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LMS for Schools - Case Study

Enhancing creativity & developing learning ability among Young Children Through Interactive EduApp.

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About Client - Best LMS for Schools 1

A proficient Developer Investing to Make Learning Fun and Interactive for Toddlers.

The client was looking for a source to improve the learning environment between teachers and students, especially for the young students. The intention to develop a LMS was raised when a developer wanted their niece to have the best course/resources who was turning in Grade 1. The developer who resided in Filipino thought of solving the learning problem of all young children, along with his niece. He was looking for a service provider who can render LMS for School 1, allowing easy access to direct Department of Education's learning resources.

Best LMS for Schools 1

Business Challenge - LMS for Elementary Schools

Ineffective eLearning Solutions for the Elementary level Students

The client observed that elearning solutions were widely available for higher-grade school students, universities/colleges, and corporate users. But least were the options for the kids under or in Grade 1. The client saw that -

  • Teaching and engaging such young students in a pandemic was absolutely difficult.

  • The quality of learning content available on the internet does not always meet the expectations of the parents.

  • In order to teach or learn from quality content, the users had to switch between applications or spend time searching.

To get rid of the undergoing struggles, the client reached out to A3logics with the requirement of an LMS development for Elementary Schools.

Our Solutions - LMS Development for Schools

Dynamic and Extensive Feature Integrated to Build Best LMS for Schools.

DepEd Commons

The application had a platform for both learners and professionals. The portal lets professionals create concepts and easily share the learning material with the learners. Learners can access resources published in the form of interactive videos and curricular programs for every Grade, special students & more to maintain the engagement level while learning.

DepEd TV

The application consists of a platform where students get interactive lessons from the teacher visually. A fun way of learning which seems like learning from a TV program and is directly linked to the DepEd gov of the Philippines.

Global eLibrary

This portal is explicitly created for the students and their parents to explore a whole new library of books and videos for the students studying in Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Learning Resource Portal

The learning resource portal was developed for the students to look for new books or videos added to the application. The students can look for the answers to the most frequently asked questions here anytime.

My WhiteBoard

The interactive whiteboard allowed teachers to train their students just like in the classroom. The board let the teachers write, erase, redo, undo, save the content written, share the content with the students, and much more.

More Apps

The application offers the freedom to connect with different learning applications. Students and teachers can integrate third-party videos or any form of learning content to enhance the knowledge of their students in a much more interactive and engaging way.

Key Highlights - Best LMS for Schools

Effective Education and Learning Possible with A3logics LMS Development for Schools.

  • Search & Explore

    Our elearning software solutions are developed by integrating best practices and methodologies. Our feature-rich app offers a rich visual experience, allowing users to categorize applications and explore things as per preference.

  • Huge Database

    Since an LMS development for schools consists of abundant learning modules courses, which means countless content and to manage & store it, you need a solid database.

  • Seamless Integration

    The best part about our LMS for schools is that it can be integrated inside the current school website or portal. Learners can securely log into the school account to access any content seamlessly.

  • Gain Insights

    Teachers or admins can keep watch on the most popular applications, modules, content, videos, and more. Additionally, schools can also identify the missing factor that can bring more engagement. Insights can help the IT department with better decision-making while digitizing the learning environment completely.

  • Higher Adoption

    The Eduapp elearning application allows easy sharing of content and downloads to learn at a preferred pace. The content can be created and added by the staff members, which makes the content more personalized and share real-time experiences with the students for better understanding.

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Tools & Technologies Used by LMS Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Python


  • technology PHP


  • technology Swift


  • technology Objective C

    Objective C

  • technology JAVA


  • technology Ruby


  • technology Rust


  • technology Lua


  • technology Action Script

    Action Script

  • technology SQL


  • technology Dart


  • technology JavaScript


  • technology Kotlin


  • technology C++


  • technology C#


The Result - LMS Systems for Schools

Overview of the Case Study of the Learning management system for Schools.

The EduApp was helpful for the elementary grade students as the primary motive for the application was to provide digital learning to the elementary level students. After the launch of the app on the Play Store and people started using the app, they found it helpful for their toddlers. The parents were waiting for such an app to launch to provide their young ones with interactive content making it easy and engaging to learn.

Summary - LMS for Schools

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the LMS development for Schools.

The case study observed the need for an LMS for Small Schools. However, it turned out to be providing a learning environment for higher grades as well. After a thorough analysis of the requirements, the A3logics dedicated and certified developers created a robust application for the children of the Philippines. The robust application not just helped teachers but students parents to find quality and interactive content for their toddlers. More than 33,000 users are currently using the application, and the numbers are constantly increasing while continuous improvements are being made to the app.

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