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LMS Consulting

Make informed decisions with our expert LMS business consulting and advisory services.

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LMS Business Consulting

Get holistic LMS support services to cover the full spectrum of elearning-related business scenarios.

Successful implementation of a stringent and robust learning management system requires proper LMS consulting. An expert consultation aids in improving engagement and learning experience while increasing user adoption towards LMS.

A3logics is an expert LMS Implementation Consultant offering LMS consultancy to streamline the LMS implementation, reduce learning costs, and maximize the ROI. A3logics has more than a decade of experience in elearning software development and consulting services catering to diverse learning needs for different industry verticals, like manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, oil, gas & more.

With the KPI-centered approach, our LMS consultants & advisors help in minimizing their financial and implementation risks empowering you to make informed decisions about the most cost-effective option. We cover a full range of elearning-related business scenarios to assist companies to choose and adopt platform-based or custom-built LMS that frame their learning needs. Our potential solutions are effective to deal with complex and challenging situations seamlessly without any extra spending.

LMS Business Consulting

LMS Consulting Services by A3logics

A3logics orchestrates a brief selection of potential solutions to improve the learning experience and reduce training costs.

LMS Product Development

LMS Product Development

A3logics employee-only experienced consultants who can carry out integrations, provide expert guidance, design and develop LMS products, emphasize end-to-end testing that sync with other systems in the company.

LMS Redesign Services

LMS Redesign Services

A3logics consultants specialize in revamping the pre-existing LMS through assessment of legacy systems then defining an upgrade plan, reengineering UI/UX, & finally implementation of new features that meet the needs of the company.

LMS Implementation

LMS Implementation

We understand every customer's need is unique hence, the LMS implementation is also different. We thoroughly assess & evaluate the past, present & future attributes for perfect and uninterrupted implementation.

LMS Support Services

LMS Support Services

LMS consulting isn't limited to implementation consultation, our extended LMS consulting services offer after implementation support services that ensure continuous growth & scalability.

LMS Upgrade Consulting

LMS Upgrade Consulting

Our LMS revamp consulting solutions consist of new features, modules & advanced technology integration. Our revamp services include UI & UX redesigning mockups, LMS training, & new functionality for a seamless learning experience.

LMS Migration

LMS Migration

With a robust & effective migration plan & a business case with costs, outcomes, KPIs, ROIs, or NPV, we can migrate LMS without disruption while easily adapting to learning processes to a new digital environment.

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Looking for a reliable LMS consulting partner?

Find out how we can help you reach your goals.

Why Choose A3logics for LMS Consulting Services

Upgrade existing system & deliver efficient elearning solutions with our custom LMS consulting services.

  • Reduced Financial Risks

    Lack of requisite features can be an indication of the wrong choice of LMS. Our consultants ensure that you make the right choice by assessing the total cost of ownership to access necessary data and make informed decisions.

  • Targeting Learning KPIs

    Our expert LMS consulting team begins the implementation by defining the target learning KPIs that helps in the further process of business case development. Our experts ensure that your employee gets the best learning experience and gets the maximum.

  • Minimized Learning Costs

    LMS Business Consulting advisors assess and only then suggest the best & feature-rich LMS with a deployment model that not just saves time but also resources, and budget, without compromising on the quality of learning.

  • Assured High Quality Service

    A3logics has a robust consultation support team that follows best practices to pick the right LMS. Our satisfied and happy customer reviews and ratings on the most popular listing platforms portray our expertise.

  • eLearning Specialists

    We have a team of smart, perceptive, and vigilant team of analysts in the elearning domain who help us deliver superlative learning management system implementation of full-scaled developed LMS and separate LMS consultation.

  • Clear Communication & Pricing

    Our transparent and effective communication plans are integrated with the Agile approach that works globally. We try to match the time zone to exchange substantial information ensuring complete engagement & effective consultation.

Our More LMS Development Services

Safeguard your LMS implementation, migration, or customization with our specialist LMS Implementation Consultant.

Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

Get hands on the most proliferated and extensive cloud-based LMS software development service and experience high-quality, exceptional, and transformational learning.

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LXP Development Services

Our unified & powerful platform supports and delivers superior grade learning and training resources for a remarkable learning experience.

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LMS Integration

Achieve your business goals and increase sales with our highly scalable, mobile-friendly, and ready-to-use LMS integration services.

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Education eLearning Solutions

Our advanced technology integrated learning solution lets you accomplish any committed improvement, increase scalability, flexibility, and productivity.

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LMS Customization

Avail tailor-made and result-oriented web and app customization solutions for your learning management system for the most reliable source.

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LMS Consulting for Compliance Management

Our LMS Business Consulting service ensures the product strictly adheres to quality standards & legal requirements to bring the highest ROI.


A3logics follow regulations and compliances (HIPAA) for necessary healthcare training. Our specialists help healthcare institutes to implement effective LMS and drive better performance, satisfaction, and retention.


Appropriate safeguard measures & practices must be known to an employee to manage personal data. Our expert & versatile analyst aids companies to implement LMS that trains employees to enforce safeguard practices.


Like the GDPR, our LMS business consultation services bring awareness among the employees with mandatory payment card industry data security standards through LMS.


Maintaining a healthy working environment aids in quick employee retention and better productivity. A3logics always encourages the right education and awareness among employees about maintaining a healthy working environment.


We help companies to be in line with the elearning technical standards that govern packaging, elearning content delivery, tracking, storing data, and reusability to reduce cost and ensure progressiveness.


Our LMS Implementation Consultant helps companies to integrate advanced features such as a blended learning strategy through xAPI, making their LMS scalable and future-ready.


Our expert aid organizations to incorporate AICC standards that allow their employees to download relevant learning courses & paths as AICC packages that can be integrated into existing LMS.


We encourage our customers to implement a fully-customizable LMS with an automated accessibility tool that offers easy learning, practice courses, and do better every time they appear for online tests.

Custom LMS Development Demo

Custom LMS Development Demo

Experience the efficiency first hand by making yourself familiar with all the features that our custom learning management system has to offer. In this tour, you will find out how a Custom LMS works from both the learner as well as the admin’s perspective.

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What Makes A3logics a Reliable LMS Consultant

We render the highest level of expertise to better the learning landscape and make you stand out from the crowd.


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Know More About LMS Consulting Services

Frequently asked questions to empower your learning space about LMS Consulting.

Efficient assistance for companies to help them select, implement a new LMS or upgrade an existing one is LMS Consulting.

With reliable and expert consultation services, companies can safeguard their LMS implementation, improve efficiency, prevent failures and adopt changes with ease. If you see stats, 60% of LMS implementation cost, 40%-60% training time, and 20%-50% learning cost can be saved with consultation services.

A3logics holds expertise in all industry verticals and delivers high-quality and practical solutions ranging from EdTech startups to mid & large organizations in the need of an effective LMS.

Picking the right LMS can support productivity and empower the scalability of the company. Along with development and deployment, our expert analysts also help businesses to choose LMS that aligns well with the business culture and needs, which includes -

  • Creation of an LMS strategy
  • The right configuration of the LMS and requisite support
  • Alignment of the LMS with the relevant content
  • Perfect LMS rollout

Yes, our comprehensive LMS Consulting services also include support services that ensure optimum delivery of your elearning product and are in line with the wider business & L&D goals.

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