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Get a fully-featured and dynamic web application with Mean Stack technology, a JavaScript framework that ensures speed and efficiency. MEAN is a collection of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, used for developing top-notch and best-in-class apps for varied industries and domains. Mean Stack development takes your app development needs up a notch by monitoring each step and is the perfect solution for back-end and front-end development. Being an open-source stack, Mean Stack development service is an economical option for fast prototype websites. As it is a JavaScript-based framework, flexibility is the core advantage to build optimized and scalable applications. A3logics assure you to streamline the whole Mean Stack application development process by using a single code base which will further simplify the deployment of the app. Our pool of Mean Stack developers are well-versed in delivering customized solutions and their several ground-breaking projects are the testimony to their skills and professionalism.

MEAN stack development

Advantages of Mean Stack Development

Explore the endless possibilities of an open-source, safe, and consistent Mean stack framework advancing in a web development group.


MEAN is not just a platform that allows web development for business apps but it also enables to host app on the cloud to test it once the development process is done. Also, it is easy to switch code-base from one framework to another without any complication.

Assured Quality

Mean Stack development supports automatic testing, notifying developers instantly in case of any breakdown. The quality testing integration with the development stage is the primary reason that companies prefer to hire Mean Stack developers for application development.

Simple Cloud Integration

MongoDB is one of the frameworks on MEAN that allows cloud integration, hence saving time, money, and any guesswork while running a database. The disk pace expenses are also reduced, making it the best option for many businesses for web applications.


MEAN includes all open-source technologies making it cost-friendly to businesses. Also, there is one language throughout so there is no need to hire different experts, one JaveScript specialist is enough for the whole development process.

Best for Real-Time Web Apps

Real-time apps are in trend these days and if you are planning to jump on the bandwagon, then MEAN Stack is the ideal solution. Moreover, it uses single-page apps so quick and real-time changes are possible during development which eliminates all the hassle.


There is no need to use SQL to store and retrieve data as MEAn Stack technology allows easy migration to the cloud. With MongoDB, developers don’t have to change or alter the data layer and as we said, you can keep migration worries at bay.

Discover MEAN Supremacy

MEAN is exceptionally popular since it is the amalgamation of best features.


This is an open-source framework which means it is free to use and is also a document-oriented program. NoSQL allows scalable and flexible components.


ExpressJS is a simple JavsScript web application framework that is used primarily for dynamic websites with seamless features.


Angular is another client-side JavaScript framework, considered an effective technology for front-end development with high-potential to build effective applications.


NodeJS is a cross-platform development framework that is used for scalable and robust applications. It includes web-servers and supports JS modules and libraries.

Our Exclusive Mean stack Development services

Give new heights to your business with our wide spectrum of MEAN stack solutions

CMS Development Solution

CMS Development Solution

Our team of skilled and experienced Mean Stack CMS developers spare no effort to integrate robustness and intuitiveness into your CMS platform which will enhance your business prospects and deliver higher returns to your clients.

MEAN Stack Migration Solution

MEAN Stack Migration Solution

Migration to another platform can be a strenuous and risky task. However, with our years of experience in the field, rest assured that we will port your existing platform to Mean Stack without hampering the data or features.

MEAN Stack Application Development Solution

MEAN Stack Application Development Solution

No matter which industry your serve or what domain you belong to, our Mean Stack application developers will deliver a seamless and effective business application that meets your specific requirements.

MEAN Stack API Development Solution

MEAN Stack API Development Solution

For us, every client matters and is an asset to our company. We have a special team of Mean Stack developers who cater to your customized needs for API development and integration without compromising on the quality.

E-Commerce Website Development Solution

E-Commerce Website Development Solution

Whether you want to expand your existing online business or starting from scratch, we will be your reliable development partner for your e-commerce business with our Mean Stack e-commerce development solution.

Customized Website Development Solution

Customized Website Development Solution

You convey all your specifications and business plans and we will make a perfect strategy for you tailored especially for your business. Our team will take care of all your requirements to deliver a personalized solution to you.

Why A3logics?

We have an expert and tech-savvy team of Mean Stack Developers who offer incredible services making us stand on top of customer preference.

MEAN stack development

Timely Delivery

Once we commit date and time to complete your development project, we stay true to it, come what may. You can be assured that you will get your application within the stipulated time.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We have designed a flexible and simple pricing policy where you pay for what you order. Select the services that you want to avail and get the best quality product at the most economical prices.

Constant Support

Constant Support

In case you come across any technical issues in your app or web, connect with us at any time of the day or night. Our reliable support team will be happy to serve you with an appropriate solution.

Unparallel Experience

Unparallel Experience

A3logics have been in the industry for years now and we preen ourselves for delivering some of the most renowned, leading and successful projects across various industries for our clients.

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