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LMS Customization

We aim to provide a unique & effective learning experience through our LMS customization services.

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A3logics Offers

Fully Customizable LMS for your Business

Our reliable LMS customization services for an existing LMS enhance its capability, ensuring long-term scalability.

A3logics understands the diverse culture of learning and encourages customizable LMS implementation to deliver a better learning experience. Our consultants allow customers to quickly modify the visual and structural design for an interactive and attractive learning management system. Our LMS customization services allow complete control over site architecture, page layout, and extension modules that can be organized to suit training needs.

Our LMS customization includes hands-on activities, video tutorials, serious games, and simulations of real-life situations for effective and profitable learning that helps in reducing time to market and development costs. We embed highly intuitive course builders, configure access levels of courses, schedule releases of course materials, integrate interactive learning techniques, game-based courses to ensure effective knowledge acquisition, & motivate learners of different ages to get a higher score and complete a course.

LMS Business Consulting

Customizable Learning Management System Development

Our highly customizable LMS offers complete control and flexibility, allowing training programs to reach maximum potential.

Corporate Deployment Options

Corporate Deployment Options

Our LMS customizations solutions let you take complete control of security & resources that match highly regulatory industries. Our services also extend to fully managed solutions for anytime accessibility of portal & focus on training.

Easy to Customize Design & Branding

Easy to Customize Design & Branding

A3logics offers advanced-level customization options, like theme, domain on every page, a portal design that matches your brand, tweak functionality & look with CSS & Javascript, & multi-tenancy capability to give a unique look & feel.

Adjustable Organizational Structure

Adjustable Organizational Structure

We assist companies in setting user roles & accessibility as per their type and setting each user's training program as per specific attributes through LMS customization services.

Custom Plugin Builder

Custom Plugin Builder

We enhance your elearning portal with our extensive LMS customization solutions integrated with a powerful custom plugin editor with new functionalities & UI elements to fit your needs.

Powerful Integration Ability

Powerful Integration Ability

Our customizable LSM service renders quick and smooth integration of different systems to empower your business, evaluate performance, skill gap assessments, and training enabling greater efficiencies, more time savings & more decision making.

Multi-format Content Delivery Options

Multi-format Content Delivery Options

Our experts render effortless design and development of a course management system that complies with all formats of content ranging from videos to presentations making content delivery a seamless process.

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Top Features of A3logics Customizable LMS

Our customizable LMS benefits both learners and administrators, allowing them to tailor their needs as required.

  • Course Builder Management

    An effective & interactive user interface is critical for both trainers & learners & with proper back-end & front-end synchronization, you experience a flawless interface. Our expert designers & developers ensure that you do not have to struggle in finding courses or connect with the trainers.

  • Interactive Course Development

    Our effective customizable LMS lets you manage, create, and deliver impactful course content effortlessly. You can integrate multiple content formats hassle-free and conveniently without the need for any technical expertise.

  • Learning with Gamification

    Gamification engages users by encouraging them to complete tasks. It should be one of the key features in LMS hence, we incorporate in customizable LMS to make courses interesting as courses advance.

  • Advanced User Management

    Along with user profile creation, a customizable LMS offers many benefits. Learners can engage with other learners, deliver customized programs, render individual feedback, track progress, provide better functionality & personalization with insights.

  • Influential Survey and Quiz Builder

    Our effective customization solutions let you create, manage and deliver courses and quizzes for learners. By designing powerful surveys and quizzes, companies can engage their learners more with impactful course material.

  • Mobile and Web Versions

    Besides web solutions, today's culture demands mobile versions of every product. Our LMS customization services render responsive LMS integration, allowing learners to access LMS functionality right from mobile devices, providing current and future learning needs of the learners.

  • Social Learning

    Our LMS customization solutions come with social network tools & forums integration that help create a community environment for users to share their learning experiences and learn from others' experiences while progressing through training programs.

  • Advanced Tracking and Reporting

    An essential feature to measure the effectiveness of LMS. Our customization solutions let you track the skill levels of every employee and monitor the performance of each trainer. Permissions lets supervisors and senior management access learners' progress for evaluations.

  • Advanced Monetization Options

    Companies would like to integrate multiple payment gateways for learners to easily access preferred content. Our LMS customization service supports different types of subscriptions, creating professional invoices, discount coupon codes, and payment statistics.

Extended Learning Management System Development Services

Our customization services allow users to modify visual & structural design, integrate optional modules, alter the delivery of content, & grant levels of control & access.

Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

Take complete advantage of our custom LMS software equipped with sophisticated digital tools to deliver and manage learning content easily while tracking the learner's progress.

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LMS Consulting

Our expertise in consultation has maximized a lot of customers ROI while reducing learning costs and empowering you to make informed decisions.

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Learning Content Management System

Our one-stop LCMS solution allows administrators to publish, schedule, manage, host, replace, audit, delete, assess and track elearning content.

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LMS Integration

We help companies streamline their onboarding processes, track & measure audience engagement, synchronize data, CRM, social app integration with our LMS integration services.

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eLearning Software Development

We render tailor-made and result-oriented comprehensive web development for online learning and sharing teaching resources and efficiency, offering an interactive experience to learners.

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LMS Customization Benefits

Our LMS customization services improve the development of content and skills while assigning specific roles through any device.

Quick Start

Our ready-to-implement LMS solution can be easily launched while customizing the features as per business needs to make LMS a perfect fit for the industry, audience, and training goals.

Intuitive Interface

We ensure that the user interface is clean, sophisticated, and easy to navigate through features that let users easy to use & make changes in the layout seamlessly.

Budget Saving

Our fully customizable LMS saves a lot of time and money that might be spent on the development of an LMS from scratch, which prevents you from missing the opportunity to scale your business.

Complete Control and Security

Our extensive LMS customization services support all types of installation, offering you total control and integrated with top-notch security to ensure strict access management, data encryption & more.

Highly Customizable and Integrations Options

A3logics proudly advertise the fully adaptable LMS as it allows quick addition or changes in the features and new integrations such as CMS, HRMS, payment gateways & other tools.

Rich Analytics and Performance Tracking

Our LMS customization services help you integrate reports and analytics so you never fall behind and always keep track of the learning loopholes & make relevant improvements.


Our LMS solutions are integrated with SCORM, AICC compliance to ensure that it integrates with any kind of third-party software and supports educational sources.


Our LMS customization services are extremely reliable because we follow rigorous testing to ensure fluidity of the content free from bugs. Our support team assists post-deployment of LMS to ensure smooth learning.

Custom LMS Development Demo

Custom LMS Development Demo

Experience the efficiency first hand by making yourself familiar with all the features that our custom learning management system has to offer. In this tour, you will find out how a Custom LMS works from both the learner as well as the admin’s perspective.

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Know More About Customizable LMS

Frequently asked questions to empower your learning space about LMS Customization.

Where every organization is striving to deliver new and innovative solutions, LMS customization offers more flexibility to develop and distribute preferred content that aligns with the needs & culture of the organization. LMS customization services consist of assigning roles & privileges, integrating suitable plugins, creating custom plugins, blocks, making changes in the logic & more.

Picking a custom LMS solution renders a unique LMS built exclusively with unique instructional design & features aimed to meet the industry specifics & business goals. On the other hand, a customizable LMS is a ready-to-use LMS with exceptional features & advanced integration capabilities that can be used right away & customized anytime as per the business needs.

You can partner with us to get the complete LMS customization solutions. Our elearning experts know how to get the most out of an LMS. We provide an upgraded LMS that aligns with the existing LMS of any open-source platform that is fit for your learning course and overall business vision.

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