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Mobile Banking App Development - Case Study

Futuric Banking App Development Solution to Eliminate Manual Payment & Transfers.

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About Client - Banking App Development

A Financial Institution Offering Payment & Banking Related Services.

The client is a member of a financial institution in Alaska, United States, where customers were leveraged to pay their due credit card bills, apply for loans, and send payments or money to other bank accounts. The client had a web-based app with essential features for customers with a simple UI. The client wanted a multiplatform, robust, intuitive, and feature-rich app to solve a lot of banking-related problems of their customers. In order to make the app effective and continuously scalable, the client also wanted to provide customers with rewards and premium brand accessibility when they paid their bills on time.

Banking App Development

Business Challenge - Developing Apps for Banking Application

Time-Consuming Process With Obsolete Functionality Web App For Banking Services.

The client observed a disturbing & time-consuming queue of customers every day regarding their account & credit card queries. Most customers were among those who missed the last date of payment and had to physically come down to pay their bills. Moreover, for loans and related queries, customers had to visit manually, undergo manual form filling and submitting process, and wait for the acceptance.

  • The client had a conventional web-based application with simple user interface, which was outdated as per the latest technology and robust banking applications.

  • The application did not have reminders or alerts for the customers about their due dates and amount due.

  • The application lacked the requisite security, which was a serious risk for the users who made transactions.

  • The application could not handle multiple payments due to lack of storage and regular updates to fix bugs within.

Our Solutions - Banking and Finance App Development

Dedicated Banking App Developers Created a Robust & Flexible Solution to Deter All Challenges.

A3logics has given more than a decade in consulting and developing custom software. Our mobile banking app developers are experts in upgrading and replacing the legacy and obsolete banking platforms, giving web-based experience to a next-gen multi platform app with intuitive designs and robust features.

Personalized Digital Banking Experience

A3logics helped in planning, upgrading, and replacing the legacy vendor banking platform, which involved the integration of mobile activity, analytics, and reporting into the business process management, productivity, and sales channels. Personalization allows the customers to organize, engage, and manage all aspects of their financial lives enabling customers to pay bills, send or receive money, make transfers, get credit scores, and locate a local branch.

Designing & Developing User Interface

A3logics creative designers architected and built UI structures and implemented new native screen designs for Android and iOS devices. Our designers also used Android SDK and iOS (Xcode IDE) and a Java layer with RESTful web services to connect banking services. The responsive web designs enabled seamless access to the portal across multiple platforms.

Developing Scalable Agile DevOps Model

The A3logics team continuously worked closely with the client to deliver the functional product. The team consisted of developers, technology architects, solution architects, and scrum masters. The team worked continuously to develop a personalized dashboard that could be customized based on customers' interests. Best practices were applied to design, code, develop, test and perform quality control to reduce the risk.

Key Highlights - Banking App Developers

Features Integrated During Mobile Banking App Development.

  • Personal Financial Management

    The application delivers a complete view of financial accounts to the customers so that they can manage expenses, set a budget, save for personal goals, and improve overall financial wellness.

  • Quick Balance View

    This feature allows the customer to view their account balances, merchant receipts, transfers, deductions, and deposits on a single page. The application keeps updating with every transaction and is viewed here.

  • eBill

    The essential feature that prevents standing in a long queue. We integrate an electronic view of the dues with dates. The feature also supports online banking to deliver bills. The billing statements provide detailed transactions on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Loans/Deposits

    The customer can apply for a quick loan without the need for visiting a financial institution. The instant two-wheeler loan can be availed without the need for detailed paperwork. The app also lets customers make quick deposits in order to save money for their future needs.

  • Transfers

    The feature allows customers to quickly send and receive money in their personal bank accounts directly. The feature also allows the user to self-transfer the money from one account to another bank account.

  • Quick & Secure Login

    For a seamless experience, we integrated multiple methods for quick logins, such as biometric authentication, facial recognition, pin, and pattern. We also enabled multi factor authentication through OTP to prevent fraud or malware entry.

  • Push Notifications & Alerts

    This aspect was among the biggest challenges for the client's users. With the help of timely alerts, the customers stay notified of their due dates to pay bills and stay updated on their account balance with just a look.

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Tools & Technologies

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Android SDK

    Android SDK

  • technology XCode IDE

    XCode IDE

  • technology RESTful API

    RESTful API

  • technology DevOps


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology Scala


  • technology Python


  • technology Swift


  • technology C++


  • technology Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • technology Kotlin


The Result - Banking App Development

The outcome of developing Apps for Banking and Financial Management.

The baking & finance app development solution was able to improve the management of their customers finances by facilitating them with an intelligent, robust, and secure banking application. The collaboration between A3logics and financial institutions helped them double the traffic on the mobile channel. New customers started using the app, shifting the percentage from 30 to 65% user enhancement.

The client wanted to continue to work with the A3logics team for building and rolling out new features and enhancements, such as augmented reality, chatbot for quick help, mortgage rate tracker, card control/personalization, and integration with other channels. These capable features in an app will help the client expand its abilities making it more reliable to carry out financial transactions.

Banking App Development

Summary - Mobile Banking App Developers

Brief of the Mobile Banking App Development Solution.

This case study was about the need for a Banking App Development for a financial institution in Alaska, U.S. The client wanted to have a new improved and robust solution that solves the banking and finance problems of the users. A3logics worked closely with the client to understand the needs of the customer and worked on their pain points. The client was offered an intuitive, responsive, and feature-rich banking app that allowed customers for quick transfers, pay bills, apply for loans, and always stay updated with their finances.

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