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LMS Upgrade & Support Services - Case Study

A3logics Expert LMS Upgrade and Support Services Brings Scalability and Agility to Shipping & Logistics Business.

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About Client - LMS Upgrade & Support

Exceptional and Swift Shipping & Logistics Service Provider Rendering Range of Temperature For Perfect Delivery.

Our client is a leading shipping and logistics solution provider who delivers all kinds of goods. The Min to Max Shipping & logistics company is associated with many big brands (retailers) to offer seamless trading of the products. The client also renders temperature-controlled logistics services to provide a range of temperatures. The Min to Max Shipping & Logistics Company has been providing services for more than a decade and has successfully served hundreds and thousands of customers globally. The client's headquarters are located in Minnesota, connecting Dakota (North & South), New York, Montana, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio & more.

LMS Upgrade & Support

Business Challenge - LMS Support Services

Time, Cost & Effort Consuming Conventional LMS Requiring Upgradation.

The client's business is located in more than 15 countries with approximately 30,000 employees globally, handling the products orders and deliveries. However, the challenges faced by the client were the management of the complex business while striving hard to meet the business process improvements objectives.

  • Financing labor and equipment for large-scale operations over geographically dispersed stores were high.

  • Many times man made events in the operations became unpredictable, which were difficult to handle.

  • Global conditions alignment with the business climate seems very challenging.

  • Political risks and technological considerations were also among the tough aspects to deal with while competing with the multinationals in the same space.

The client wanted a robust solution to the challenges and met A3logics. The dedicated team of A3logics scrutinized and offered LMS support services as a solution.

Our Solutions - LMS Consulting

Better Training, Management & Productivity With Enhanced & Renewed Learning Management System.

A3logics team analyzed the conventional and existing systems of the client and how it was unable to meet the modern needs of today. We offered a complete upgrade and LMS support services as they see fit. Our expert solution included three tabs for the client to continue to manage and maintain an effective learning environment.

My Training

The upgrade attempt was significant, ensuring that the pain points of the organization are met. The user portal consists of three tabs - What I need to do, Find training, What I have completed. The courses mentioned in the tab come with their type, assigned by, and actions.


The client had multiple LMSs that we were unable to meet their toughest challenge, which was to address many cultures in the organization. A new portal with three tabs - team action items, pending approvals, and assigned training helped the management to easily track their team's progress and notify them when the training assigned to the employee is pending.


The earlier reporting system required an ad-hoc reporting tool for business units to create their reports. We replaced the native reporting with a customized reporting feature that consumes less time and dependency on manual editing to create and deliver a report.

Key Highlights - LMS Support

Powerful, Intuitive and Remarkable LMS Upgrade Solution To Deliver Excellence.

Our team focused on improving the technology and making the front-end more useful. Our LMS consulting services for the Min to Max Shipping & Logistics company consisted of new features & modules integration, UI & UX redesigning, training & new functionality for seamless learning & management experience.

  • Customizable Design & Branding

    Our custom LMS solution is integrated with advanced-level and future-proof customization options, such as theme, domain on every page, a portal design that matches the brand, easy to tweak functionality, multi-tenancy capabilities & look with modern technologies - CSS & Javascript.

  • Adjustable Organizational Structure

    Our LMS Support & Upgrade solution can segregate the training programs as per specific attributes, roles, and accessibility types.

  • Custom Plugin Builder

    A3logics smart and professional developers & designers know how to enhance the learning portal that matches the company's culture. The extensive LMS support & upgrade solution can offer a powerful custom plugin editor with new UI elements & functionalities.

  • Multi-format Content Delivery

    The expert LMS upgrade solution provider can provide an extensive LMS with seamless designs that render effortless development of a course management system that complies with all formats of content.

  • Powerful Integration Ability

    The highly customizable and flexible LMS solution can provide agile and seamless integration of multiple third-party apps/systems that can empower your business, eliminate the loophole in performance and skill gap assessments, & much more that can save a lot of time while making decisions.

  • Corporate Deployment

    With incomparable LMS upgrades and support solutions by A3logics, companies can have complete control of the security & resources that comply with the high regulatory industry standards. The corporate level LMS solution also offers easy accessibility of the online training material to upgrade skills at a preferred pace.

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Tools & Technologies Used in LMS Upgrade

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology JavaScript


  • technology PhP


  • technology Python


  • technology SCORM


  • technology xAPI


  • technology Web-Based GUI

    Web-Based GUI

  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology .Net Framework

    .Net Framework

  • technology HTML5


  • technology ExtJS Framework

    ExtJS Framework

  • technology jQuery


  • technology CSS3


  • technology Coded UI

    Coded UI

The Result - LMS Upgrade

The outcome of the LMS Upgrade Services To the Shipping & Logistics Company.

The upgrade aided in a better assessment of the number of courses competition per employee. Additionally, the client was able to measure the delivery types being utilized and prevent accidents during shipment. The employees were trained and focused on compliance and safety in shipping every product while reducing onsite injuries.

The future-proof new LMS solution received acceptance and feedback regarding the budgets spent on training their business units. And as the data was so easily available through the new and improved LMS, the managers and employees could quickly grasp and focus on the necessary skill development.

The project leaders feel more confident to control the damage or negative experiences taking learning to the next level.

LMS Upgrade & Support

Summary - LMS Support Services

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the LMS Support & Upgrade Services.

The case study explains how overwhelmed the client and their employees had become with their former LMS. The new and improved LMS solution provided by A3logics eliminated the ad-hoc manual reporting. Instead, the client was able to qualify their employees for a special task, better manage the employees and shipment of the products, prevent on-site incidents and prepare employees with the compliances and best regulation practices.

The client was able to measure the competence level of each employee, regardless of diverse locations, and improve the incompetent ones to improve productivity and business scalability. The client was delighted with the solution provided and planned on integrating a talent management system to explore more opportunities.

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