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LMS Salesforce Integration - Case Study

A Robust Learning Management System That Helps You Stay in Loop With Your Salesforce Data.

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About Client - LMS Integration with Salesforce

Enhance the Usability of an LMS with Enhanced Salesforce Integration.

The client is a reputed firm in the field of insurance and deals specifically with vehicle insurance & claims. They are located in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 300,000+ customers and a staff of 800+, the company is a top player in the field. The client’s insurance enterprise offers vehicle covers, renewals, comprehensive cover, zero depreciation cover, and all other automobile insurance services. They also run a customer awareness campaign for their customer’s better understanding of the terms. The client wanted a centralized LMS with Salesforce Integration to manage all the leads as well as smoothen the learning process for its employees & customers for which, they reached out to A3Logics.

LMS Integration with Salesforce

Business Challenge - LMS with Salesforce Integration

Creating a Seamless Experience Between an LMS & Existing Salesforce for a Smooth Customer Experience & Detailed Reporting.

The client was looking to get a custom LMS with Salesforce Integration. The integration should be seamless and easy to adapt by the organization as well as the customers. Other than that, the client was looking to up their game in employee analysis and customer insights with the help of custom and accurate reports.

Features such as auto-enrollment on multiple platforms, user data synchronization, and detailed analytics, were also on the list of the client as the brand wanted complete control over every insight for decision-making purposes. The client insisted on faster completion of the project as they were running behind and wanted to get started as fast as they could.

Our Solutions - LMS Integration

A Seamless Integration among both the LMS & the salesforce for perfect data synchronization.

The experts at A3Logics created a complete integration strategy for the brand. LMS Salesforce integration, along with a robust data sharing mechanism that creates a smooth and seamless integration experience for the users as well as administrators. Features like data reporting, auto-enrollment, and detailed analytics were the highlights of the integration.

Seamless Experience

With LMS Salesforce integration comes a seamless experience while maintaining both platforms. It becomes much easier for the admin to start working with both the platform and maintain a solid sync in the processing.

Single Sign-on

The integration provides the auto-enrollment feature that helps a user to gain access to the LMS automatically when they are registered in the salesforce. It provides extended accessibility and makes it simpler to interact with multiple platforms, using a single profile and the same credentials.


With LMS Integration, you get access to refined analytics. The software is capable of calculating the potential of an employee by analyzing the patterns of learning and upskilling. With the LMS, you get analytical support that also applies to the data in Salesforce, which results in better decision-making.

Centralized Dashboard

To all the admins who have access to both LMS and Salesforce, a common dashboard provides ease of access along with crystal clear data reports. A single dashboard to take a peek at both platforms adds to the overall accessibility and enhances the user experience.

Key Highlights - LMS Integration Services

Benefits and features of LMS Integration with Salesforce. Functionality, Redefined!

  • Auto-Enrollment

    With our LMS Salesforce integration, you get an auto-enrollment feature which reduces your efforts of managing multiple profiles as you get Single sign-on ability.

  • Data Synchronization

    All the data that you have stored in the salesforce can be synchronized with the LMS which enhances your accessibility and utilization of the data.

  • Detailed Reporting

    With the help of data gathered through salesforce and the learning abilities of the employee, you get a detailed performance report with accurate results.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Gaining access to analytics becomes really important for the organization as the future is all about making decisions based on data and with this integration you get access to enough analytics and insights.

  • Apt User Support

    The LMS Integration comes with interactive handouts to support you when you get stuck. Having support options is always a plus!

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Tools & Technologies Used in LMS Integration

Advance & most flexible technology stack used for future-ready solutions.

  • technology SCORM


  • technology xAPI


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology PHP


  • technology .Net Framework

    .Net Framework

  • technology HTML5


  • technology ExtJS Framework

    ExtJS Framework

  • technology Web-Based GUI

    Web-Based GUI

  • technology MySql Database

    MySql Database

  • technology Python


  • technology CSS3


  • technology Coded UI

    Coded UI

  • technology jQuery


The Result - LMS Salesforce Integration

Here’s What You Get With Proper LMS Salesforce Integration.

The results were clearly visible to the client. Once the integration process is complete, the final outcome is something that makes dealing with data and accessing data reports becomes super easy. As per the need of the client, all the data from their clients was synchronized with the LMS. Some exclusive benefits that our client got after the integration were -

  • 1.

    The client wanted to create an effective awareness campaign for both the clients as well as their sales representatives so that they can easily troubleshoot their issues when they need. The LMS allowed them to create informative videos and content to deliver awareness. With the help of auto-enrollment, every employee and the client already had access to the self-awareness handbook and videos, making the campaign a success.

  • 2.

    The campaign will generate tons of data for the company which can be used later when the company is working on improving its process. With salesforce accessibility, the added data processing features enhanced the decision-making process which was one of the aims of the company to opt for LMS integration.

  • 3.

    The integration enhanced data segregation for the company as they can now easily analyze which service is the fastest-growing or declining and work on it as they see fit. The integration allows the employees to polish their skills and delivers a detailed report to their managers to understand their position and where they need to improve.

Summary - LMS Integration with Salesforce

An Overview of Robust LMS Salesforce Integration.

The case study revolves around creating a custom LMS integrated with a pre-existing salesforce. The entire project was finished in 3 months as the client was expecting faster completion. All the objectives were met and every request of the client was fulfilled. The LMS was created and integrated with additional features such as analytical processing, accurate reporting, auto-enrollment, single sign-on, etc. The client was satisfied as everything was done as per the timeline. With the help of LMS Integration with Salesforce, the client saw a bump in productivity as well as learning of their employees. The awareness campaign also took off with it, favoring the client to the best of their interest.

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