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Live Streaming App Development - Case Study

Carefully curated live streaming app to connect users with their favorite celebrities safely.

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About Client - Live Video Streaming App Development

Intriguing & aesthetically developed live streaming app -YIRM

The client is an art enthusiast, keen on getting celebrity updates. Their brand YIRM - Yes It's Really Me - is a website where they share interactive celeb videos, live streaming videos, celebrity current news, photos & more. The platform offers digital fan engagement that enables them to have exclusive access to their idols. The proprietary immersive live-streaming capabilities deliver unique, true, and powerful one-on-one connection between the fans and celebrities in a safe and controlled environment creating a deeper connection that the client is willing to introduce to its users through a robust application. The client outreached A3logics to develop live streaming app with its requirements.

Live Video Streaming App Development

Business Challenge - To Develop Live Streaming App

Limited User Base & Slower Scalability From Existing Streaming Solution

The client wanted to scale the business through a robust live video streaming app development. The client wanted its users to talk to their favorite celebrities one-on-one anytime and anywhere. Their chief problem was the lack of a substantial mobile app, due to which they were unable to connect fans to their idols.

  • YIRM was looking for a solution that could register users & get hand-picked by the favorite celebs for direct conversations.

  • They were also looking to encourage their users to support great charities, which the website was unable to provide.

Our Solutions - Live Streaming App Development Company

Creative Live Streaming App Development Company Deployed Feature-rich Product

A3logics developed an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and secure live streaming app with the features mentioned below -

Quick Registration

The YIRM application was easy to register and sign in to. Using email address & password, users can quickly log in and get straight to the home page where users can view options such as Upcoming, Stars, Channels & more.

Find & Call Celebrities

The tab was designed for the users to easily navigate their idols on the celebrities tab and schedule calls from the schedule tab. Users can find preferred idols from the "Find Celebrities" option within the Profile.


The calls are chargeable hence, they need to fill in from time to time. Top-ups are integrated with multiple payment gateways for users to add money for audio as well as video calls.


Users can check their profile such as their call tokens, video streaming tokens, followers, My cause/Concierge, My YIRM Score & Revenue Share


The app also looks forward to supporting the needy by collaborating with a few governmental organizations moving for better world development. My Cause/ Concierge has multiple options for charity to join and contribute

Video Streaming

YIRM is integrated with the latest tools & technologies for the user to not schedule and accept the audio call but also enjoy live video streaming by their favorite celebrities. Users can watch them by paying for every stream or keeping balance in their video streaming token.


The follower's section was designed for users who want to follow a specific celebrity. The user can follow more than one celebrity, which gets reflected on the follower's tab.


The app allows its users to share their experiences with their friends and invite them to join and follow their favorite celebrities, which increases their scores.


This feature in the app keeps the user updated with the celebrities' activities, such as their experience conferencing with fans, their achievements, sharing tips, formal social events or jamboree, and more.

Key Highlights - Live Streaming App Development Service

Exclusive live streaming app development service integrated with remarkable streaming models

  • Live Streaming Android App Development

    Our developers are experts in delivering exceptional, flexible, and easy-to-customize live streaming android app development and live streaming iOS app development solutions. Explore the key highlights of video-on-demand solutions that can maximize revenues rapidly.

  • Subscription Video

    Businesses offering subscription-based services to their customers are most likely to opt for subscription video-on-demand solutions. This model lets users pay for the app and enjoy the services for the entire month on different screens.

  • Transactional Video

    This on-demand live streaming app solution is curated to let users only pay for what and which section they want to watch instead of paying for the entire app.

  • Catch-up TV

    Our capable app developers can develop an app with live streaming integrated with favorite TV Shows. Users can watch their TV shows with our Catch-up TV solutions.

  • Push Video

    Watching or streaming videos anywhere and anytime is the most convenient and revenue-generating solution. The push video-on-demand streaming solution makes it easy for users to watch downloaded videos at their convenience.

  • Advertise Based Video

    Our adroit app developers can develop a video streaming application that allows users to pay for every video they stream. This lets users avoid paying monthly fees for those videos that they do not want to watch.

  • Near Video

    Unlike the Advertise based-video, the near video live streaming app development is featured for pay per view. The users are permitted to see any program without switching to the fixed booked time.

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Technologies Used in Live Video Streaming App Development

Advance trends & tools integration for Live Video Streaming App Development

Tool and Technologies
  • Languages

    • Kotlin

    • Swift

    • Java

  • Hosting

    • Amazon EC2

  • Content Delivery Network

    • Amazon CloudFront/Cloudflare

  • API Server

    • Node.js

  • Database

    • MySQL

    • Oracle

  • Push NotificationS

    • Firebase Notifications

  • Media Processing Platform

    • Wowza

    • DaCast

The Result - Live Streaming App Development

Outcome of collaborating with a live streaming app development company.

After the deployment of the Live-streaming app - YIRM - the client saw an enhanced user base.

  • The client saw how their users were happy with the improved video quality, timely updates of the celebrity news, enhanced credibility, and widen target audience.

  • The YIRM users received a consistent streaming experience no matter their location. The adaptive bitrate streaming helped the client deliver the best video quality & viewer experience.

  • The client was able to expand their demographic reach by offering responsive live streaming. A3logics developers chose a hybrid app development solution to deliver a native experience ensuring the right functionality.

  • Personalized user profiles in YIRM empowered users to manage their preferences in their customized dashboard.

  • Different monetization schemes and seamless checkout processes ensured a satisfied target audience.

Summary - Live Streaming App Development Service

Synopsis of successful deployment of live streaming android app development

To summarize, A3logics collaboration with art enthusiasts resulted in a robust, intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable live streaming app - YIRM celeb. They allowed instant access to live streams, view rights, and communicate with their ideals. The app delivered exceptional experience through video streaming features as well as contributing to a charitable trust or organization. If you are looking for a live streaming app development solution, feel free to drop us a line.

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