners understand complex concepts, solve problems, reinforce development, hone their skills, and enhance ideas, thereby improving their engagement through playing and fun.

Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

Seek our mobile learning solutions to get productivity applications for your staff members. These apps play a key factor in cutting down complex topics into simpler ones. The apps create easy-to-understand training capsules and increase the productivity of learners.

Interactive Assessment

Interactive Assessment

We integrate powerful and interactive tools into mLearning solutions to help you collect real-time information. The learning applications offer easy training modules for learners so they can comprehend all the concepts and lessons with least effort.

Mlearning Apps

Custom Email Services

A3logics offers its clients user-friendly mobile learning platforms, be it for teachers, educational institutions, businesses or corporate training organizations, or students. We hold expertise in delivering apps that meet users’ specific needs and learning requirements.

E-book for Readers

E-book for Readers

Connect with us to get your hands on amazing ebooks for readers that are accessible via mobile learning. We create special and customized mLearning apps for magazines, books, newspapers, and more for effective solutions.

AR-Based Apps

AR-Based Apps

We are a trusted technology partner for various brands and major clients. Our team uses advanced technology, such as augmented reality and virtual reality for create excellent applications that support integrate audio, digital visual content, and multiple types of files.

Features of Mobile Elearning Solutions

We create interactive mobile learning solutions with advanced features customized as per your requirements.

Interactive Applications

Our tech experts create interactive and personalized mobile learning applications that are seamlessly compatible with iOs, Android, and other mobile devices.


If you are short on time or budget, then conversion is the best and quick-fix option for you to transform your existing learning platform into a mLearning solution.

Organized Learning

Rather than delivering lengthy training sessions, we help you design and develop small learning programs that are easy to consume and a powerful tool for learners.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

With our mLearning solutions, we create applications and platforms that run flawlessly on multiple devices, be it Windows, RIM, or tablets.


Offer your employees and learners mobile books for better learning so they can read via app or download the content as per their learning needs.

Mobile-Based Videos

To make mobile learning more interactive and engaging, we create short and interesting videos for mobile phones to match mlearning demands.

What Are the Benefits of Mlearning Solutions?

  • Interactive Sessions

    Face-to-face training programs may have been effective and popular once but now it is witnessing steady decline. The reasons are many, pandemic, the popularity of technology, and more. Mlearning has successfully replaced face-to-face sessions and made training more interactive.

  • Supports Traditional Learning

    Mobile phones have become an integral part of a learner’s life and they will continue to be a key factor in online learning. So, trainers and Learning & development departments can make the most of mLearning development services to support their traditional learning practices.

  • Eliminates Stress

    Taking out time for training and learning amidst a busy schedule can be stressful for learners, especially when they have to travel a lot. Mobile learning keeps this stress at bay by allowing learners to access training anytime and anywhere through their smartphones and tablets.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience

    We have evolved from the time when learners were dependent on physical venues to a time when they can attend training on a desktop. Thanks to mLearning solutions, users can enjoy a number of learning applications to improve their learning experience significantly.


Case Study of ELearning Platform

Read the eLearning software development case study and witness the assistance offered by A3logics to the top US healthcare service provider.

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