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LMS Exam System Development - Case Study

Assistance to Shemmassians in delivering excellence & defined learning paths for learners aspiring for MCAT with LMS development solution.

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About Client - LMS App Development

Skillful advisor striving to deliver infallible learning experiences.

Shemmasian is a non-profit organization working towards admission consulting for medical schools. With more than 20years of experience in assisting and guiding students towards their learning pathways. Shemmasian has super smart and trusted admission advisors who have helped thousands of students to get into the desired America's top colleges and medical schools. Their exceptional rates and learning style is the reason for their popularity.

LMS App Development

Business Challenge - Online Learning Management System LMS

Treating navigation and connectivity issues with LMS Development solution.

Shemmassian educates its learners who aspire to qualify for MCAT. Regardless of extensive tutoring programs, the brand was unable to find a reliable partner for a simple yet sophisticated custom LMS development with a subscription model.

  • The tests conducted were manually conducted and reviewed, which was time-consuming.

  • There was no provision to review and improve the student's weak points beforehand.

Collaborating with A3logics has given them a structured multiple-choice question test platform for easy test conduction and assessment while aiding students to improve their scores.

Our Solutions - Custom LMS Development

Exceptional & feature-rich LMS development to outperform in competition.

A3logics curated the LMS solution for Shemmassian advisors & students to improve the admission odds among their learners. Our adroit & dedicated developers combined the latest technology to create a User and Admin Panel for both website and app users. Below are the features integrated with an online learning management system.

User Authentication

The feature is developed for every user to sign up/log in & enroll in programs, content tutoring, individual study schedule, access study materials, practice exams, and more.

User Home Page

The user/learner can set the level of difficulty of their tests, enter the exam, choose question category (Bio, CARS, Chem, Phys, etc), subcategories for extra questions filtration, and check answers of every question.

Flashcards & Analysis Module

An all-new feature - flashcards - where the users/learners can create multiple decks, input test dates, set the level of the flashcards, and input specific categories. Unlike Flashcards, the Analysis Module showcases flashcards dues, reports of passages attempted directed strategies based on what the student is missing, and lets the students track overall or sub-section scores.

Testing Interface

The interface is a dashboard with timer, topic, difficulty level, number of questions & more. The student can check the time spent on the entire passage and further minimize their time through regular practice. While practicing, the students are leveraged to the flag for review, report for help, and strikethrough or highlight text.

Test Report

The student can check its overall performance displayed in the form of pie charts and graphs. The students can segregate and review the report as per difficulty, time of each question, correct/incorrect, and section of the exam.

Admin Authentication

Just like the user authentication, the admin can seamlessly sign/log in through a registered emailID. More than one admin can access through the Role-based Access feature.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin can check the number of users, their performance reports, payments received from tutoring students, add/delete or activate/deactivate users.


The admins can select reports from a different category - individual student reports, collective category reports, and tutoring students reports - while performing functions, such as download, showcase, and automatically generate & share reports.

Content Management

One of the extensive features while LMS exam system development is integrating a content management system. Admins have the leverage to upload new passages directly created with text and figures.

Key Highlights - LMS Web & App Development

Intuitive & extensive content delivery through LMS website development & LMS app development services.

  • Content Library

    Our dexterous and agile developers can develop an exclusive content library consisting of premade learning materials covering all the necessary topics.

  • Asynchronous Learning

    One of the advanced features embedded in our LMS is an asynchronous learning module that leverages access to study material and relevant content anywhere without any restrictions to schedule and complete courses in a given timeframe.

  • Mobile Access

    We craft a sophisticated learning management system with flexible technologies that can seamlessly run on multiple platforms/devices, leveraging the time and place suitability.

  • Collaborative Learning

    Our custom LMS development is integrated with responsive blended training sessions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition at their convenience.

  • Compliance Management

    Compliance training and certification have become imperative to maintain the brand reputation and scalability of the business. This feature helps companies check whether their employees meet all compliance needs.

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Ready to Build LMS for your Institute? Find out how A3logics can help you reach your goals.

Tools & Technologies

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology SCORM


  • technology xAPI


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology PHP


  • technology .Net Framework

    .Net Framework

  • technology HTML5


  • technology ExtJS Framework

    ExtJS Framework

  • technology Web-Based GUI

    Web-Based GUI

  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology Python


  • technology CSS3


  • technology Coded UI

    Coded UI

  • technology jQuery


The Result - LMS Exam System Development

Enhanced & frictionless learning experience with custom LMS development.

Shemmassian could now see eliminated friction or distraction, allowing them to deliver exceptional learning experiences.

Students were able to better connect with the advisors through the app and understand their areas of improvement through detailed reports. The program's availability on mobile applications lets students access whenever and wherever they are, increasing the speed of the students to cope with others.

  • Accessibility issues were reduced to 0

  • Boosted online training by 62%

  • Enhanced skill & performance of students by 78%

Summary - LMS App & Website Development

Brief of the case study on LMS exam system development

Shemmassian Academic Consulting, a trusted admissions advisor, collaborated with the leading tech consultant, A3logics for simple & sophisticated LMS app development integrated with subscription modules. Taking the advantage of the best technologies, A3logics curated feature-rich and customizable LMS leveraging the client to better manage & guide their students, provide deep insights into individual performances, assist them to fill the gaps, & improve their skills to score more and reach their desired goal, which is crack MCAT.

After LMS implementation, the client saw growth of 2,000 learners in 3 months, enhanced communication between advisors and students, and a better learning experience. If you are looking for a custom LMS website development solution, inbox us at

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