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Security analysis and audit to patch loopholes and protect your mobile application

Mobile devices are more than just a mode of communication for businesses. The rapid increase in the popularity of mobile applications has transformed the way brands connect with their customers. The apps are a reliable tool to provide a seamless experience to users, be it consumers or workforce. With the increasing demand for these mobile platforms, the attention is now diverted toward functionality, design, branding while security is often overlooked. Especially now, when security threats and breaches are at peak, you need a powerful resource to keep it protected from any vulnerabilities. A3logics uses a multi-layered approach for its mobile application security solutions to identify any threats at once and keep your data secure. With industry leaders working on your mobile apps passionately, rest assured of extensive research and testing processes to track any loophole in the security of mobile apps. We comply with all rules and regulations while providing you mobile application security consulting solutions, including back-end web services, API services, etc. Our experts use independent assessment to track all the networks and conduct various testings to safeguard your app at every step.


Our Mobile App Security Testing Expertise

With varied mobile app testing offerings, we help you manage risks and overcome them using advanced technologies

Why A3logics?

We never compromise on quality and offer customers with reliable mobile app security solutions


We understand that every business has a unique set of goals and requirements. Our mobile app security testing enables you to manage assessment, set the depth of testing, schedule tests, and make modifications based on the changes in your goals and threats.

Strict Security

With well-supported algorithms and API encryption, rest assured that we will protect your app’s code from its foundation. Using database encryption processes and containerization, we secure back-end network connections that ensure strict security.

Consistent Maintenance

Our experts have a well-planned strategy to identify, authenticate, and follow the authorization process to safeguard the mobile application. Our dedicated team offers regular maintenance service and protects customer data using a seamless encryption policy.


A3logics has a comprehensive range of mobile security and testing services. We combine manual and automated testing tools to assess apps and conduct a thorough analysis of outcomes, prepare a detailed report, and take instant corrective actions.

Zero-Coding Approach

With us at your service, you can divert your efforts toward other productive tasks. We use a simplified approach for security and deployment with no complicated code structure so you can focus on the development process rather than the security of the app.

Reliable mobile app security solutions

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