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Learning Management Solutions

Choose the type of training you want and meet your training needs anytime & anywhere hasslefree.

As teaching and learning continuously evolved, A3logics focused on pioneering the advancement of learning management solutions that drives students' performance and institutional success. Our LMS solution fosters engagement, quality, and interactive learning throughout the learning journey. Our solution goes beyond the traditional learning methods that drive a powerful learning experience with an intuitive, modern, and fully responsive interface.

Our custom LMS solutions cover all your organizational needs by providing an easy-to-use social & mobile learning experience anywhere. Our solution covers SMEs, large organizations, universities, schools intending to upskill the employees or students and make learning enjoyable. With effortless content experience, allow the trainers to fabricate the content as per the needs of the learner. You can easily configure video-based classrooms for both self and teacher-led training. Our LMS solution leverages companies to direct learning paths, encourage collaboration, embed external resources, multimedia integration, & peer and self-assessment. You can also integrate third-party software, a digital library with ebooks, videos, journals, and quiz forms for learner engagement and retention.

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Choose a LMS Solution that Does More

Power up by automating training and learning courses at ease with the best LMS solutions to get excellent results.

  • Custom LMS Solutions

    Meet specific eLearning needs with our custom LMS solutions for creating interactive elearning content, custom reports and dashboards, gamification, and native integrations with CRM, HRIS, and other business systems, learning assessment & feedback and compliance management.

  • LMS Software Solutions

    We engineer advanced & customized LMS software solutions that facilitate the educational, corporate, and skill development & training sector with remarkable features for effortless elearning programs delivery and setup for a next-gen learning experience.

  • AWS LMS Solution

    Improve performance and operational efficiency while optimizing cost with our AWS LMS solutions. We are a high-touch & high-quality elearning partner, offering a fully-managed elearning solution to deliver content to thousands of users, worldwide simultaneously.

  • LMS Logistics Solutions

    Our LMS Logistics Solutions leverage transport & logistics industries to easily access trade data, explore trading relationships, organize training courses, track employee progress and improve the training experience all while reducing costs and time.

  • Cloud LMS Solutions

    A3logics serves diverse industries, such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, & more with a robust cloud-LMS solution integrated with a diverse set of features & capabilities for seamless onboarding, microlearning, AI operations, multilingual support & more for any type of business.

  • LMS Learning Solutions

    Our branded, hosted, and proprietary LMS learning solution lets you deliver high-quality, reliable, and secure training, so you only focus on providing a wide range of comprehensive skills while analyzing workplace training.

  • Hosted LMS Solutions

    Our Hosted LMS solutions streamline the oversight and better the delivery of the elearning content, are easy to set up, are highly customizable, and easy-to-develop, add, and manage training content.

  • LMS Marketing Solutions

    Generate more qualified leads, identify site visitors, engage them more and close more deals to increase the sales with full-proof LMS marketing solutions regardless of your target market and without breaking the banks.

  • LMS IT Solutions

    A3logics LMS IT solutions are integrated with tools you need to innovate & accelerate business. Our support team aids by combining user focused-technology & industry-leading expertise to fuel employees, customers, and partner with impactful training.

  • LMS Staffing Solutions

    Whether you are providing temporary or permanent staffing solutions, LMS is pivotal to contact and manage candidates. Our easy-to-implement feature-rich LMS Staffing solutions keep employees informed of the organization & work hassle-free.

  • LMS Retail Solutions

    We assist retail industries to stay abreast of the latest learning technology, tools, and metrics through our LMS retail solution specially designed to speed up the time to competence and create robust, intuitive, and interactive reports.

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Industry Specific Custom LMS Solution

Accentuate your business by upgrading your learning infrastructure with our tailor-made LMS solutions.

  • Education


  • Hospitality


  • Engineering


  • Manufacturing


  • Energy


  • Software


  • Marketing


  • Healthcare


  • Telecommunication


  • Nonprofit


  • Retail


  • Transportation


Best LMS Solutions Development Services

Introduce influential cloud LMS solutions to transform the foundation of your learning environment.

Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

Take complete advantage of our custom LMS software equipped with sophisticated digital tools to deliver and manage learning content easily while tracking the learner's progress.

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LMS Consulting

Our expertise in consultation has maximized a lot of customers ROI while reducing learning costs and empowering you to make informed decisions.

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LMS Customization

Avail tailor-made and result-oriented web and app customization solutions for your learning management system for the most reliable source.

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LMS Integration

We help companies streamline their onboarding processes, track & measure audience engagement, synchronize data, CRM, social app integration with our LMS integration services.

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Enterprise LMS

Effortlessly build interactive courses, upskill your employees and transform the learning experience with integrated blended learning models & classroom training to our corporate enterprise LMS solution.

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Why Choose A3logics for Learning Management Solution

We assist organizations in keeping their employees updated and provide them with personalized content recommendations.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Our custom LMS solution is free from geographic limitations, leveraging the learners to personalize their online training and automation feature to focus more on crucial activities.

Lower Risk

Lower Risk

Our affordable LMS solutions cut the training costs involved with resources, training days, location, and time loss while traveling or work loss due to skipping work hours for training.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

We ensure that our LMS solution complies with regulatory requirements respective of their industry for consistent delivery of mandated & advanced education while evaluating each individual simultaneously.

Custom LMS Development Demo

Custom LMS Development Demo

Experience the efficiency first hand by making yourself familiar with all the features that our custom learning management system has to offer. In this tour, you will find out how a Custom LMS works from both the learner as well as the admin’s perspective.

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We render the highest level of expertise to better the learning landscape and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Know More About LMS Solutions

Frequently asked questions to empower your learning space about LMS Solutions.

With LMS, you can train your employees to be more productive and scale the business. Additionally, with LMS, you can share more, engage more and retain more employees while keeping track and staying connected with your remote learners as well.

Various aspects decide the features to incorporate in your learning management system. Your industry, such as retail, education, large/small organization, IT may have different needs hence, the features differ. However, a few quintessential features that every industry would prefer in an LMS solution are tracking, analytics & reporting, customization tools/options, compatibility with different devices, and technical support.

Companies can pick from a variety of options available for LMS solutions however, a custom LMS solution is the most beneficial choice to make. Companies can get customized course development tools, integrate softwares like video conferencing, CRM, CMS, or HRIS, get a high level of automation, intuitive built-in content editing tools, complete visibility, and learning at any place, time, and pace. Custom LMS not just reduces time and costs but also provides efficient and more accessible elearning.

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